The Archetype of Justice

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This article will empower you to clear your karma, rediscover equilibrium and give you a boost for success in whatever you choose to work on.  When we work with Justice, we work with the center of the Tarot archetypes and therefore the changes we make here will ripple out to the secret, inner, and outer layers of the samsaric wheel.

A note to first timers: we are all ignorant to the extensive effects of each archetype.  We are all beginners starting new.  The teachings presented are thereby unaffected by prior knowledge.  Since we are working with archetypal patterns, we will all be able to recognize how they color our lives on all levels.

Just by reading these words with an open heart and open mind, we open ourselves to the healing blueprint for the Spring/Summer cycle.

What is the significance of the Spring Equinox?


The Spring Equinox is such a powerful holiday in the dash™ system because it is a time in which we can access the consciousness we need to reprogram the cells in all our bodies and the atoms in all our realities.

This includes our individual spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body, which will either contribute or detract from the collective consciousness.

Understanding the consciousness of the year, specifically from March until September, gives us the instruction manual we need to oversee the Spring and Summer cycles, and effect positive change in areas where we want.  No matter what it is, we can draw down the energy needed to redirect our fate, thereby creating our own destiny by working with the power of the archetypes.

Furthermore, we are continuing the revelations revealed through the dash™ system of archetypes, a system unlike any tarot system taught.  As we build upon the foundation of the dash™ system, which hosts the correct sequence of archetypes, we notice a major shift and increase of power within the subsequent archetypal energies.

What are Archetypes?

This layout is Proprietary Information & All rights reserved in all Media in perpetuity. © 2007-2018 Arik Xander

This layout is Proprietary Information & All rights reserved in all Media in perpetuity. © 2007-2018 Arik Xander

There are twenty-two primordial archetypes that serve as the most subtle energy in our existence. 

In the Zohar, the foundational work of Kabbalah, we learn that two thousand years before the creation in genesis, twenty-two sublime intelligences emanated and ruled in panoramic delight.  Each archetypal intelligence is unique and has qualities that rule and govern all the systems and subsystems in all worlds, from the invisible awe-inspiring light of enlightenment, to the overpopulated samsaric bardos.

These twenty-two archetypes reside within what Carl Jung coined as the pool of the "collective unconscious".  They serve as the raw material to mold and shape our realities and hopefully contribute to a better world.  In other words, the twenty-two archetypes serve as the cosmic blueprint for all of life in all its unlimited expressions, and we can use them as tools.

One way to use the tools of the archetypes is to observe the yearly archetypal blessings and challenges that we will face.  We decipher the annual archetype ruler by adding up the digits of the current year.  Every astrological new year marks the beginning of a new rotation of the zodiac, aka the Spring Equinox.

The current year adds up to a Eleven since 2+0+1+8 = 11.  Though 11 could technically be reduced further to a 2, we are unable to work with the 2 directly because its high vibration is far beyond our capacity.  As such, we work with the 11th and the 20th archetypes from the Tarot, the 11th ruling over Spring and Summer: The Archetype of Justice.

The Archetype of Justice.

11 Justice Tarot

The archetype of Justice is an archetype of karma, its laws, and how they manifest in our world.

In a Justice year, we will be weighed, remembered, and judged for our actions.  This may be entirely or partly, and is again up to the karma in and of itself.  This isn’t something we should be afraid of, as it is a natural part of life.  The child who burns his hand on the stove feels pain as a consequence of the law of physics and not because the stove wanted to punish the child.  The act was to touch the stove out of curiosity or ignorance or even by accident and the consequence in all three instances was to be burned.  Facing our consequences is a necessary step in life, and we should take the opportunity to learn about it so that we are not victimized by the unexpected, albeit necessary, vicissitudes of life.  We may even learn how to advert them altogether.

The archetype of Justice teaches us that everything we do is, in the end, to balance our karma.  During a Justice cycle, we as a collective, are pushed to reset our karmic imbalances towards zero, as much as we can.

That means  we must go inward, into our own center and find balance there: a quality of Justice.

