Week 9, 2017

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Tidal Waves of Mystical Waters

February 19 - February 25, 2017

I just want to apologize beforehand it this article is too technical, but I need to layout the science behind all of this, so you can really understand what’s going on this week

Sunday is takes the crown, and as Sunday is the seed level for the entire week, I need to elaborate extensively about it!  Because, this week starts off like a TIDAL WAVE!  We have a total of 6 planets in Pisces - the mutable water sign which means it has an ending, destructive energy which can be used to bring closure.  This makes sense as Pisces is the final cycle of the winter season as the snow and cold water begins to melt and thaw out before we enter spring.  But until then, we are asked to work hard to let go, let go, let go and say goodbye to long held ego parameters!  It’s almost like all this piscean water energy is going to wipe us out for a huge spiritual cleansing.

Sunday is also beginning a new cycle of protection, celebration and spiritual advancement.  For the next 23 months or so, it’s about accessing our potential on all levels.  This is amazing because, it’s beginning right before the new archetypal journey which I will be teaching about in my retreat next month.  I encourage you all to tap into your potential and really welcome it.  It is always around you, just unused.  There are things we can do to access this potential and of course it all begins on the spiritual level.  If we have the desire to access our potential, we will begin to make choices to access it.  We are all getting a SURGE of energy pushing us forward into something innovative and we want to establish our individuality and freedom.  New realities are opening up and the best way to plug-in is by tapping into that essential self, that unused potential that we all know that we have.  It’s around you, you just need to grab it and let it fuel you.  This is an amazing transit and it will bring challenges along the way, but don’t think about that know, we are at the beginning, so grab it and GO AS FAST AS YOU CAN WITH IT!

We want to access the spiritual side of life and study so that we can get the perspective we need.

Then right away on Monday, we are given even more support from the cosmos with luck and good fortune on our new quest!  We are still floating from that new moon solar eclipse from Sunday and now we have the extra flare to get that ego of doubt out of the way.  Anything that keeps us from our personal freedom is going to face some serious turbulence.  It’s almost like we are on a mission, and the more the ego is eclipsed (by the moon) the more success we can have.  This is a great day for success and luck, so go ahead and put your best foot forward!  We don’t want to go another round of the same-old and unchanged habits.  We also feel this urgency within us to start welcome the new and start putting our untapped potential into effect.  Lots of healing and lots of forward movement available to us all, don’t nurture those old wounds, it’s again, time to reap that new energy!

Tuesday is already an accumulation of Sunday and Monday.  It’s the last day of February, and we are gathering everything that’s good, beautiful and true and building a life out of it.  We need to really be discriminating about what needs to go and what we need to build this new reality.  Don’t be afraid to throw out the old, and even if that means going through that collected of hoarded items or those unpacked boxes.  Now is not the time to delay or procrastinate.  We can be whoever we want if we are willing to let go of who we were.  The world is big enough, and forgiving enough to allow us to cultivate our true self and free ourselves from habits and repeat situations.

Wednesday has us intuitive and focused on spiritual matters.  Our faith could be getting an upgrade, or we just feel lucky in general.  Count your blessings and be grateful.  A healthy attitude is to be grateful for everything in our immediate life.  Meditation is important to calm the mind and we are thinking about where our place is in the world.  We are also a bit impulsive and reflecting upon the past, but don’t get lost in it.  Use that energy to see where you went wrong and move on.  We are receiving a lot of insights into how we can do better in the now to create a more positive future.  It’s about evolving and moving on.  Taking what you have learned and creating a plan for the future.

Thursday is about pushing us towards happiness.  What are we willing to do in order to attain it?  First we need to think about what it even means.  The biggest question is: what fights are we willing to put to an end?  We are asked to hang-up the swords, put down the gun, and stop fighting the same battle over and over.  We can confront others and stand-up for our personal freedom, but not if it brings chaos and harms others.  Applying this to our love, private and personal life can give more peace to others and if will get what we give, so if we give peace by not fighting, we will attain peace.  Pick your battles is the wisdom we want to reflect on this day.  Then we can have a spin of good luck and good fortune as that energy won’t be wasted on negativity.

Friday takes the energy from Thursday and asks us to create something beautiful.  We are eliminating obstacles and creating our heart’s desire.  Astrologically speaking, there are no obstacles in the way right now.  It’s a great day to relax, create, enjoy and come together to celebrate love and beauty.  The past is being put to rest and it will find some closure in one way or another but only to be challenged the day after.  What does this mean?  Well, our love life and relationships are being double and triple checked, because venus is going retrograde tomorrow.  So we will feel these effects the day before, so this could be past relationship, mother pains, etc. as well as old relationship drama.  Everything IS golden, but only if we apply the golden rule!

Saturday is as always, the cumulation of the entire week and we had a Solar Eclipse which pretty much upstaged the other transits to a degree.  There is a lot of energy available to help us give meaning to all these amazing insights from the week (starting since the new moon solar eclipse).  It’s almost like all week we have been inside a dream, and now it’s morning and we are writing it down and interpreting it.  How can we apply these epiphanies and make good use of our dreams that we can’t shake off?  We will be inspired on Saturday to putting the fantastic into action to really unite spiritual duties with potential.  Remember, it was all about potential and turning it into actual.

Watch my video on the month of Pisces:

So, this week:

  • Think about bringing things to a closure.
  • Access your potential.
  • Remember there is a pulling in opposite directions during the month of Pisces.
  • Put your best foot forward.
  • Throw out the old.
  • Count your blessings.
  • Pick your battles.
  • Review - or forget - past relationships.
  • Start putting insights into action.
  • Listen to my Pisces Playlist on Spotify.
  • Try the Pisces essential oil blend!

In my weekly write-ups, I refrain from using “astrological jargon” because it really doesn't make sense to people who know nothing about archetypal astrology.  But I do indicate my science in the footer.  General transit forecasts tell us what is going on in the world and how people are acting in general.  Detailed and specific forecasts are of course read in relation to your birth chart.  Meanwhile, if you want a more detailed explanation of where these energies are manifesting specifically for you, book a dash astrology session with me.

Weekly Astrology Program, Week 9

Based on the following transits of week 9, 2017: Sun in Pisces, Annular Solar Eclipse, New Moon at 8 Pisces, Moon Conjunct Sun, Mars conjunct Uranus, Mars opposite Jupiter, Moon enter Aries, Moon sextile Pluto, Moon Conjunct Uranus, Moon Opposite Jupiter, Moon Conjunct Mars, Sun Conjunct Neptune, Jupiter Opposite Uranus, Venus novile South Node,Venus goes Retrograde, Mercury Conjunct Neptune, Saturn trine Mars, Saturn quintile Neptune