Relocating to a Better Reality.

Weekly Astrology Program, Week 6
February 4, 2018 - February 10, 2018

Hello Stargazers!

This week we are reminded that we are all strangers in a strange land.  The theme is “moving out of ourselves”.  Now, we need to first realize that our time here on earth is a journey, in which our spirit is the traveler.  Our bodies are the vehicle, and our mind is the driver.  It could also be said that our individual birth charts are the programing of our minds, bodies and reality, as all the light that manifests in our world is filtered through these archetypes.

Indeed!  We are strangers in a strange land!  Yet, at the same time, we are right at home.  The true journey is understanding this paradox.

This is a week of moving on, transition, healing and getting on with life.  Relocation can mean many things.  We relocate desks, chairs, rooms, homes, cities, countries, or even states of mind, moods and energy.

When we move on, we need to make sure the past is clean.  For example, say we want our security deposit back, we need to make sure that we leave the old space in the condition that we found it.  Actually, we should leave it in a better condition if possible.  This no difference in our own lives.  When moving on, we need to make sure we don’t leave a wake of chaos, because it will come back to us in one way or another.

So, how do we do this?  First, we need to look at what our past is, and what it isn’t.  When looking into the past, we use our memory, which isn’t always the most reliable source of information.  It’s very important that we understand what was true and was not.  What’s even more important is how we use these memories.

They should serve to help us move on and transform.  If they are reinforcing the past, making us hold onto trauma, then they are keeping us stuck, unable to relocate.

It’s our task this week to expand our bubbles and trust in the unknown.  Only the known makes us afraid of the unknown.  I mean, how would we even know what to be afraid of it we really allowed it to be the unknown?

We need to be careful to not relapse into old ways this week.  Traumas will be the door which opens us up to these old paths.

There is a lot of “stubborn air” in the chart this week, so we are focused on communication, networking and intellectual engagement.  Get some fresh air, breathe, and trust in the unknown, because you don’t know anything about it.

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Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using dash Astrology.

This week's breakdown (and notable transits):

  1. Sunday: We are starting a new cycle which will last for 1 year. Cleaning up old karma and releasing trauma which holds us back from new shores. Trust in the unknown to relocate to a better reality. Sun in 2nd decan Aquarius conjunct south node.

  2. Monday: You might feel like crying today, but it will be healing as heartbreak wants to be mended. Those of us who don’t like crying will need to use a lot of energy to keep it down and it might tax daily tasks. Be honest and shed a tear about lost love. Then get on with your life, chances are it’s hindering you already. Moon trine Sun/S. Node.

  3. Tuesday: Think before you act today. Great ideas may strike us, so keep a pen nearby (don’t be arrogant about it, you will forget the idea and someone else will pick it up). Restlessness can be avoided by really engaging in your activities. Mars sextile Mercury.

  4. Wednesday: Uranus, the planet of innovation is asking us to step it up a notch right now. Remember the theme of this week is to relocate to a better reality, and we need to open our minds even more today. Try it, even just for a second, and the solutions will flow in! Mercury quintile Uranus.

  5. Thursday: We are starting to realize where our home is. Everyone is sort of wearing their heart on their sleeve, so go gentle even though there may be some interruptions with expressing what’s within. Mother/Father issues may surface for a minute or two. Jupiter conjunct Moon, square Sun.

  6. Friday: Don’t substitute originally for imitation. Steal and be yourself, otherwise you may be juggling lies, identities and illusions, thereby exposing yourself to thievery of energy, ideas and creativity. Venus septile Saturn.

  7. Saturday: Today we may need to put our ambitions on pause for a moment and find closure with any thought forms which are leaking our focus so that we may move forward with creative solutions. Saturn semi-square Jupiter & Sun, and novile Mercury, and septile Venus.

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