Balancing is healing, because it restores equilibrium and allows things to work the way they are supposed to.  Therefore, we are going to seek balancing on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

On each level, the archetype of Justice gives us a spiritual tool we need to bring balance.  We will use each tool respectively - hopefully throughout the whole year.

These tools are the sword, the cape, the curtain, and the scales.


Exercise Material

Download the picture of the archetype, print it out, and color it with whatever materials you have for the following contemplations.


The Physical Level.


The Cape

represents LOVE.

We begin at the lowest level, physicality.  It is on this level that we face the karma of our material resources.  This is the level in which most of us work on a day-to-day basis as we try to bring balance to our manifest world.  This is the world of time, the world of money, and other resources.  This is such a crucial level, which often many people look down upon or miss.  This is the plane where all results are hosted.  Without access or acceptance of this plane, nothing can change.

The physical realm is where we balance our life.  It is not a place we should escape from, but rather a place we should flourish and rejoice in.

The tool we use to balance this realm is the cape.  The cape represents the ability to love.  It is only in the material world where we can love one another.  Beyond the physical world, love becomes a concept.  Love is one of the greatest challenges we are faced with in this world.  There is the love that heals and the love that kills, as in co-dependence.

The cape helps us to ascend above obstacles and get a bird's-eye view.  It also allows us to blend-in and protect ourselves, as well as those we love.  Symbolically, we use the cape to help us bring balance to the physical world.  The cape brings us balance as we walk throughout this world by making us feel protected, safe to love and help others, just like a superhero.  Then we can open our hearts and share our time, money, and resources with others.  The secret to be learned and understood here is that when we share time and money, we gain time and money in return and eliminate stress and overwhelm.

Take a moment to contemplate and color the cape.

The Emotional Level.


The Curtain

represents Understanding

On the emotional realm, we face to balance our emotional relationships.  Most likely, our co-dependence.  Co-dependence is the inability to recognize interdependence and individuality.  It can manifest as making excuses for others, or putting up with abusive behaviour by suppressing the truth to keep an illusion of “love”.

Too often, we confuse co-dependence for a balanced relationship.  Whenever we force imbalanced relationships, we pay a price.  It could be self respect, honesty, happiness, or even something physical.  At its core, when we are co-dependent, we trade-off our ability to unite with another.

It is no wonder that the tool which justice gives us is the curtain, which represents understanding.  Understanding is the ability to move from the world of confusion into the world of clarity.  Essentially, confusion is the fusion of 2 or more unclear energies.

When we meditate to think about what codependency is, we see that we are trying to force a relationship into whatever our ideas are about ourselves and the other person.

The truth is, emotional relationships blind us from the truth whenever we want something from them.

It’s so easy to trade our clarity for the illusion of a loving relationship.  Again, the price we pay is true understanding, which leaves us in a state of confusion.

With the tool of the curtain, we see what’s really operating behind the scenes and obtain the understanding we need to clear out unwanted emotional baggage.  Using this tool can help us see past the illusions we have bought and obtain a state of understanding, so that we can behold the big picture and get a glimpse of cause-and-effect.

Take a moment to contemplate and color the veil.

The Mental Level.


The Sword:

Represents Discrimination.

Only after we have understanding, can we move into the mental realm, the world of concepts, intellect, and where forms are originated.  It is in this realm that we are able to request, imagine, and “see” what we want.  This is also the level where we place our intentions.

If we find that our intentions are not manifesting as we have intended, then we need to look at what is reflecting back to us.  In these situations, we need to reconsider where the majority of our focus is going, because that is what will come back to us.  Usually, this includes the unconscious focuses, which are often ego based.

If we are experiencing failure for no obvious reason, it could be that we are unconsciously focusing on another goal, thereby directing all our energy into unintended places.  For example, this is common with people who need to prove themselves as so much energy goes into proving oneself to others.  This usually stems from from unresolved childhood traumas, and it robs energy from the conscious intention.  If we had any idea of how much energy the unconscious brain steals from our conscious intentions, we would do everything we can to clean up our shadow side to free up that usable energy.

This is why Justice provides us with the sword of discrimination to expose our true motivations and to know darkness from light.

Chances are that as soon as we see the driving force behind our actions, we will be able to cut it off.  Again, being open to this process is all it takes to invite change.

