Super New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

Solar Eclipse July.jpg

The Moon will partially block out the Sun, while being very close to the earth.  Watch out, inner reactivity and me-first agendas may blind us from our real karma.

According to the lunar calendar, every new moon represents the beginning of a new archetypal cycle.  This means for about 28 days, a particular archetype is allowed to fully reveal its essence and power in our daily life, in our dreams, our thoughts, feelings and emotions - the people we meet, the situations we find ourselves in and even the memories we have will all be within the context of the archetypal energy.  In other words, the archetype has a 28 day window to color our world giving us gifts or challenges to help us recognize the blessings in our reality.  Working in accordance with this window of opportunity, we can be sure that we are on time within our life’s path, so that we can avoid regret.

We can use the waxing and waning of the moon to read the archetypal clock.  Like an identity, the moon changes in mood and shape as it reflects the light of the sun at different angles throughout the month, day-by-day.

The first two weeks after any new moon, the moon inhales its energy sliver-by-sliver, sign-by-sign, and particle-by-particle.  After the moon reaches its climatic point, at the full moon, he then begins to exhale the light as the dark side of the moon comes forth - preparing itself to become new again and take another big breath.  This type of phase is normal, and experienced by us all in the inner/outer realms of existence as we wax-and-wane throughout existence.

The New Moon in Cancer on Friday the 13th (July 13th, 2018) marks the beginning of a 28 day cycle.  This is accompanied by a partial solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse is when the Moon obscures the Sun.  So we need to be extra mindful of wanting to avoid obscurity on Friday the 13th and for the next 28 days!  This a time that we want to become obscure, like the Sun is to the Moon.

When the Moon eclipses the Sun, it is essentially allowing the inner self to block out the outer, ego self.  This is a good chance to put ego agenda on the back burner and receive more light for our lives.  Easier said than done, I know, but the universe is supporting us, so let’s receive that support!

This New Moon is also known as a Super New Moon which is means that it is very close to earth.  Meaning, the effects are bigger and we will feel more of it!

To balance this all out, it’s only a partial Solar Eclipse, which is just about all our ego’s can handle because it’s so close to Earth! 😂

If we are spiritual people, this will bring up a lot of stuff.  If we are not spiritual people, this will bring up a lot of stuff.  It really doesn't make a difference who we are, it only matters how we deal with it!  So remember, we need to be careful of wanting to avoid obscurity.  What does this mean?  Well, whenever we do things to be “relevant” or to be “included” or “remembered”.  The ego wants all this attention, all the time, even if it has to suck it from others.

What we need to be aware of here is that sometimes the ego wants attention, or to be included first and foremost at the cost of stealing from others.  Other times, the ego doesn't want to steal or take away from others, it just wants it too.

We need to understand that both constitute envy, jealousy and essentially evil eye.  Anytime we approach something from a state of deprivation, we are giving off evil eye.  Cancer is the archetype of family, roots and origins, so this can usually be linked in with home, family or childhood.

It is almost certain that the work we do in the realm of home and family, will ripple out into other relationships in the world.  We may be dealing with a lineage of karmic propensity that wants to be resolved, or a repressed heritage of hatred and rage - do not act it out, but do not resist it either.  It wants to come out so that permanent healing can ensue.  We need to remain mature, strong and courageous if we want to unlearn early family training and the accompanying attitudes that we hold sacrosanct.

Resentment toward family members needs to be released if we ever want to discover peace.  We find that when we remove all of the negativity that blinds us from love, we increase our life energy and radiate peaceful context.  One challenge to releasing negativity, is that the ego often puts up a hefty fight since it misinterprets release as “loss”.  The resolution to this puzzle is that something can only be released if it is actually loved, anything short of releasing via love is punishment in disguise.  We should know this truth to keep our actions in check.

Specifically, if should evaluate the types of "loving thoughts" we have - or that others have for us and determine if they are truly loving.  The types of thoughts we have fuel our actions.  Many times we fool ourselves into having “loving thoughts” which is a disguise for the fear operating within.  A question to ask ourselves: Is my action, or thought, occurring out of the propulsion of fear, or the expression of love?  How do I know the difference?

For example, the healing power of love is truly miraculous.  Yet, we see more and more sick patients in the hospitals - even when they are visited by worried family members.  As we look into the types of “loving thoughts” family members transmit, it is observed they are based in self-attachment, co-dependence and counterargument.  How can these types of "loving thoughts" support healing?

This type of behavior is spread out into society.  We want to deny the illness of others, as well as ourselves.  Denial is the foundation of 99.9% of society.  It as almost as if we say, “I won’t tell you, if you won’t tell me”.  The repressed ego does not want to be confronted or reminded of its negative emotions.

Get in touch with what is felt during this lunation in silence.  There is no need to talk about this sacred process.  Rather, when the full moon comes in two weeks - we will be right on track with how we can share our positive feelings with others.  Thereby cultivating the merit of generosity and grace.

Solar Cancer his is one of the most healing times of the year.  As we stay on track with the astrological agenda, we may find that we experience a state of happiness.  The happier we become, the more we invite suppressed/repressed emotions to free themselves.  We may experience the symptoms of these emotions - but we must remember - they are ONLY symptoms and not actual feelings.  Think of them as flashbacks - do not grab onto them.

Just like a detox, we may experience the symptoms of illness without being ill.  If we sense a negative emotion “coming out of the blue” do not resist it - let it run out - it will run out - everything is impermanent - peace by aurelia is helping release resistance so that our divine system can do its job uninterrupted.  cancer essential oil blend is supporting the process of archetypal Cancer.

A couple of days to be aware of for 2018:

July 22nd, 2018 is considered the most “negative” day of the year.  In other words, this is a day of extreme yin (or female) energy.  In males the left channel will be activated and in females the right channel will be activated.  The feminine embrace will welcome suppressed emotions to arise.  What is particular about this day, is that our normal skills, and tricks to ignoring these emotions will be handicapped.  This is a great opportunity to allow these negative emotions to permanently release.  Although this can be challenging, it is a good day for circuitry and releasing constipated emotions, such as stubbornness.  Whatever the yin energy wants to release today, we must not be resisted if we want to experience transformation.  We can all ask ourselves, “Am I looking for love in all the wrong places? If so, where am i looking? Do i believe there is a right place to look? If so, where should I start?”

July 27th, 2018 is the most “positive” day of the year where the sun and moon are equal in size.  In males the right channel will be activated and in females the left channel will be active.  Here we find that balance has been restored.  The focus of identity release shifts from the home and family, into groups and communities.  Who are we when we are not our self?

These two days capture the essence of the yin and yang, as the queen and king reign over the earth kingdom, watching over us and making sure we develop in every stage of our life.