Down to the last drop.

Photo by Braden Barwich

Photo by Braden Barwich

Down to the last drop.

Weekly Astrology Program, Week 52
December 24 - December 30, 2017

The difference from last week to this week is enormous.  First off, Merry Christmas!  Second, after the Winter Solstice last week, we are in a period where light is returning to our world.  Unlike Summer and Autumn when light is decreasing day-by-day, Winter and Spring bring the light!

That means we see more!  This also means that we can receive more!  But, the catch is that we need to first see what it is that we are dealing with, specifically our self-made bondages.

When we aren’t geared toward this, we are impelled materialistic, ambitious and vulnerable to illusion this week.  Now, being materialistic is just another world for being stuck in a physical mentality, meaning all we care about is what we see (i.e., on instagram, in the news, on the street, in reviews, the charts, etc.) and not what is actually there.  We are robbed of getting the last drop.

What is the last drop?  It’s savoring everything that is there and appreciating life down to the last drop.  Often we just throw things out when we deem them useless.  Maybe we enjoy the first bite, sip, try or first step, but toward the end, we blow out and give up.  There is a secret power of prosperity to be enjoyed in the last drop, crumb, pixel, bite, title, sound, word, etc.

Have you ever ended something on a bitter note?  Or, eaten a delicious orange to only have the last bite spoil the entire experience?  Whenever we don’t enjoy something to the final stage, we basically broadcast to the universe that we are ungrateful and this in turn lets the universe know that we will not be needing more.

That’s okay for things we don’t like, but what about the things we really do like?  This is often how luck only finds us once.  The appreciations and gratitude for what is, to the last drop is what is needed for us to attract more of the same, or more of something else, whatever that is in our own personal reality.

If you read my Saturn enters Capricorn article from last week, you will have an idea of what we are facing for the next 3 years.  We are aimed at getting our “Mind Over Matter” and not to add matter over our mind.

We need to remember that we do not see reality for what it really is, and that we should be open to receive more than what we see.  Our human eye is incapable of seeing things as they are and when we depend too much on our physical sense of sight we become materialistic.  When we are materialistic, we are in a state of doom and gloom, unable to welcome all the light that is starting to come in.

We may feel like we are juggling many responsibilities this week, but we need to get to a point where we allow things to just happen without micromanaging.  We too often obsess with what’s wrong, making problems out of challenges where we should really be making challenges out of problems.

Let’s enjoy the challenges down to the last drop, and enjoy the bright light.


This week:

  1. Sunday: Welcome the newfound light into our world.

  2. Monday: Merry Christmas! There is massive creativity today. Even though it’s “holiday”, there is a lot of creative energy and bright light inspiring us at every turn. Get ready for some Christmas Miracles!

  3. Tuesday: Today we are taking our inspiration and imagination and putting into action! Do something creative, otherwise we might fantasize!

  4. Wednesday: We might be having thoughts from out of the blue, but we can balance logic and imagination by surrendering anything that isn’t making sense. Just let them run out.

  5. Thursday: We need to control our time today. Taking care of others comes before juggling the chaos of life, in fact ignoring others will only fuel the chaos.

  6. Friday: There is a lot of temptation in the air today. It’s very likely that we will be seduced into some form of selfish activity if we don’t remember that we are addicted to illusions. Yin issues want to be resolved and brought into the light. I’m putting a red light on mother issues today.

  7. Saturday: Welcome the changes. Establish boundaries and don’t give too much.

Arik Christmas Tree

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Astrological Evidence:
Sunday: Sun, Saturn, Black Moon and Pluto in Capricorn.
Monday: Venus enters Capricorn and conjunct Saturn.
Tuesday: Mars trine Neptune.
Wednesday: Mercury square Neptune.
Thursday: Jupiter semi-square Saturn.
Friday: Venus conjunct Black Moon.
Saturday: Saturn in Capricorn, semi-square Jupiter.

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