Buon appetito 2018!

Photo by Renden Yoder

Photo by Renden Yoder

The first 12 Days of The New Year represent the atomic level of the 12 months of the year.  This means that our consciousness, actions, and moods on these first 12 days will echo to the corresponding month.  So we need to become very focused and mindful during these first 12 days of January to ensure that our year will be a echo we want and not an avalanche!

So, this is how we practically use it.

January 1st represents the entire month of January.

It’s like the ambassador of January is coming to visit on January 1st to observe us and collect data.  It will interpret the data it collects as our order for that month.  It will then submit our order to the “cosmic chef” which will then serve us our January Meal of the Month.  This will happen for every month throughout the year within the feast of 2018.

Moving on January 2nd represents the entire month of February.  So our actions during this day will set the tone for the entire month of February.

Here are the correspondences:

January 1 = January
January 2 = February
January 3 = March
January 4 = April
January 5 = May
January 6 = June
January 7 = July
January 8 = August
January 9 = September
January 10 = October
January 11 = November
January 12 = December

Here are some tips to get through these days with effectively:

  • Don’t argue with others, just bite your tongue and save it for later.
  • Remain sober. While the idea of drinking your face off on NYE sounds tempting, just think of how it will effect the rest of your year especially given that January first is the seed level of not only January but the entire year too.
  • Read uplifting or challenging material.  This will increase your vibration and intelligence level.  It’s generally good to read things you don’t entirely understand, it’s the only way you can increase intelligence.  Plus, you want to submerge your mind with information that is supportive of life, wellness and improvement.  Try my essential mail articles for one.
  • Be open minded, but not too curious.
  • Establish a healthy routine.
  • Stretch daily.
  • Meditate daily. - if you need a good meditation program, please contact me on Twitter.
  • Diffuse stress as much as possible.  Try using aromatherapy to accomplish this.
  • Finally, read my weekly forecast to gain insight into each of the 12 days and what’s going on above that’s affecting your below.  Follow me on Twitter to get the daily updates.

New Year’s Resolutions should really only last these 12 days, that way you have planted the seeds for the rest of the year.

Buon appetito!

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