Atonement Level 1 Exercise

Atonement Exercise

If we want to remove chaos from our lives, we need to take responsibility for the chaos we have created.  This process of taking responsibility is effective and will enlighten your world.

  1. Write down five situations that hurt you.

  2. Identify the common theme from these examples (i.e., people use me, everybody makes fun of me).

  3. Remember at least one person who has told you that you are engaging in the exact behavior from #2 (e.g. you use people, you always make fun of others).

  4. Admit to at least one situation where you acted that way.

  5. Admit that others feel pain too.

  6. Realize that the pain you feel is only a messenger for the pain you have caused.

  7. Release everyone you hold/blame for causing you that pain.

  8. Experience gratitude for showing you this trait about yourself.

  9. Now, instead of feeling your own hurt, feel the pain you have caused.

  10. Vow to never do this again.

You will see the success of your exercise as your triggers about this issue fade away.

Repeat as needed.