Week 40, 2017


Moving toward forward.

Weekly Astrology Program, Week 40
October 1 - October 7, 2017

Hey Stargazers!

This week starts off the month of October!  Pluto went direct last week, just in time for Halloween!  All sorts of ghosts of the past my creep to haunt us!  Use some temple essential oil blend to keep them at bay so that we can make the most of this energy of transformation and upgrade from the past!


Today is the seed level of the month.  So, let’s have a strong consciousness about moving forward!  We sense the necessity to recognize our gifts and talents, but unless we put them into work, it’s just ego stroking.  So, in order to get things moving toward our personal “forward”, we need to see and accept who and what we are, then we will know what we are capable of achieving.


We need to be careful of trying to sneak away from the insights we got on Sunday.  This means, we shouldn’t try to slip out the backdoor when we have already made a game plan through the front.  Watch out for the sneaky side swiping from the ego.  Try to stay 2-steps ahead by acknowledging your weaknesses and being humble about them.  Don’t suppress your stuff, use to to move forward!


Both yin & yang are coming together today, so it’s a great day to take your relationship to the next level.  Even if you’re single, it’s a day to see where you stand with your intimate relationships, past, present and future.  Old ways of “love” will be broken down, and new identities can come to light.  This is all about becoming a new you.  Now, this is an extra significance of leaving a legacy.  So look at what you want in your relationships and where you want to go.  What’s the point of being with that person, or not being with them.  Answer these questions honestly and allow a new you to come through.


On Wednesday, there is a lot of “getting things off your chest” in the air.  Don’t be surprised if someone comes at you with something from out of the blue about something from the past.  It is most likely something they haven’t dealt with yet, even if you have.  If you turn out to be that person, then triple check where you are coming from.  You might be able to resolve it on your own.


Thursday hosts the Full Moon in Aries!  This is the first Full Moon since the Autumn Equinox.  The house where this Full Moon is occurring asks you to reflect upon this area of your life.  It’s always a good idea to book a session with me to prepare for these types of transits.  For example, I could tell you where this is occurring in a Lunar Return Reading.  This Full Moon is about influence, success and establishing our power, so we can work on that area of our chart, and ask for these gifts to manifest over the next 2 - 4 weeks.


Today introduces a new type of energy, which is focusing on money, abundance and manifesting all of our wholesome desires.  We are again breaking down identities in the way of manifesting our dreams and may be forced to resolve some tensions that we would rather not face without instigation.  Stay calm, and know that everything has its purpose and that it will all be okay.  How we react is always more important that what happens.


Saturday has us channeling our energies toward where we are going.  Expect shifts left and right.  Every future has a matching past, so we need to keep this in mind when going through sudden shifts.  When I say shift, I mean things disappearing, vanishing or being different.  We may not even be aware of it, so as always, we stay true to the belief that things always get better!  Also, Saturday is the full manifestation of the week, so we are downloading a lot of energy to help us make that step forward!

So, this week:

  • Sunday: No ego-stroking.
  • Monday: We are redefining our definitions of love.
  • Tuesday: Take your relationship status to the next level!
  • Wednesday: Try to resolve things without involving others.
  • Thursday: Full Moon in Aries.
  • Friday: Focusing on money, abundance and manifesting wholesome desires!
  • Saturday: Expect shifts!
  • Use the Libra Essential Oil Blend!
  • Be sure to watch my video on Libra here:

In my weekly write-ups, I refrain from using “astrological jargon” because it really doesn't make sense to people who know nothing about archetypal astrology.  But I do indicate my science in the footer.  General transit forecasts tell us what is going on in the world and how people are acting in general.  Detailed and specific forecasts are of course read in relation to your birth chart.  Meanwhile, if you want a more detailed explanation of where these energies are manifesting specifically for you, book a dash astrology session with me.

Astrological Evidence:
Sunday: Sun 8* Libra quincunx Saturn 22* Sagittarius & semi-square N. Node 23* Leo. 
Monday: Moon in 3rd decan Aquarius, and 1st decan Pisces.
Tuesday: Mars 17* Virgo conjunct Venus 16* Virgo trine Pluto 16* Capricorn.
Wednesday: Mercury 8* Virgo conjunct Sun 11* Virgo, quintile Saturn Saturn 22* Sagittarius.
Thursday: Full Moon at 12* Aries 43' October 5, 2017, 6:41 PM UTC.
Friday: Venus 20* Virgo conjunct Mars 19* Virgo, square Saturn 22* Sagittarius.
Saturday: Saturn 22* Sagittarius trine N. Node 22* Leo.

Background Photo by Meiying Ng on Unsplash / Graphic by Arik Xander