O. J. Simpson, Tonya Harding, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton and other public massacres.

Notice to the reader: Although I am an Astrologician, this article is only using events that have happened within the recognizable patterns of astrological context and is in no way shape or form linking the events, or persons mentioned. I have sparred my private opinion about the mentioned and am merely reporting on the timeliness and consequences. All I ask is that if you are not open to astrology, please read with an open mind as this is not an astrological report or advice. I welcome all and any feedback to my social media accounts.

I remember growing up in Los Angeles, circa 1995, seeing O.J. Simpson all over my dad’s TV, hearing the teachers talk about it at school, listening to it in the car and even at family gatherings. Because of my age at the time, I didn’t remember what was going on exactly, but I remember that it WAS going on. I imagine it’s probably what many of the kids today will remember about Donald Trump taking Presidency when they are older. Now years later as an adult, many of the same themes are re-surfacing, so I use astrology to look back in history in order to see what’s coming.

We are almost halfway through the Jupiter transit in Scorpio. This week, Jupiter will go retrograde so now it’s time to reflect on the themes of Jupiter in Scorpio which began in autumn of 2017.

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Jupiter takes 12 years to make a complete cycle, which means it spends about 1 year in each sign. There is no doubt about it, Jupiter in Scorpio is an intense time. As it really shows, as a collective, where we stand with our Scorpio themes: death, transformation, and sex.

Before we look at what has occurred since October 2017, I want to take a moment and look back even further into a previous Jupiter in Scorpio transit which occurred from 1993 to 1994. In astrological terms, this was two Jupiter in Scorpio cycles ago, but in terms of our society, it was a time that changed the direction of our world. We always learn about the present and how to shape the future, by reviewing the past.

Is it a coincidence that both The Trial of The O. J. Simpson Murder Case and The Attack on Nancy Kerrigan both made headlines during a previous Jupiter in Scorpio transit? Not really. These events pioneered a new form of entertainment, shaped our society, and had merely been manifestations of the transit.

Astrology is all about patterns, and recognizing the effects here on earth. When we understand that Jupiter expands things and makes them bigger than life, and that Scorpio purifies and prepares us for the new, we can conclude that this transit exposes things to bring about change.

O.J. Simpson and Tonya Harding had both been underdogs coming from poor families and turned their fate around by becoming larger than life, All-American champions, breaking athletic records respectively (Jupiter archetypes). After the criminal allegations, they each faced media onslaught all within the 1994 Jupiter in Scorpio transit. This is in no way, shape or form linking the two, but merely showing the effects of transit.

Probably the greatest effect of the 1993–94 Jupiter in Scorpio transit was the dawn of reality television. The 24 hour coverage of The O. J. Simpson Murder Case and The Attack on Nancy Kerrigan primed America for reality television. Many of the top stars from reality television in the 2000s and 2010s, namely the Kardashians, had been directly or indirectly connected to the people in the O.J. Case. Karmically speaking, we will always be attracted (in our reincarnation) to the environment which best primes us for the life we are to live.

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Scorpio likes to detect and get the inside scoop. This is why the Scorpio archetype makes for a great detective. But on the degraded level, it wants to creep and snoop on people, which is essentially what we are all doing when we watch reality television or are browsing on social media. Who needs high school unions nowadays when all we need to do is Google each other?

There is no doubt about it, Scorpio in Jupiter leaves a mark on society.

Since Jupiter has entered Scorpio in October of 2017, we have seen the “#MeToo” movement as a first response to the sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein and the like. Although The Clinton–Lewinsky scandal occurred in between 1995 and 1997, Jupiter only left Scorpio on Dec 9, 1994 which is too close for discard as not being under the transit’s influence. No surprise here, as Scorpio rules over sex, scandal and the misuse of power.

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It’s only a matter of time before there are movies made about these allegations and the exposures, even if it takes another 22 years.

This transit can also be violent. I just want to remind everyone that this isn’t about Scorpios per say, as we all have Scorpio in our chart and thereby the wholesome and unwholesome qualities to watch out for.

We have also seen the Las Vegas and Florida school shootings. The most recent, at the time of this writing, was the Florida school shooting which was bigger than the The Columbine High School massacre. Again, we see here, suppressed male emotions and closed hearts (the heart chakra is ruled by Jupiter). When men are unable to control or heal their emotions, they are destined to behave inappropriately.

On an energetic level, men in general are prone to close their hearts from grief and pain, possibly from childhood issues. Men have a hard time accessing and dealing with these emotions left to their own devices and really need to seek the help they need as to not suppress these emotions, but to heal them.

Karmically, on the collective subconscious, men are programmed to “go out”. “rule”, and be “tough in the world”, so there is little propensity to really become vulnerable in the “dog-eat-dog world”, and understandably so.

But times have changed and modern man must too. The new modern day man no longer needs to be agro, on the defense, and in no way abuse or mistreat others. It’s appalling to to see the way men have mistreated women throughout history and even today. Again, in both cases, from the 90’s, Tonya Harding and Nicole Brown, both had been battered women in abusive relationships, unable to really break free to safety from influence.

Men can also be very disrespectful to each other, and do best when they accept that there is only one alpha male. That alpha male archetype is changing as times move on, and should not ever be held by someone who is violent or celebrated for poor Behavior. Of course, we all make mistakes, and we should not judge, but the key is on transformation, which is what scorpio is all about.

Scorpio rules crimes, as well as suppressed negativity which just explodes out of nowhere. But, I was a bit surprised to see how Jupiter has this type of effect when transiting scorpio. Usually, we think of Jupiter as the great “blesser” or “benefic” in astrology. But, when we look closer we see that Jupiter expands things and it also rules cycles, as it situations repeating over and over again.

So, after my research and contemplation, I conclude that wherever Jupiter is, it is expanding, the good, the bad, the ugly and in the case of Scorpio, the repressed emotional garbage.

The question remains, how can we avoid all this? What can we do to prevent these influences? Are we to blame the transits for this?

No, not at all.

Like I always say, transits are transitory. They will pass. But since we all move along the ecliptic, the situations may come back again. On the other hand, when the transit is occurring we have the opportunity to work out whatever doors are being opened. This doesn’t mean we should dig something up from 22 years ago, but then again, maybe it does, because maybe it will resurrect.

As always, we need to take it within. We need to look at only our own repressed emotions. Because believe it or not, each and every one of us makes a difference. One mind at a time, and within that mind, one step at a time. We need to look at our own repressed emotions and deal with them by healing them. Before we know it, they become the driving forces in our life just waiting to be expanded upon for the better or the worse.

Use whatever therapies you have and if you need somewhere to start, please reach out so that we can use the transit for the highest good of all life everywhere.

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