Week 45, 2017


Weekly Astrology Program, Week 45
November 5 - November 11, 2017

Hey Stargazers!


There is a lot of power going into our imaginative powers all day.  Be careful to not fantasize about what is going on.  Find a way to assist others if you are lacking inspiration.


Think quickly on your feet.  Now is a good time to take your learning to the next level.  Emotional relationships will seek balance and a new level of communication.


Be careful of seeking justice.  Use your drive for something artistic.  Go for a walk and breathe some of that autumn fresh air.  Venus is moving into Scorpio, which will only add more intensity into the chart.  Intimacy will be a must as our desires get deeper and more intense.  Sexuality will heighten and there may be more sexual healing.


Everything seems to be moving very quickly today.  The best way to handle this energy is by slowing down and taking the time to focus.  Almost meditative like really.  Allow yourself to receive the day rather than becoming a victim to it.


Jupiter recently moved into Scorpio, be sure to watch my video on this and get a chart reading should you want a personalized interpretation.  This part of Scorpio is helping us let go and move on!  We need to be careful of repeating the same old, same old.  Let the old go, and move over the bridge!


Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio.  These are amazing energies.  Get intimate with your loved one and take your love to the next level.  Open up and really share yourself in a way you have yet to do!  It’s all about moving on.


Saturday is the accumulation of the week.  We have the extra power to discipline our inappropriate curiosity and really learn how to use our innovative power in a way that will manifest our great ideas!

Have a great week, and be the one who makes a difference by using dash™ Astrology!



In my weekly write-ups, I refrain from using “astrological jargon” because it really doesn't make sense to people who know nothing about archetypal astrology.  But I do indicate my science in the footer.  General transit forecasts tell us what is going on in the world and how people are acting in general.  Detailed and specific forecasts are of course read in relation to your birth chart.  Meanwhile, if you want a more detailed explanation of where these energies are manifesting specifically for you, book a dash astrology session with me.

Astrological Evidence:
Sunday:Sun 2nd d. Scorpio.
Monday: Moon in Gemini.
Tuesday: Mars 2nd d. Libra.
Wednesday: Mercury 1st d. Sagittarius.
Thursday: Jupiter 1st d. Scorpio.
Friday: Venus conjunct Jupiter in 1st d. Scorpio.
Saturday: Saturn trine Uranus.