Stealing and Dealing ≠ Healing.

Weekly Astrology Program, Week 7
February 11, 2018 - February 17, 2018

Hello Stargazers!

Let’s see what’s manifesting this week!  There is A LOT going on!  First, we have Shrove Monday, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday which is celebrated in most parts of the Christian world.  Then, we have Valentine’s Day which is worldwide, and we then finish the week off with a New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese/Tibetan New Year of the Earth Dog.

So what is “Shrove” Monday and Tuesday anyway?  Well, most of us in The States know it as “Mardi Gras”, everyone else pretty much calls it Carnival.  The word shrove means to obtain absolution for one's sins by way of Confession and doing penance.  It’s almost like getting it all out of our system before the first day of Lent, on Ash Wednesday, a time where many Christians give up certain luxuries in honor of Jesus Christ’s journey into the desert.

If most of the people who celebrate Carnival really do observe Lent afterwards, more power to them.  If, however, they use it as an excuse to party and be hedonistic, then it’s in a way using religion as a means to an end.  Whatever the “end” is is between them and their karma.

Now this brings up a general theme of the week - the means never justify the end.

Valentine’s Day is the honoring of Saint Valentine, who is associated with nobility, romance and chivalry.  The tradition is to express love.

As with all things, these holidays, albeit seemingly random, have their origins in astrological days of power and they need to be mentioned because our collective consciousness has a huge impact on the state of the world.  If it wasn’t so, then we wouldn’t have a chance to overcome the stars!  Now, when we look at the astrological chart of the week in combination with where consciousness is, we can see what will come from the two circumstances.

The point is that we want to be clean, clear and under control by the new moon because that’s the seed level of the 28 day lunar cycle as well as the Chinese/Tibetan New Year of the Earth Dog (there will soon be a guided meditation and teaching available in essential mail in both english and german).

So the themes this week are: repentance for our sins, love, and avoiding justification.

So, when we justify our actions, we essentially give ourselves the excuse, or logical reasoning, to do whatever we want without taking self-responsibility.  Self-responsibility and self-justification are NOT the same thing, they are exactly polar opposites.  We want to be very careful that we are not “righteously” acting out our karma and calling it “healing”.  There is a bigger emphasis on stealing.  We need to reflect where we are stealing from others.  It could be money, it could be time, it could be energy, it could be ideas, words, or even space.  Stealing is not healing.

On the flip slide, if someone has stolen from us, we need to accept that it was not ours in the first place.  The paradox is that the thing that was stolen, the energy of it will always belong to the true owner.  I know it’s a big idea to swallow, but just let it sink in and maybe it will make sense as words are never lost.

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Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using dash Astrology.

This week's breakdown (and notable transits):

  1. Sunday: We need to be careful to avoid the type of thinking that encourages us to get something for nothing. Avoid seeking bargains as we might find it more difficult to be generous for a few days. Stealing and dealing is not healing. Sun in 3rd decan Aquarius square Jupiter.

  2. Monday: We will need extra focus to not look at what’s lacking in our projects today. Really work hard to see the good in the situation. When we are positive, we are constructive and when we are constructive, we can build what we want. Moon 10* Capricorn conjunct Black Moon 10* Capricorn.

  3. Tuesday: Avoid reactivity today especially when it comes to wounds, victimization, or feeling touchy. We don’t see what’s right before us, but the universe is really trying to make us see it. Mars 10* Sagittarius square Neptune.

  4. Wednesday: Be honest today. The best approach is to keep an open heart and an open mind. It might be more difficult than normal since everyone might feel like there is not enough to go around. Mercury 22* Aquarius square Jupiter.

  5. Thursday: Set your intentions today as we have the New Moon in Aquarius. The more we want to help others, the more we will receive. The attitude is sharing first, receiving second. New Moon in Aquarius.

  6. Friday: Whoa, there is a lot of innovative energy here today. If we have our identities in order, we will be able to break into new realities and begin a new life. I really don’t care what society tells you, today you can slip through the cracks of limitation. I put a screen shot of the chart below for reference.

  7. Saturday: Building upon the amazing of effects of yesterday, Saturday is always the manifestation of the week, giving us the opportunity to seal the energy and activate it. We have to act with the energy we request, otherwise it will go to waste. It’s a very powerful Saturday, not only because it was a powerful week, but because there is a lot of supportive energy asking us to act beyond areas where we sell ourselves short. Saturn septile Sun, Moon, Mercury and sextile Venus.

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