Revealing the Hidden.

Weekly Astrology Program, Week 10
March 4, 2018 - March 10, 2018

Hello Stargazers!

There is a lot going on, and even more to come.  Some planets are beginning to move into fiery aries this week, but pisces still holds the seat of the sky.

Even though we will soon enter the month of aries with the spring equinox, we still need to get through the month of pisces in one piece.  This means we need to find closure, learn the lessons and then get ready to move on.  Otherwise, we will spin out when the new race begins in spring.

The month of pisces is all about evolution.  We need to find that happy ending, move from that place of perfection.  This doesn't mean that we mask everything over and pretend everything is okay….because it isn’t.  How could it be….jupiter is about to go retrograde in scorpio!!

We really don’t want everything to be “okay”, we want it to be GREAT!  But, we first need to get honest with ourselves.  During the month of pisces, and this week, we need to look at where we are masking over our pains and wounds.  Why?  So that we can release them, and free up space for happiness and growth.

Oftentimes, we settle for less because we think it’s too late, it’s too early, we’re agist and think we’re too young, or too old.  It may or not be true, but if we are using excuses to excuse our actions, then it’s just a self-limitation.

All we need to do is look.  One indication that we are “not okay” with something is whenever we are inappropriately reacting to something.  For example, people who hysterically laugh a lot at a situation that is actually quite disturbing, sad, that was caused by some ego agenda are covering up their true feelings.  Masking the underlying emotions with laughter, smiles and loud voices.  This is like an emotional wall that goes up and say, “I laugh over anyone who wants to speak the truth to me”.

But, of course it looks “okay” because laughter is one of the most deceptive emotions to be used in this way.  We will know if something is worth laughing about if it is coming from the solar plexus chakra and is contagious.

Laughter that hides emotions, is outright spooky.

Please read my jupiter retrograde in scorpio for more information about this week.

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Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using dash Astrology.

This week's breakdown (and notable transits):

  1. Sunday: today it’s time to surrender whatever it is that we are hiding in order to access everything we need. Only then can we have creative will power. #sun #conjunct #neptune #pisces

  2. Monday: Don’t try to make everything okay for everyone, as it could rob situations from coming to light. Our job isn’t to cater to karma, but to exhaust it. #Moon in #Libra square #Pluto in #Capricorn

  3. Tuesday: Try not to butt heads today. Everyone is thinking for themselves so in order to keep the aggression down, we gotta start thinking about the many. #mercuryinaries #marstrineuranus #aries

  4. Wednesday: If you thought yesterday was headstrong, today we are lovestrong! Everyone is now speaking their mind, just don’t use your words to hurt. Encourage and motivate others! #venus in #aries conjunct #mercury

  5. Thursday: Today is the last day before Jupiter goes retrograde! Get your ducks in a row and take inventory of what needs to be reviewed. It’s time to grow up. #jupiter in #scorpio #semisquare #saturn and #sextile #pluto

  6. Friday: Jupiter goes retrograde today, be sure to read my article about where we have been and where we could go in my jupiter in retrograde review. #venus in #pisces #conjunct #mercury #square #mars and #trine #juptier

  7. Saturday: As always, saturday is the manifestation of the entire week. There are some great ideas to be obtained, but we need to first get over the selfish “me-first thinking” that might have started on tuesday. Review tuesday and have a great weekend! #saturn in #capricorn #quintile #sun in #pisces and square #mercury in #aries

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