I only consult those who are serious about upgrading their lives, therefore I you will need to do the "homework" and  honest effort to make changes.

  • LEARN about the influences of the world.

  • OBTAIN your own instruction manual.

  • GROW by understanding your karmic weak spots.

  • DISCOVER your innate gifts and how to unlock them.

  • UPGRADE your reality with empowering interpretations.

  • ORGANIZE your life to avoid unnecessary obstacles.

  • HARMONIZE your relationships.

  • HEAL wounds and karmic setbacks.

  • TRANSCEND the influence of randomness.

  • Consultations are via Zoom (or phone) so that I can record it and send it over.

  • Balancings will be done in person, or unless otherwise arranged.

  • Consultation length is an approximated duration. 

  • All appointments are pre-paid.

  • Students under 26 with proof of ID receive a 50% discount. Enter "STUDENT" when booking your appointment.

  • I save 1 slot per week for Urgent Appointments with 24h. response time.

  • $$$ Problems? Ask me about sponsorship!

  • All consultations are 100% confidential (NDA can be signed upon request).

Left to its own devices, life is an endless cycle of pain and suffering. Whether we struggle with work, love, money, health, sex or happiness, we are not meant to live a life of suffering. When we are proactive and have the foresight we need to rise above ourselves and our karma, we can align with the life of fulfillment. I can see the cyclical patterns and karma by studying archetypal and stereotypical patterns using a proprietary tool, which gives me the insight and foresight I need to properly consult you.

Everyone has a weak point, which we can use to our advantage to break the cycles and patterns. This weak point is the key to breaking the routine of dullness and getting the ego out of the way.  We will identify this point and many other key components in our first appointment.

Whether you want a balancing to help you achieve your goals, or the insight you need to get direction in your life, I am here to help you manifest your dreams.