Week 10, 2017

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Watch for the signs.

March 5 - March 11, 2017

Hi Everyone!  Let’s see what’s going on in the chart this week.

Sunday’s energy is asking us to look at what we have and to plan for the next step.  Where are we at in regards to our projects and how is our journey.  Pretty soon, our drive and the motivating forces are going to be shifting later on this week but we have Sunday to pause and check-in.  Take this opportunity to review your situations and take the actions you need (even if it’s a decision that you will later execute) to reinforce or change direction.  We have a lot of insight and if we can suspend our egotistical projections and projections, we will be able to see through the illusions that keep us limited.

On Monday, we are in touch with our feelings and need to be careful of getting too emotional.  There is positive exchange with others, and the potential for a sense of fulfillment.  Otherwise, there are positive emotions floating and our task is to find something to celebrate and cherish.  Take care of the things you are grateful for - whether it’s health, happy relationship, fulfilling work, or your dog, etc.  Appreciation is the greatest protection, and we can discover a new meaning and understanding of what truly fulfills us and makes us happy.

Tuesday has a lot of potential for breaking down walls and barriers we have built up.  How do we use this energy?  Well, think of the limitations and self-imposed restraints we put onto ourselves everyday and then use the energy on Tuesday to break through them.  It could be inhibitions are forgotten about and there is a boost of confidence.  Be careful of being reckless, and try not to burn any bridges unless that’s what you intend on doing.  Lastly, we need to get a hold on getting our head lost in the clouds, so I would suggest confronting situations peacefully rather than going into denial and suppressing.  We don’t want to risk clarity for temporary (and short-lived peace).

Wednesday is going to bring us a lot of new ideas - great positive ideas on how to bring more light and happiness into your life and thereby the world.  Dreams can be manifested and attained - a new cycle of putting through into action is beginning and we need to be clear (remember the clarity from yesterday) about what we want and how we are going to work for it!  We are putting an end to thoughts of aggression and violence (at least for now in this stage) and are preparing to move on and expand our minds.  Our thinking process will surely bring forth opportunities to transform.

Thursday wants us to liberate ourselves from that one situation which is long overdue.  It’s that one situation you have found yourself in countless times and that has not been able to upgrade into something else.  Now remember, others will be running around with this energy, as we all have access to this energy.  Really look within and see what cyclical patterns are running the show in regards to this repeating situation.  It’s time to put it to rest and move on!

Friday is all about reviewing what it is we want.  Asking ourselves, why do we want it and what are we willing to do to get it?  What are we willing to give up to make room for the new?  Lots of financial energy now being activated, so we can attract new business ventures and receive lots of sustenance.  Get your business brain online and fully functioning.

Saturday is the first day of my first retreat about rhythms, cycles and new beginnings!  We are in the year of the 1 (since 2+0+1+7 = 10) and it begins in week 10 technically!  I didn’t plan it that way as I wanted to have the retreat before the Spring Equinox (when this energy really kicks in).  When something is true, you see all the signs and get all the messages.  The energy today is giving us a new understanding about our dreams and we may even receive messages and teachings from our world - so keep your eye out for that.  We also may confront someone or something which forces us to think in a different way as well as an unexpected situation which can bring about healing something from the past - it could be something as simple as a long lived misunderstanding.

Watch my video on the month of Pisces:

So, this week:

  • We are planning for the next steps based on where we are at right now.
  • Find out what fulfils you and celebrate it.
  • Break free from self-imposed walls and limitations.
  • Be clear about your dreams and put them into action.
  • Let go of that longstanding situation that keeps coming back.
  • Review what it is you want.
  • Be open to the signs and messages from the world
  • Listen to my Pisces Playlist on Spotify.
  • Try the Pisces essential oil blend!

In my weekly write-ups, I refrain from using “astrological jargon” because it really doesn't make sense to people who know nothing about archetypal astrology.  But I do indicate my science in the footer.  General transit forecasts tell us what is going on in the world and how people are acting in general.  Detailed and specific forecasts are of course read in relation to your birth chart.  Meanwhile, if you want a more detailed explanation of where these energies are manifesting specifically for you, book a dash astrology session with me.

Weekly Astrology Program, Week 10

Based on the following transits of week 10, 2017: Sun in Pisces, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury conjunct Neptune, Sun novile Mars in Aries, Moon in Cancer quintile Mars, Mars trine Saturn, Mars semi-square Neptune, Mercury conjunct Sun, Mercury novile Mars, Mercury sextile Pluto, Jupiter opposite Uranus, Jupiter square Pluto, Jupiter retrograde, Venus retrograde in Aries, Mars in Taurus, Saturn quintile Neptune, Saturn square Mercury, Saturn square Chiron.