Week 49, 2017


The Power of Eleven.

Weekly Astrology Program, Week 49
December 3 - December 9, 2017

This week, use the power of eleven to make something useful, and:

  1. Sunday: Dissolve your fears about sharing what you have.
  2. Monday: See where fear is preventing you from life.
  3. Tuesday: Be brave, and go forth with your passions!
  4. Wednesday: See the tree in the seed and the seed in the tree
  5. Thursday: Feel good activities are recommended, but don’t forget about your spiritual work.
  6. Friday: Slow down, and see what you are really feeling.
  7. Saturday: Be careful of punishment and revenge seeking.

Hey Stargazers!

For astrological purposes, this week has a huge focus on the number eleven which means that we need to be aware of legal dealings, tests and should be on our toes to make decisions.  Eleven wants us to manifest something practical and harmonious.  Let’s jump right in.


Sunday is packed with energy! First off, we have many planets making serious aspects from the 11th degree of the sign they are hosting.  Eleven is the first Master Number, and is the Mastery of Heaven.  So what does this mean?  That we need to first have Heaven, before we can have Earth.  Specifically, we are expanding our capacity to take care of others with what we have in excess.  But, we need to be careful of feeling victimized, or that we will lose or be beaten up.  We could fantasize that we are putting ourselves in danger by helping others, but we can be brave especially because today is the Full Moon in 11 degrees Gemini, which wants to help us dissolve our fears.


Today, we still feel the Full Moon from Sunday.  We are really facing our fears and what keeps us up at night.  What is your greatest fear?  What rule does it have over your life?  We need to remember that there is no pause from self-improvement and healing - it is an ongoing process.


Continuing from last week: as we come to terms and begin to accept our passions, we are begin to see the challenges that come with anything “new”.  What this all means is that we are at a point where we need to instantaneously surrender fear as it arises, otherwise we will not pioneer.  There is an opposing force between what we envision and what we put to rest.  If we are not proactive with this, we will run into some outer opposition.  We see what is required of us, and we can warm up any cold feet!  Be brave, and go forth with your passions!


We are having another replay from last week here, with Mercury in retrograde.  We need to be careful of hoarding onto energy, time, ideas, thoughts and projections.  We need to consciously choose now: what can we handle or what do we need to delegate or potentially release.  Taking on too much will block our creativity and block our root and crown chakra.  The Omega and the Alpha are in one place, and time is compressed.  It is in this day that we can see the tree in the seed and the seed in the tree so that we can project optimal potential.


Building upon the energy from last Thursday, and looking at where we stand.  We are generous with our love, compassion, and reaching out to help others.  There is a secret in this: when we help others we are really only helping ourselves because we are all one.  As much as we want to help others, without hidden agenda, the universe will send people to help us.  New opportunities are abound and good karma is being activated.  Feel good activities are recommended, but don’t forget about your spiritual work.  Be careful of being co-dependent, mostly don’t confuse it for helping others or compassion.  I know, this is a lifelong process, but you will get the discrimination at some point!  Practice, practice, practice!  More to come as this transit will last until Jan. 20th, 2018.


Today, we will only really know how we are feeling if we slow down.  After that, we will be able to build and refine ourselves from what we have emotionally accumulated.  If we cannot see through our emotional hoarding, we will be illusioned, down the detail, create fantasies.  There are major mother and grandmother themes coming up that have been left unresolved.  The downside of all this is that we could just feel things impulsively without questioning why or where it is coming from and what you need to do to resolve it within.


Saturday is the accumulation of the week.  This was an intense week with that started with teh power of 11.  Energies that use the 11 degree must be manifested, otherwise , otherwise we could become nervous about missed opportunities.  We all need some Merry Christmas Blend to not forget the true purpose of Christmas and activate Christ consciousness!  We will need as much help as we can get, today begins a transit where we are using our energy sexually, manipulatively, or even protectively.  Be careful of punishment and revenge seeking.  We can use this energy to really bring an end to whatever holds us back.

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Astrological Evidence:
Sunday: Jupiter 11* Scorpio trine Neptune 11* Pisces, Mercury Rx 29* Sagittarius, Sun 11* Sagittarius square Neptune 11* Pisces, Full Moon 11* Gemini.
Monday: 24 Hours after the Full Moon 11* Gemini.
Tuesday: Mars 3rd d. Libra opposite Uranus 3rd d. Aries.
Wednesday: Mercury conjunct Saturn 3rd d. Sagittarius.
Thursday: Jupiter 2nd d. Scorpio trine Neptune 2nd d. Pisces.
Friday: Venus 8* Sagittarius square Neptune 11* Pisces
Saturday: Saturn conjunct Mercury 3rd d. Sagittarius, Mars enters Scorpio.