The Solar Month of Cancer: Healing Anger


Avoid Anger at all Costs.

When we are born into this world, we immediately inherit a family.

There is no escaping this, we all have a mother and a father and grandparents.  Maybe we have siblings and cousins, aunts and uncles, but every single one of us has a mother and father, even if we have never met them.  During the month of Cancer, our family consciousness is activated for us to correct.

The mantra for Cancer is "I Feel".

The area where Cancer is on our astrological chart shows us where our heightened sense of feeling is.  We can feel physical things when we touch them or when they touch us, and we can also feel emotions and energy.

Cancer is connected with family and feeling.

We can even feel our family members, for example mothers can feel their children from around the globe if need be.  Yet, most of our feelings are dulled down and clouded by our emotions - both negative and positive.  Positive emotions can dull our ability to feel just like negative emotions, because the Truth of a matter simply should not be enjoyed or disagreed with - it just is.

Because anger is marinated within most families and hidden deep between relatives, we have now, during the solar month of Cancer, a great opportunity to heal our anger.  It may be suppressed or repressed, but it is there.

On our spiritual path, we learn that anger is the most destructive emotion and though we try to diminish the reality of it, let it be said: one moment of anger destroys lifetimes of merit.

On our spiritual path, we use many tools to heighten our vibration and build our energy: we meditate, we pray, we study, we read, we share, we help others, we go on pilgrimage, we do exercises, we read spiritual teachings, we use incense and oils, we see therapists, we attend workshops and classes, we get crystals, we eat unprocessed food, we bless water, we donate, we make offerings, we answer questions, we confront karma, we dream, we do a lot and this is great! But! As soon as we get angry, all the effects of our work vanish.

On a subtle level, when we become angry, it is as if we vacate our body, and we can no longer see nor recognize our environment.  We become fixated on proving our point and cannot let it go, in fact we are unable to hear others.  This is because, our anger causes our spirit (and everything it has worked hard to become with all the tools available) to eject from our body and the anger attracts a negative being to take over.  This being uses our physical perception and resources to feed off of fighting with others in this state of anger.  Many times, after people have calmed down they feel as if they had not even been present when they were angry, and this is why.

So, anger causes us to lose everything we have done.

This anger includes: being annoyed, irritated, vengeful, being violent and having rage.  Anger without action is included in this, and the fact is that if we are entirely angry (say at our mother for example), we stand no chance at building upon ourselves with positive energy week after week, month after month, let alone year after year.  Because when we have a moment of anger, we are stripped bare and begin anew.  Building back up to where we were can even take years if not lifetimes without help.  Eventually as we begin to heal our anger, our mentality begins to upgrade as well and we will find that events which angered us before will no longer anger us now, and this tells us we have mastered a level of anger; our range of feelings has expanded and we have become less dull.

So, first we need to be patient with ourselves when it comes to rebuilding our merit.  Even though it can take a while, we should not become discouraged, because every moment without anger is a brick back into the vault of merit.

Next we should remember that we accumulate merit faster whenever we are of service to others.  Also, we should keep in mind that if we are working on something, before there is a breakthrough, we may be tempted with a situation which can trigger our anger to see if we are ready for the next level.  If we are lucky enough to notice we might get angry, we need to ask ourselves, "Do I want to get angry or do I want to upgrade"? Please keep in mind that our personal upgrades always uplift the world.

It should also be noted that once anger strikes, it's already too late to prevent.  Once we are aware that we are angry, we need to admit that we have already lost everything and IMMEDIATELY! Stop so that we can begin rebuilding.

We have to acknowledge that every moment we spend being angry only aggravates the anger attracting more and more negative entities.  Everyone who ever has experienced an extreme fit of anger will confirm that afterwards life, relationships, health, work, wonder and joy as well as the general state of mind were just not the same as before.  Therefore we state with emphasis: the longer the tantrum or the deeper the anger, the longer it takes to reconstruct.  Ironically, we cannot do this by talking with others, as we will only drag them down.  We need to cool off and diffuse the anger by recognizing the bigger picture and remembering the intention of the all good.  Our small limited ego, and its filters will never have even a tiny glimpse into why things have happened the way they do, or did.  Even if we are right, even if what is going on in the world or in our reality is "unjust", we are to not get upset or angry because we do not know:

a) the karma of the sentient being involved or;
b) what God has planned.

We need to always accept this at all times so that we can prevent anger from destroying our good merits.

In family situations, we will often get triggered with anger.  Mostly because we feel obligated to participate and do not have the courage to break away. 

Buddhist say that family is ruled by the demon named Mara and we can learn to accept that family has no significance on our spiritual path and can often hold us back from doing what we want to do.

Classically, we are either codependent with our family members or outright hateful towards them, and both keep us locked in with anger making it impossible for us to ever build a life of merit but rather constant lateral movement.  Again for example, a person who donates to charity will be robbed of any merit due if he is angry, because the anger will wipe the merit away.

Without anger, we can come to appreciate and be grateful for our family, specifically, our mother and father without obligation and thereby resentment.

It is imperative that we use the Cancer Essential Oil Blend to nature our lives and refill our merit bank after fits of anger or inner reactions of rage.  We need to constantly occupy our bodies with our essential self, because after all, the Cancer archetype signifies our home and foundation and we have all heard that we are always "on the way home".

Physically, speaking, when we vacate our bodies we allow the physical world of chaos to rule us with disease and pain; but when we remain connected to ourselves and prevent anger, we invite light and miracles to bless our organs and body in general.  Also, the Cancer archetype is the perfect host of parties and people as well as spirits and demons - so we can use this blend to nurture and host the essential self and at all times protect us from negative angles.  Because let's not forget that if you are angry, you are not only hurting yourself, you lose your merit, the person you direct your anger towards is affected as is anyone randomly occupying your space such as the person behind you in traffic or in front of you in the checkout line.

This is a very important lesson we can learn during the solar month of Cancer (June 20- July 20), as anger is often aroused within the home and family area of our life, and we all need to honestly look if we are more angry than we would like to admit.  Therefor Cancer will indicate the house where we have failure due to the negative emotion of anger and infuriation.

We have to always connect with the bigger picture in regards to the house where Cancer rules and hopefully we will be able to diffuse our anger so that we can begin to rebuild.

Cancer anatomy to be aware of:
chest, breast, stomach and speech.  try applying this blend to these areas.

Note: as with all things astrology, we are only affected by it to the degree we are unaware of its influences.  If we are above ego nature, then we are free from the influence of the zodiac and can learn to use it in ways that supercharge our life rather than show us where we are not operating at all.

A rule of thumb: to the degree we are free from the sensations, consequences and influences of time, we are also free from its cousin, astrology.