Take a moment to contemplate and color the sword.

The Spiritual Level.


The Scales

represents Observation.

The spiritual level, in a Justice year, brings forth the concept of debt and merit.

Both debt and merit are based upon our past actions, not only in this lifetime, but in past lifetimes as well.  It is on this level where the decree of balancing is issued.  This means that our karma is never lost, even if we don’t experience the consequences of out actions in the physical world, yet.

The scales are the tool provided by Justice that  show us where we stand in our life and so bestow us the power of observation.  Essentially, how we have used (merit) or abused (debt) the three aforementioned tools.

The only way to tip the scales, on the spiritual level, is through confession to the essential self.  By admitting what we have done, what we are capable of, and what we are prone to we, admit to a process of correction.  As soon as we admit our karmic propensities, we begin to resolve them.  The secret here is that when we are the first to confess in a spirit of atonement, nothing hangs over our heads. Otherwise one day, the karma will come around.

Take a moment to contemplate and color the scales.

The Upper and Lower Courts.

New York County Courthouse with Bronze Zodiac

New York County Courthouse with Bronze Zodiac

It is important that we understand that we are judged in both the cosmic courts and the terrestrial courts.

The cosmic court is where our fate and destiny are determined.  This court upholds the law of causality, essentially, cause and effect or, “what goes around, comes around”.  This is not limited to citations, fees, payouts or losses (although it may include them).  The cosmic rulings can determine how much money we will receive, if we will live or die, if we will become intelligent, successful, happy or even if we will find our soulmate, to name a few.  The cosmic court considers all of all actions and requires no evidence as it considers every deed, thought, and word spoken in all our lifetimes.

The terrestrial courts are the judgements determined by man.  They require perceived innocence and vary by jurisdiction.  The two courts are always in alignment, even if it’s not so obvious.  Someone may get off on a charge for a crime committed, only to be struck with a misfortune in a “seemingly” unrelated area of life, e.g., sickness, unhappiness, etc.

So even if someone “gets off” for a crime, we need to remember that we don’t have the bigger picture and that the cosmic rulings are never omitted from someone’s life.  This is why we should never seek “justice” , punishment, or revenge because there is cosmic law and order.

Unless we have a flawless memory and can account for every single action ever executed since the beginning of time, like the archetype of Justice, we are in no position to offer insight or judgement upon another person or the situations they find themselves in.  Best to stay out of it and, as always, self-reflect, admit your actions, and make amends with yourself, which may include with another.

If you don’t like what you see: Change.

Justice works with evidence and if we don’t like what is evident, we may need to make an adjustment.   Along these lines, we come to understand the process of purification.

Purification is the ability to dissolve physical, emotional, mental or spiritual debt.  We purify through balancing our karma and paying off our debts.

It comes as no surprise that in archetypal anatomy, Justice rules over the kidneys, which are the organs that purify the blood of toxins via urine, and direct nutrients to where they need to go.  The kidneys also balance the amount of minerals and salts in the body.


The archetype of Justice holds the blueprint for balanced kidneys, including the kidney meridian.  If we find ourselves exhausted, swollen, or with puffy bags under the eyes, it could be a sign that the Justice archetype is imbalanced.  If this is the case, we could accumulate a build up of “toxic energy”, which can also result in lower back pain.  If we aren’t absorbing the nutrients, or the chi, we need for life, we feel depleted.

We should keep working with the Justice archetype throughout the cycle to avoid the problems it can bring up.  To help with this, we found a natural synergy called energy, which was created specifically for kidney chi.  It can be applied to the lower back, or diffused via spray or an aroma lamp.

Be Accountable.

The archetype of Justice holds us accountable for everything we experience in our reality and reminds us that denial will not excuse us from our karma.

During the Justice cycle, we are asked to really use the tools it provides us with to overcome jealousy, self-defeating attitudes, falling victim to opportunity, and to become accountable for our actions.

There is nothing more powerful than taking responsibility for our state of mind and reality.  Once we can manage that, we will be able to direct the energy into something we are proud of.  Meaning, we can move from a place of receiving debt, into a position creating merit.

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