Week 22, 2017

Astrological Week 22, 2017


Hello stargazers!

The number 22, is a very powerful number as it contains the power of all of creation and existence.  This goes without saying that this week is a very powerful week indeed.  So far this year, we have witnessed order out of chaos - just look at mother nature!

Sunday kicks off the week, still in Gemini.  Gemini teaches us two things:

  1. that we can change our mind at any time.
  2. how to build upon our choices without changing our mind all the time!

I know it’s a bit of a contradiction, but it’s important to get both down.  Remember Gemini is symbolized by the twins and it always comes in two’s.  There is a lot of Venus activity going on this week.  So the basic message is that we are here to spread love all over the world (just like the ATFC song and all it’s glorious remixes).  Gemini is really about relationships and love and the ability to exchange, connect and be present with others.  We are challenged to stay focused and centered.  Go ahead and watch my video on Gemini below for more general info on the month ahead

On Sunday there could be a situation where you must restrict from egotistical reactions, if we manage to do this, we will evolve our love.  If we fail, we might not see the effects right away, but we might get into a bad mood and wonder “what happened”.  Generally speaking, it’s great to be lovely, because it plants seeds of good feelings in the future.  Instant Karma is a rare thing, and usually we don’t see the effects of our actions.  Say for example, we teased a classmate in 4th grade, that karma could still be out to get you and it could be just like “randomly” feeling exactly how you made that classmate feel in 4th grade (and for no reason).  So, if we are happy and optimistic, no matter way, then that energy will come back to us.  It’s basic spirituality 101 guys.

Monday is an absolute danger zone for most of us.  There is an intense transit that is being highlighted, which actually stated last week, and we need to be careful of aggression, reactivity and fights.  Playing dirty, going below the belt, taking other people down - is generally a no-no, but especially today and in ALL MEDIUMS.  Tune out the gossip and negative speech.  Our generation should begin tuning-out all forms of slander and gossip - it’s just not beautifying and sucks our energy.  Remember, negative speech hurts the person that is being talked about, it hurts the speaker, and it hurts the person who is listening to it.

The good news is that we will reach a state of confidence in our choices from the past and this is going to really boost us into the future we have been working for.  There is a surge of creative energy which is being renewed and it’s so powerful that sometimes we kinda spaz out, so keep it in mind and make something great!

Tuesday is pretty much a ditto of Monday.  So re-read Monday.  I will add, if you want to go-off on someone, wait a week before you do it.  Chances are you will be over it or at least calmer.

Wednesday grants us with the energy to be generous with others by putting out resources to good use.  It could be anything from our contacts, money or skills.  We are sharing with others and the energy is flowing.  It’s a great day to work with others and attract like minded individuals for whatever business project you have going on.  It’s a process of upgrading as well as seeing our associates for who they really are, and either appreciating them, or establishing boundaries.

Thursday essentially tells us, that if we want to grow and love more, we need to start within.  Look within and love yourself more.  There is an empowering transit upgrading our self love and ability to move throughout the world in love.  Great to do some meditations with the 3rd and 4th chakra on Thursday.  What a great way to start the new month of June!

Friday is highlighting a lot of positive and loving energy.  Wow!  We are beginning a new cycle of love, freedom and new expression!  Celebrate and enjoy the protection.  There is an abundance of good vibes incoming and it’s giving us the energy we need to make those changes in love!  Be brave, the stars are on your side!  A new relationship may just pop-up, or there could also be a little turbulence in our existing relationships if we try to stick to the old and stale.  So think outside of the box and be spontaneous with your loved one.  This is a new time for earning money through technology or some new means too.  I really like these energies so use them well for creativity and whatever it is you desire because it’s getting a lot of energy.

Saturday is the accumulation of the week where all the lessons and energy from the 6 days are manifested to use once again.  Look within and always remember that what we see in the world is a reflection of our inner self.  If we are clean and clear, we will be able to manifest and get things done in the following week with love and ea You do better when you know better!

So, this week:

  • Spread love.

  • Be optimistic.

  • Don’t gossip, don’t listen to it and don’t speak it.

  • Avoid aggressive confrontations - maybe wait a week before you go off on someone.

  • Use and recognize your resources

  • Look within and love yourself more

  • We are beginning a new cycle of love, freedom and new expression!

  • Remember that what we see in the world is a reflection of our inner self

  • Listen to my Gemini playlist!

In my weekly write-ups, I refrain from using “astrological jargon” because it really doesn't make sense to people who know nothing about archetypal astrology.  But I do indicate my science in the footer.  General transit forecasts tell us what is going on in the world and how people are acting in general.  Detailed and specific forecasts are of course read in relation to your birth chart.  Meanwhile, if you want a more detailed explanation of where these energies are manifesting specifically for you, book a dash astrology session with me.

Weekly Astrology Program, Week 22
May 28th - June 3rd, 2017

Based on the following transits of week 22, 2017: Sun in first decan Gemini, Sun semi-square Venus, Mars Opposite Saturn, Mercury trine Pluto, Venus Trine Saturn, Jupiter retrograde, Jupiter trine Sun, Venus conjunct Uranus (trine Saturn, North Node, and sextile Mars), Saturn retrograde, trine North Node, Uranus and Venus.