Week 43, 2017


Activate COMpassion!

Weekly Astrology Program, Week 43
October 22 - October 28, 2017

Hey Stargazers!

We are on the dawn of the solar month of Scorpio!  Unless we are babies, this is not our first time around the block!  So what can we do to face our Scorpio challenges that we are faced with every year?  Well, we can first start by being aware of the Scorpio season, learn to let things go, and allow transformation!  On the physical level, we can do lots exhalations, and use the SCORPIO ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND!  Scorpio is very healing, protective, renewing and exposing!  It’s a bit contradictory, but that’s Scorpio!


Mars, the planet of passion, energy, and breaking things down is moving into libra, the sign of balance and karma!  It will stay in libra for about 48 days!  Now, this will hit us all differently depending on our charts, which I am happy to talk to you about in a reading, but generally speaking, there can be a lot of aggression in the air regarding the laws, jurisdiction, fairness and justice.  This will play out globally and individually.  So we need to all be aware of our own violence towards our inner laws that we so often violate.  Is getting aggressive over something that is already very violence helping the situation or making it worse?  Once we can see this, we will be able to use this transit as it is meant to be received: activate COMpassion!  We will be passionate about our inner and outer laws, art and balancing our life.  Much to talk about during these next weeks!

There is also a lot of intuition, and uncanny psychic occurrences going on!  Let go and remember you have everything you need and more!


Today, the sun moves into intense scorpio!  The solar month of scorpio is one of extremes.  Many people who are scorpios can attest to this and will feel this the most as the sun transits their sign.  For the next 30 days or so, we will feel hot, then we will feel immediately cold, happy and then upset.  Don’t take any of it serious, and learn to channel this intense energy into something creative and constructive!  That’s the key point!  scorpio brings a lot of healing and transformative energy to the mix, so we can drop our guard and open ourselves up the next version of ourself.

The first 10 days of scorpio asks us to let go of past regrets.  Watch more here:


Today we feel the urgency to end some type of compensation.  Something we have been dealing which, a situation in which we have been receiving the short end of the stick is going to end.  Now, as always, this is going on for everyone in different ways, so keep this in mind.  You may be the recipient if you don’t the giver.  It might be a little aggressive because mars can be a bit violent and angry especially when dealing with resentment.  Use our tools.  If you don’t have them, setup a session with me!


Following Tuesday’s impulse to end the compensation, we are now taking it another step further by giving us the thoughts and ideas we need to manifest and crystalize these changes.  Today, we are going to get an idea of whatever else we need to let go of so that we can end any burdens we may have taken on.  Anything that weighs us down will find a solution in the mental realm today, so pay attention to your thoughts and ideas.


Our generosity is being activated today in ways that we couldn’t imagine!  The focus is moving on and getting over spilled milk.  What’s happened has happened, and we are seeing the blessings and the light we need to move on, heal and grow!  A seed needs to defy gravity, break through the dirt and reach for the sunlight in order to grow and we are doing just that!  Let’s do it before things get heavy!


Venus is snug right in her ruling sign, libra.  Right now, we are healing yin issues, and heartbreak concerning teamwork, and pain caused by poor teamwork and disharmonious efforts.  We feel this intensely, more and more as venus approaches pluto and at this point we want to focus on the pain we have caused with our refusal to unite.  Not only the inability to work with others wants to be healed, but the inability to unite the inner identities of the artist, manager and guru within.


How could it be that our free spirit and our ability to restrict are working in harmony?  Well that's the vibe today and however it looks for you will vary. I'd be curious how it plays out so please feel free to leave your comments below.  Everyone is ready to unload, and we are optimistic about what we have accomplished.  It's time to take a breath, and restore.

Relationship issues from the past may arise out of nowhere like a skeleton!  Our task is to change ourselves and whatever bad habits we picked up from these relations so that we can upgrade!  We will quickly get the ideas we need make our intentions better and louder in the cosmos!

Have a great week, and be the one who makes a difference by using dash™ Astrology!


In my weekly write-ups, I refrain from using “astrological jargon” because it really doesn't make sense to people who know nothing about archetypal astrology.  But I do indicate my science in the footer.  General transit forecasts tell us what is going on in the world and how people are acting in general.  Detailed and specific forecasts are of course read in relation to your birth chart.  Meanwhile, if you want a more detailed explanation of where these energies are manifesting specifically for you, book a dash astrology session with me.

Astrological Evidence:
Sunday: Mars enters libra, mercury 1st decan scorpio trine neptune 2nd decan pisces.
Monday: Sun moves into scorpio.
Tuesday: Mars 1st decan libra novile mercury 1st decan scorpio.
Wednesday: Mercury 1st decan scorpio novile saturn 3rd decan sagittarius.
Thursday: Sun conjunct jupiter 1st decan scorpio.
Friday: Venus 2nd decan libra square pluto 2nd decan capricorn.
Saturday: Saturn third decan sagittarius trine uranus 3rd decan aries, venus 2nd decan libra square pluto 2nd decan capricorn, mercury 1st decan scorpio sextile pluto 2nd decan capricorn.

Background Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash / Graphic by Arik Xander