Nurture the Process.


Weekly Astrology Program, Week 14
April 1, 2018 - April 7, 2018

Hello Stargazers!

Now that we have completed our 12 Days of Aries, which hosted the Full Moon in Libra, we are noticing that our new reality is beginning to take form.

This week, we need to allow this process.  The seeds have been planted, and now it’s time to allow for growth.  Just like any new born, we need to take care and protect it.  It’s also very important to allow it to support and guide us as it will tell us where we need to go and where to put our attention.

We are also developing a stronger relationship to our intuition, so that we may replace our “know-it-all” with awareness.  Remember that Mercury is still retrograde so back up your data and don’t take any misunderstandings to heart.

During this time, we can also do some spring cleaning, and get rid of the things that no longer fit our energy.  If you can’t recognize it, or envision using or wearing it, get rid of it.  If you haven’t worn it or used it in a year, give it away.  Someone else needs it - that’s energy that someone else needs and if we are holding onto it, we are creating a blockage in the flow of life.

This is very different than imagination or dreaming it (which is fantasy).

On top of that, if we hold onto something, we not only block the outgoing flow, we block the incoming flow too.  Think of it like an email account: if we have a completed message saved as draft, holding onto the words, the recipients will never receive them.  Or, if our inbox is full, we can’t receive new messages which may contain time sensitive information that can change our life!

Possessions are essentially made up of energy, and when we hoard this old energy takes up space and tells new energy “no vacancy”.  Life needs room to grow and we can take a look around and see it as an exercise of making room for new, positive energy.

Obviously, we need that new energy to nurture our seeds from the 12 Days of Aries!

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Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using dash Astrology.

This week's breakdown (and notable transits):

  1. Sunday: We still have some space to get rid of the old, so really run with it as the universe wants to make as much room as possible for positivity in your life.  Again, just follow the signs, the seeds planted will take you where you need to go (even if it’s not where you want to!) #sun conjunct #mercury

  2. Monday: Healing will be found in the desire for the new way of doing things, that is if our subconscious survival mechanisms allow us to chill out and know that things will always get better. #venus conjunct uranus and opposite #moon

  3. Tuesday: It’s all about balancing and handling the ebb and flow of life today. We will need to use what we have learned and put it into action, otherwise we may drop the ball and go another round on the same old wheel. #mars conjunct #saturn

  4. Wednesday: We have a pretty clear vision of where we want to go, but we will be faced with 2 challenges that could have to do with our endurance and discipline. Do you have what it takes to get make it happen? Today, we are measuring more than just the “idea of it”. #mercury trine #northnode square #mars and #saturn.

  5. Thursday: If we take the time to look within, we will see where we are fantasizing about a situation we have been in many times. It could be that we are selling it to ourselves it’s the first time, when really it’s like the thousandth. We gotta use some strength to say “not again” and allow for change.  #jupiterretrograde semisquare #saturn

  6. Friday: There are so many things we don’t desire because we think we are not worth it. This leaves our ability to manifest as limited as our self-worth. Increase self-worth, increase the likelihood to manifest your desires. It’s time to work hard and see the value beyond the material (which only represents a small percent of what actually is). #venus in #taurus trine #saturn in #capricorn.

  7. Saturday: Saturday is the manifestation of the entire week, where we can recharge from it and prepare for the week ahead. Again, we want to use the time to nurture our seeds and really allow our teachers to guide us in the right direction our spirit is craving. Gather the energy, don’t get distracted and restrict from overindulgence in whatever your illusion is! #saturn square #mercury, trine #venus and semisquare #jupiter

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