Manifestation begins with an Intention


Weekly Astrology Program, Week 15
April 8, 2018 - April 14, 2018

Hello Stargazers!

Next week we are beginning a very powerful astrological journey which will allow us to remove obstacles from the channels which manifest energy in this world.  This is called A 49 Day Journey through The Tree of Life.

I realize that manifestation is a very misunderstood word, so I want to take a moment to really explain it.  First, everything we can touch, taste, hear, smell or feel is a manifestation.  Manifestation actually means, “an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something”.

We are all here to manifest things, otherwise we would not have been born.  It is our task to manifest positive energy and our dreams.  Most of the time, our manifestations don’t turn out as imagined.

Now, every manifestation begins with an intention.  We can think of it like a pinball which bounces around the pinball machine, accumulating points either at random, or intentionally.  Eventually, it will fall into the hole and we try again.  Is it all a matter of luck, or is it destined?

Well, unlike pinball, we can change the board and make sure that the intention (the ball) will accumulate as many points as we need to hit the high score and win the prize (an intended manifestation).

Next week, we are beginning a seven week process the Sun’s ascent to the 15th degree of Gemini - the point of soulmates and attainment where we can remove obstacles on our metaphorical pinball board.  Read more about this process here.  I will be guiding us through the process with daily and weekly updates.

This week, we will use the energy of Aries, which is the energy to blast through any old structures holding us back, to see what we need to take through The Tree of Life Journey we will begin next week.

So, we need to prepare ourselves this week.  We can decide: do we want to run a negative quality through the Tree of Life to eventually dissolve it by the end of the 7 weeks; OR, would we rather run an intention to manifest something through the 7 week process.  The astrological chart is setup this year in a way that can give us a big clearance into our relationship and ability to manifest money!  So, if you’re uninspired, tackle money themes!

Either way, we will be removing obstacles in the way of, or created by, our intention.

Please read my “notable transits” for each day this week, or follow me on Twitter to get the updates as they occur.

Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using dash Astrology.

This week's breakdown (and notable transits):

  1. Sunday: There could be some money tension in the air today as we are tempted to look at what we have lost or losing. Don’t look at it, it’s time to look forward and face a whole new world ahead! #Sun square #theblackmoon

  2. Monday: Emotional hoarding and withdrawal will not open the gates to the new! Even if you feel like being reserved and shut off, open up, people will be drawn to help you. #Moon in #3rddecan #capricorn #septile #neptune

  3. Tuesday: Whatever it is, go for it. The timing might look bad, but don’t be the judge of it. You’ll need to work hard, but growth wants to emerge! #mars conjunct #saturn in #capricorn #septile #jupiterretrograde

  4. Wednesday: Sometimes we need to reflect on our thoughts before we take on the world. It’s important that bring old desires to a closure as they will only slow us down. #mercuryretrograde in #aries novile #venus

  5. Thursday: Personal upgrades and promotions in life will come from opening the heart where we have closed it. Anywhere you are bitter or closed hearted is an opportunity to grow and expand. Let’s do it! #jupiterretrograde in #scorpio #sextile #pluto

  6. Friday: It’s the day to look at what we have accomplished, and desire even more! Keep the ball rolling and ask for the divine inspiration to take the next step! Don’t be victimized, be energized and ready to take on the next step! #venus in #seconddecantaurus #trine #mars in #capricorn and #sextile #neptune

  7. Saturday: Saturday is the manifestation of the week! We want to clear obstacles to receiving more money and sustenance! Let’s adopt the attitude that understands that money comes from the desire to work hard for it! Let’s get rid of some good ol’ fashion entitlement and climb that mountain of attainment! #saturn conjunct #partoffortune and #mars in #capricorn

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