Jupiter in Scorpio: The State of Our Union.

Jupiter in Scorpio 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio: The State of Our Union.
October 10, 2017 to November 8, 2018

Discover more about the heart, the heart of who we are.

Jupiter moves into a new sign every year and it‘s the biggest planet of the solar system, so it is a big shift when it happens and it is extra powerful this year as it is ruled by this archetype.  Since September 9, 2016 Jupiter has been in Libra, and we have seen the effects in our world.  Now, Libra is the sign of the scales, which means it’s a sign of karma, a sign of justice - but not justice as man defines it.  The archetype of justice is cosmic, and it says, “I know what you do behind closed doors, and I hear all your thoughts and they are accounted for.”

So when we look at our world, and we say, “Wow, last year sucked”, or as other astrologers or guides out there sell their services by trying to dramatize what the media is already exaggerating, I say “no, last year did not suck.”  First of all, the effects of Jupiter in Libra accelerated our karma as a collective.  Mankind has a lot of karma under its belt, and Jupiter in Libra has shown us that.  So, if we want to do something about it, we need to work on ourselves, and Jupiter in Libra for the past year should have given you a BILL of things to work on.  And complaining about what the leaders, or your neighbor is doing is not on that bill.  Libra is relationships, and successful relationships do not contain people who are more interested in what others are doing.  Successful relationships are composed of people who look into themselves and take responsibility for the thoughts and attitudes of violence which affect the KARMIC BILL!

With Jupiter moving into Scorpio, we have the opportunity to change what we have been shown in this past year.

Jupiter, in the dash™ lineage of astrology, is the the heart chakra and it is a planet of change.  The heart chakra is the love vortex, it is also where empathy and our ability to heal lives.  So the heart of the solar system is moving into Scorpio on October 10th, which in the dash™ system, is the zodiac sign of transformation, it also rules over the middle cycle of autumn.  During the month of Scorpio this year, we will feel the shift more than ever, especially in southwest areas, which represents the love & relationship corner in Feng Shui.

Jupiter is majorly known as the expander, but if we are not ready to expand, we will repeat what we know.  Jupiter wants to expand our understanding about union.  Now, understand me when I say, “union” and not “unity”.  This is because union is required to have unity.  We cannot just say that, “we are united”, and aspire to unity, without first having gone through union ourself.  So I challenge anyone who wants unity, to first experience union with those closest to you.

It’s so easy to overestimate (jupiter) ourselves that we can unite with others (scorpio).  If we want to help heal the state of the world, we need to first experience union with our partner, our spouse, our best friend, or someone!  Only then, can we show others the way.  In this way, those who are in a state of union have an advantage, whether they are sane or not.

I am not saying we need to aspire to unite with everyone, that is why we have compassion (which is ruled by jupiter and thereby the heart chakra as stated.)  With compassion, we are impersonal, because it is impossible to be personal and have compassion at the same time.  Otherwise, we pity others, which means we feel better than them, even secretly (scorpio).

As with everything in life, there are different ways these energies can manifest.

Jupiter transiting Scorpio can make us promiscuous, exceedingly secretive, and create more of the same stubborn hatred.  When the masses act like animals, the leaders must take precautions and make things even more secretive.  Transparency will become even more elusive.  Which of course increases its demand.

We need to understand also, that Scorpio is the sign that plans to and attacks others.  Now, we all do this, as we all have scorpio in our chart, and whatever our outlet is, we use it to attack each other.  Scorpio is famous for setting people up, cornering them so they are only left to make one move.  It’s a type of torture really, so as the media EXAGGERATES (jupiter) the movements (scorpio) of our leaders, and riles people up, we lose sight of union.  Union today, is defined as “us against him”, and true union includes all.

As a millennial, I know that we have bad attitudes and want everyone to do the work for us.  I remember even going to schools where the parents did the projects, such as dioramas, for my friends, and I would come to school with my handmade diorama which my parents didn’t lay a finger on.  The other kids in my class had dioramas that no 2nd grader had the resources to make on their own.  So, most of us grew up like this, (jupiter rules growth) and now we will be faced with the death of that dependency.

Jupiter in Scorpio could eliminate whatever we depend-on in an unhealthy way, because Jupiter wants us to grow.  If this doesn't happen, our co-dependence will become even more ingrained and then in another 12 years or so, we may hit a mid-life-crisis.

If we go down this path, we will push our leaders (inner and outer) away from us and we will keep seeing more of the same: NO GROWTH, only more cycles, and more of the same.  Chances are, that we will end up in another reality where all we see is exaggerated self-flagellation, and cold-hearted revenge.  Not a pretty reality.

OR, we can use this Jupiter in Scorpio transit to open our heart chakra to union.  In our heart, we want to be free - we want to be free of living to be accepted by others, to be loved by others, and we want to be our true self.  Well, over the next year, we can be liberated from our ego.  Our ideas of love will be completely transformed into something better.  Rather than thinking of love as attachment, we will see it as a sacred matrimony.

We can end cycles with this transit and expand beyond the outdated, dump out old cells, and take the fight where it really belongs - within.  We can transcend our fixed and limited world and enter a reality that ACCEPTS THE CHANGES WHICH ARE ALREADY OCCURRING!
We will learn (jupiter) to no longer be afraid of death, as Jupiter will help us have courage and balance.  We will also learn that every change Jupiter brings is a little death, which welcomes the energy of our life force to create something new.  We can only fit into the new, once we have taken off the old.  Miley Cyrus sings in "Younger Now":

“No one stays the same
You know what goes up must come down
Change is a thing you can count on
I feel so much younger now”

We can access these positive aspects of Jupiter by opening our stubborn, fixed hearts, and activate the power of enthusiasm, protection, accumulation and fortune.  Jupiter rotates and circulates, so whatever we put out, will come back to us with Saturn.  During this transit, we want to bring the lower energies into the higher through the heart chakra and bring death to our ego, especially with sex.  I always say, “If your ego isn’t dying while having sex, you’re not doing it right!” as the heart chakra is where opposites find union and thereby orgasm.

If you’re not married, have safe sex, especially energetically speaking.  When we are intimate with people, we take on their life force and it takes time to process them out.  We might also see a lot of pregnancies during this time, and again, southwest activity.

Our financial situation is going to change, even as Uranus will soon enter Taurus.  But since Scorpio also rules shared resources, we may see prosperity in joint ventures and joint accounts!  But only if we are doing the work, otherwise, I will spare you the details of what could happen.  The opposite of Scorpio is Taurus.  If Taurus rules money, systems and religion, then Scorpio rules the mystical energy which runs that machine!  With Jupiter entering Scorpio, the energy will be amped up, and with Uranus soon entering Taurus, we will definitely see upgrades in our banking and spiritual systems to match this divine energy which is going to manifest.  We want to be ready, and not distracted when that happens.

I am not political, I am spiritual.  I also see what is going on in the terrestrial and celestial worlds.  I say this because I have a love in my heart and wish illuminate a path for those who are seeking an alternative to the popular mindset: We find union through the heart, not through the ego.  With the ego, we only find separation.

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Anatomy to be aware of in this transit: blood circulation and the sexual organs.

Questions to ask our self: What life changes are you experiencing? What do you need to let go of?

Collective Pulls we might feel:

  1. Living for Intensity!

  2. Exaggeration of drama.

  3. Having a stubborn heart.

  4. Wanting to fight to bring out abilities.

  5. Confessing secrets that are not yours.

What you can do to pull out:

  1. Be intense about your own life.

  2. Be inspired by the drama.

  3. Find that union.

  4. Take the fight within!

  5. Let secrets of your own heart out, in order to facilitate growth.