A 49 Day Journey through The Tree of Life

15 degrees gemini astrology holiday

A 49 Day Journey through The Tree of Life.
Astrological Holy Day - 15th degree of Gemini on June 5th.

Because of man’s fall in the garden of eden, mankind has been splintered in fragments, unhealed, and degenerated.

When all these fragments are re-united, we return to The Garden of Eden and attain the union of heaven and earth.  Every effort we make to resolve some karma, blockage, physical, emotional or mental disturbance contributes to this karmic reparation of mankind.  However, every denial, suppression, negative emotion, thought, reaction and action contributes to the of fragmentation of our once unified soul.

Symbolically, we see this in The Lovers archetype which tells the story of Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden.  It is in this image we find The Tree of Life, and The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  It was the fruit from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, essentially The Tree of Death, which opened the gates into the lower realms that we have yet to close.  In these lower realms, Adam and Eve first experienced shame and no longer stood naked - open, honest and present - in front of each other and became broken lovers.  Rather than falling in love, they fell into shame and their union split into innumerable shards, which make up mankind as we know it today.

What’s most important to know is that our present negative behaviors and thoughts are equal to eating from The Tree of Death.  It is very difficult to rise out of the lower realms, and it is very easy to contribute to the karma which we need to resolve.

Self-care and self-responsibility are the foundation of any successful relationship, and the same is true for unlocking the gates of paradise in this world.  We can only attain this paradise of The Garden of Eden through self-responsibility and honesty.

Unfortunately, the majority of the population is contributing to the accumulation of karma, consuming from the Tree of Knowledge of Death.  Every time we think we know better or that we are an exception or “better than” - we consume from The Tree of Death and fortify its influence in our life.

We know that life runs in circles, even science agrees as the earth rotates around the sun.  Astrology and astronomy run hand in hand, one can say that astrology is the archetypal interpretation of astronomy.  The beautiful truth is that we are given chances in every moment again and again to access the heaven on earth consciousness.  Yet we miss the opportunities because they are in disguise and hidden from our level of awareness.

dash Astrolochi™ indicates crucial moments in the year when we can access powerful windows of opportunity.  In ancient times, this information was reserved for the religious, political and military authorities to plan and control the masses.  But this information is supposed to be used to plan and control our lives so that we can connect to the tree of life and rid ourselves of death.

As astrology is a time based system, we understand that timing is crucial in any project or aspiration.  For example, we cannot cash a million dollar check when the bank is closed, we only have that window of opportunity, and maybe we need to make an appointment.  To get the most from an appointment, we need to prepare.

In 7 weeks we have an appointment with immortality and union - the reality from The Garden of Eden in The Lovers.  This day is when the sun transits the 15th degree of Gemini zero minutes and zero seconds and Gemini is ruled by The Lovers.  Symbolically, this is when we have reached the top of the mountain in the card, and can receive the wisdom from the angel Raziel without filters from the subconscious or conscious mind.  This is for one day only, and our ability to unite with the angel is determined by the success of our seven week process.

Whenever we reach the middle of two things, it gives us the opportunity to attain a state of union.  When the Sun transits the 15th degree of Gemini (which is made of 30 degrees and is thereby the exact middle and peak of the sign) we either achieve the union of The Lovers where we are immortal in paradise, or will once again eat from The Tree of Death and fall.  Each week we will focus on a layer karma we need to unveil, and positive qualities we need to adopt.  The purpose of the seven week journey through the tree of life to The Lovers climax is to help us detach from The Tree of Death.

In order to offer guidance through these seven weeks, I will offer wisdom to hold, for each day has a very special energy we need to receive in order to reach the top of the mountain.  An angel is responsible for every week and will protect those who embark on this journey, and every day has a special consciousness we need to welcome.  The best way to follow is to follow me on Twitter to get the daily updates as it occurs.

These 7 weeks are not an easy spiritual experience, but they will make us stronger and more equipped to attain union.  On a physical level, they can strengthen our relationships or give us the strength to see through them.  At the end of this journey our lives and choices are more authentic, and we will be able to accomplish some degree of union or see what blocks us from it.

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