New Moon in Scorpio: A discriminating vision.


We are beginning a new lunar cycle with the new moon in Scorpio.  On the new moon, we can download all the insights and energy we need to overcome the challenges of the lunar month ahead as it sets the tone for how we will receive, for the next 28 days.

Every new moon presents us with a time when the moon is empty, ready to receive light.  We too, adopt this state of emptiness so that we can receive everything we need as we wax throughout the next days.

Scorpio is an archetype of intensity and mystery, very much connected with sexuality, regeneration and renewal.  It’s no wonder that the month will bring transformation into our lives.  Being the fixed water sign, Scorpio can be very set in its emotional ways and can hold a grudge like no other archetype in the zodiac.  We all have Scorpio in our chart, and this may be highlighted for us to look at where we hold grudges against others or ourselves.

Scorpio is also the archetype of death, which includes the letting go process  - it’s time to let these grudges go to free up our energy.

Since the new moon is a symbol of new beginnings, the question arises: how do we understand the symbolization of new beginnings within the realm of the archetype of death?

Well, it’s about rebirth.

On this new moon, we receive the energy to “rebirth” ourselves and projects which need an infusion of new energy.  Perhaps, if we think of our new year’s resolutions from this year, we can see where we stand with them before we make new ones.  Or maybe we need to let go of projects that are taxing our energy.

Putting on, or diffusing a few drops this Scorpio essential oil blend can help us align with this lunation.

This new moon is occurring in the third decan of Scorpio which is the moon decan itself, so we have double moon energy.  This means that we can receive the inner intelligence we need to see our castles in the sky and either bring them to earth or let them go.  It’s time to stop wasting energy on unrealistic ideals, and start spending energy on working hard to manifest our visions.  Scorpio wants us to be satisfied and satiated, and will bring assistance into our lives when we are honest.  It wants us to have intimate relationships and the ability to merge with another.  This could be a very potent time to spend with your loved one, or to set the intention to attract a partner you can be intimate and share ALL your life with.

But, before we can do this, Scorpio demands raw honesty and openness.  As we all have Scorpio in our chart, we need to look where this new moon is occurring.  The astrological house where this new moon is happening will tell us through which area of our life these energies will manifest.  It will also indicate a major area of focus for the next 28 days.  It’s almost like the movie 28 Days, where we need to rehabilitate this area and decompose any superficial layers we are using to hide our wounds, vulnerabilities and our inner most self.  It’s time to open up and allow the healing energy of death and transformation to prepare us for the expansion and wisdom that is to come.