Week 19, 2017


Hello stargazers!

We are still in the sensual month of Taurus!  Let’s see what’s going on in the chart.

Sunday is bringing some situation in our lives which we give too much to an end.  It’s almost like we are done hoping and wishing that things are going to change, and we now are looking at the reality is and it’s time to either stop giving too much, or shift gears in the situation.  This is great, because we are also in a position to upgrade our ability to receive and thereby give in other areas.  It’s a great time to stop, reassess and articular the next step.  The focus is on healing whatever keeps us from doing this.  Make a list and work through it.  Lots of healing of old wounds regarding money, failed dreams and entitlement to be done.  I love it!

Monday is giving us the opportunity to rest our emotional mind a bit.  With this support, we can see what intentions we want to embark on.  There is an amazing energy of spontaneity in the chart this week, and today the moon is a bit calmer, and supportive in helping us attain our goals.

Tuesday has an abundant amount of mental energy – so how can we use it?  Well, first I want to say that there is a huge possibility to access a worry-free-state-of-mind.  We have got to loosen up and refrain from holding onto our favorite worries and thoughts.  Then energy can really start to flow to build a new imagined future without doubt or worry.  Otherwise, a situation will come along which challenges us to control our worries – which can sometimes be really difficult.  Things are usually best build without worry.

Wednesday is putting focus onto our immense ability to focus on our intentions of the new!  Wow there is so much energy here and it’s really electrifying.  A cycle is beginning, and it can only be great if we are keeping out victimizations about what we need to do out of it.  This energy is really sensational energy for us to use, so please focus it in the best direction you can!  There is celebration, protection and debut in the air!  Use your past victories to motivation your next accomplishments!  Keep pushing forward, avoid competition – as we only ever want to compete with ourselves as Captain Picard says!

Thursday is once again, healing broken hearts and teaching us how to find stability in love.  There is a lot of new meaning regarding the tasks we have taken on that may have burdened us.  What does this mean?  Well, maybe we feel that we have taken on too much, and it’s weighing a little heavy on our heart and occupying all our “love”.  Well, love is limitless and “love” that has limits, is not “love” at all.  Now, we all need boundaries, but that’s not what this is about.  Our focus is looking within to see where we can make room in our heart in the areas that we feel it’s just “too much”.  Then, we can expand our vessel and receive more.  Genius!

Friday is emphasizing the importance of seeing the bigger picture so that we can embark on a new venture.  It’s also about finding closure or perfection before we move on.  Sometimes things cannot be perfect in our image and the ability to see what is perfect (in it’s capacity) is a talent that we can channel until we can really do it.  Bringing some old desire to an end so that we can have a new desire is really going to release a lot of creative energy and give us the ability to handle it all.

Saturday is the accumulation of the week, so everything is compounded and compounding throughout the day.  New worlds are forming, and we are using past experience to avoid facing the same lessons again.  There is a supportive energy pushing us toward resolving karma and getting us on track.  We are a bit dynamic and able to see different aspects of our karmic situations, but don’t overthink them, we need to put things into motion and crystalize our insights so that we can really change our world without being too overwhelmed by it.

So, this week:

  • Make a list of what is keeping us from putting energy into other areas.
  • Set intentions of whatever it is you want to embark on.
  • Access the worry-free state of mind.
  • Keep victim attitudes out of the new!
  • Don’t stress about what needs to be done!
  • Make MORE room in your heart.
  • Perceive the bigger picture in whatever it is you are working on.
  • Don’t be overly mental about karma and what needs to be done, just do whatever you need to do to move onward!
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Weekly Astrology Program, Week 19
May 7th - May 13th, 2017

Based on the following transits: Sun 17* Taurus novile Venus 5* Aries, Sun trine Rx Pluto, Sun septile Chiron, Moon 23* Libra, opposite Mercury conjunct Uranus 25* Uranus 25* Aries, Moon septile North Node,  Mars 12* Gemini trine Rx Jupiter 14* Libra, Mars semi-square Uranus, Mars square Neptune 13* Pisces, Mercury 26* Aries semi-square Mars, Mercury conjunct Uranus, Mercury novile Neptune, Rx Jupiter 14* Libra quintile Saturn 26* Sagittarius, Venus 8* Aries novile South Node 29* Aquarius, Saturn 26* Sagittarius trine Uranus 26* Aries, Saturn trine North Node, Saturn sextile South Node.