Why the iPhone X is unhealthy.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bit of a tech wizard.  Having worked at Apple when Steve was still alive, I have seen the company completely change since 2011.  Normally, I voice my opinions to close friends who are on the market for some device or need a solution.  But with the release of the iPhone X, I am breaking that silence to protect people from becoming even more confused.

Part of my profession entails me healing people.  Many times people bring items, books, tools, movies and other things to get my opinion.  Like, “how's the energy on that” or “what do you think about that?” so I have a lot of experience seeing how things impact our energy.  Basically, objects and items can either contribute or deplete our life energy.  This is a combination of aesthetics, function, form, purpose, ease of use and so on.  When it's depleting, we get confused and tired, or even a false sense of energy in which we crash and burn.

Now, I just want to preface that I am a huge fan of all things X and that I have been with Apple since I was a child.  I use to play Kid Pix on my Mac when everyone else had a PC.  My grandpa even had the Apple 2 I believe.  I also switched to Android in 2012 after breaking up with the iPhone and I eventually found my way to the Nexus pure Android experience and then the Pixel (which I just got as a replacement for my Nexus 6P).  I also just bought an iPhone 7 in August for my new BMW X5 which doesn't support Android Auto, but does have wireless charging (which my old Nexus had years ago BTW).

NOW, I knew the new iPhone 8 was going to be made of glass on both sides and that it was going to have wireless charging, but I still went through with the iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black because it looks way better than the iPhone 8 and I didn't want it charging next to my liver while I drive for hours upon hours.  The wireless charging dock is in the center console.

So, now that you know that let's get onto the iPhone X, which I would have loved to have had for my new X5.  But ladies and gentlemen, the iPhone X is not good for your health.  Health is probably a strong word, so I'll say wellness and spiritual well being.

The screen has a black interruption at the top as displayed below which Apple is calling the "notch" cutout.  We all intuitively know, this is an obstruction to the eye.

On top of that it confuses the brain and causes our body to become uncoordinated.  We call this being “switched”, when the etheric wires in our body are malfunctioning.  These etheric wires, aka meridians, effect the chakras and then the glands and so on.  So we are looking into our phones all day and we are looking into this screen and becoming totally switched!  Never mind that it is scanning our faces with infrared technology and learning how to switch us by analyzing our facial patterns as they go from balanced to unbalanced (a marketers dream data to acquire for market manipulation).  This iPhone is making our energy unbalanced.  I have tested it and felt it right away just upon looking at the screen design.

So, if you're on the market for an iPhone, go for the iPhone 8 and if you have or will get the iPhone X, I can teach you some balancing techniques to get you balanced and functioning with both hemispheres working at optimal level.  When we are balanced we are creative and ready for life, when we are switched from staring this device we are headed towards a Wall-E like future.