15 degrees Gemini: An Appointment with Immortality.

Gemini - The Lovers

Immortality is attained through union.

For the past seven weeks, we have worked on correcting 49 aspects which separate us from union.  When we think about it, union is what we strive for in this world.  When we say we want to get along with our mother or father, or brother or sister, neighbor or co-worker, spouse, teacher or stranger - what do we mean?

We want to remove separation.

In fact, it is only through union which we can access our EssentialSelf (our True Self).  What is implied by this is that we must incorporate everything into our being so that our ego washes out in the sea of consciousness, like a drop of water in the ocean.

Separation is the root of rejection, it is the root of delusion and the root of disconnection from our source.  We are separated from our goal, we are separated from our loved one, we are separated from the life we want, we are separated from our happiness.  However on the day of the fifteenth degree of gemini, if we did our homework during these past seven weeks, we can eliminate any separation that stands between us and the feelings we ascribe to what we are separated from - which is essentially union.

Again, the state of union gives us the true feelings of satisfaction - not the thing which is represented by it.  Once we have attained the feeling which we “hang” onto the physical shape (be it a person, title, status, money, or anything in our world) we have no need for the object!  We are free from work towards it!  Ironically, when we have achieved this mind of “completeness” the physical form we used to seek will manifest without a bill from the ego!

This is what the past seven weeks have been about - eliminating separation - and correcting the view that makes us see that what we want to unite with is “outside of us”.

Each of the past seven weeks has helped us unclog one of the seven channels of manifestation.  The process of manifestation can come at a price when we are working from the ego.  When we work from the EssentialSelf however, satisfaction is instant and without the tradeoff.

instant satisfaction vs. instant gratification

We spoke about satisfaction which can be instant when adopting the consciousness which we project onto ‘something’ whenever trying to attain union with a goal.  Where satisfaction implies ‘the amount needed’ to be whole, gratification refers to the pleasure surrounding an experience - which in this case is degraded and a seduction from union.  We can think of it as the serpent in the garden of eden, luring eve to eat the forbidden grape.

Where satisfaction unites, gratification indulges the senses and separates.

On the physical level, The Lovers Archetype (which rules Gemini) is represented by our relationships and by marriage.  The only way to climb the mountain of satisfaction in the card is by striving toward union, 49 days to get to the top by uniting the yin and yang within.  For couples, this is reflected in their relationship by becoming more intimate and removing the blockages that separate union on the highest level (which is truly only possible when each person has accomplished this within).  However, relationships can speedtrack this process by showing us where we are still separated from union, which can be satisfying to our EssentialSelf (True Self) and relativeself (transitory ego self) alike, if both parties are open to it.

Unfortunately, in our world of instant gratification, we are less willing to commit to the difficulties in climbing the mountain of attainment together and would rather divorce from the partner than dearly held self-images.

On the 15th degree of Gemini, we have access to the angel, to receive the commitments we should be keeping.  On this day, we will intuit what we need to commit to in order to attain union.  It is a powerful day to have the consciousness of receiving all that we need to incorporate separating perceptions and karmic views.  Once we have attained this state of union, we can then move into the realm of immortality - which is outside of time and space no longer subject to separation, aka death.

Meditation for the 15th degree of Gemini: Connecting to Raziel - The Angel of The Lovers

Raziel is the highest angel in the hierarchy of angels, and is the closest angel to god.  He holds all the wisdom there ever was and ever will be.  It is said that he gave Adam his book of wisdom after Adam and Eve fell out of paradise so that they would have information on how to return to it.  Raziel was sent to Adam to teach him about our world, astrology, the 22 archetypes and the spiritual laws.  We can connect to Raziel on the 15th degree of Gemini to acquire this wisdom on how to return to paradise.

Mediate on the angel in The Lovers Tarot card or, if you don’t have the card at hand, unceremoniously connect to the angel Raziel, and receive the message you need to hear to become unified.

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