Expression carries Intention.

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Weekly Astrology Program, Week 16
April 15, 2018 - April 21, 2018

Hello Stargazers!

This week’s astrological forecast begins with a bang.  Mercury, the planet of communication and messages, goes direct - allowing the flow of information to once again move forward.

As always, the universe planned this perfectly, since our ascent to the 15th degree of Gemini begins on Tuesday!  This allows us to be clear about our intentions during this 7 week journey.

The only thing is that saturn, the manifester, will be going retrograde on Wednesday until September 6, 2018.  So, while we may be clear about our intentions, we will need to reflect a bit in regards to where we stand with our manifestations.  Sometimes, life is really like a labyrinth, but if we have the guidance we won’t get lost!

Last week was about understanding the power of intention, and now more than ever, we should have an understanding that every manifestation begins with an intention.  Everything comes from a seed level consciousness.

The chair you’re sitting in, the device you're reading this on, the clothes you’re wearing: it all came from an idea.  These ideas all come from the same source and cannot be claimed by any person.  As my trademark attorney says, “ideas cannot be copyrighted”.  Only the expression of the idea can be protected.

This opens the door to an entirely new realm of discussion!

Expression is the way we manifest something.  Astrologically speaking, expression is ruled by the planet Venus who happens to rule the next solar month we will enter this week: Taurus.

The more expression we have, the better we can manifest!  Now the question remain, what is expression?  Well it’s define as, “the process of making known one's thoughts or feelings”.

Expression is a process, and we see that process laid out in The Tree of Life where each connection is an expression of our intention.  These expressions can be blocked at various points, and during these 7 weeks, we have the opportunity to unblock them.

Interestingly enough, the entire month of Taurus is engulf in this process.  This tells us that Taurus, the earth side of the Venus archetype, serves to remove stubborn blockages to earthly manifestation, such as money amongst other things.

The month after Taurus, Gemini, teaches us that the ultimate expression of love is the discovery and union with our soulmate.  But this is why we are working hard to get to the 15th degree of Gemini.

We can decide: do we want to run an issue (e.g., health, money problems, jealousy, deprivation) through the Tree of Life to eventually dissolve it by the end of the 7 weeks; OR, would we rather run an intention (e.g., fulfillment of a dream, more energy, spiritual awareness, continuity) to manifest something through the 7 week process.  The astrological chart is setup this year in a way that can give us a big clearance into our relationship and ability to manifest money!  So, if you’re uninspired, tackle money themes!

Either way, we will be removing obstacles in the way of, or created by, our intention.

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Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using dash Astrolochi.

Weekly Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: Mercury goes direct in fiery Aries so we are looking ahead and what’s to come! We can set our sights high because we may just go for it. Those computer issues should start to work themselves out now. #mercurygoesdirect in #aries

  2. Monday: Today is “Moonday” and it’s The New Moon in Aries! This is the time of the month where we are receive all the light we need for the next 28 days. Be open, be happy, and celebrate life! #NewMoon #Aries

  3. Tuesday: Today we begin the 7 week process of clearing our blockages to our manifestations! What we want may surprise us, so be honest and write it down! Observe the days and remove situations where we settle for illusions! #Mars #sextile #Neptune

  4. Wednesday: Today Saturn goes retrograde. For the next four months, we need to look within and integrate the lessons we have learned since end of August 2017. Balance, flow and juggling life will be some major themes we need to think about. #saturngoesretrograde #capricorn

  5. Thursday: We are all really getting a taste of where we have landed in life right now. The energy today is asking us to check in and see if our work has been worth it and then we can choose if we want to proceed or change course. #Jupiter opposite #Venus

  6. Friday: Today begins the month of Taurus! It’s time to get in touch with our expression and see if we like what we are putting out. This includes work, style, method and the outcome itself. If yes, we can take it to the next level! If no, let it go. #Venus #trine #pluto #sunenterstaurus #taurus

  7. Saturday: We’ll need to open our heart today to unlock the energy that wants to manifest. Doing a million things at once is not the most effective way to get everything we want. Just juggle what you can, and allow the flow to take care of the final touches. #SaturnRetrograde #septile #JupiterRetrograde

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