The Week of Enlightenment

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Cultivating the Strength to Share.

This week we will cultivate generosity for ourselves and for others.  This means that we need to share where it hurts - somewhere we are greedy.  When the sharing hurts the ego it is likely our giving has no strings attached, and that we are removing a blockage.  We could share time, money, energy, love, acknowledgement, etc. - wherever we lack, we need to give without expecting anything in return.  

Doing this will remove the obstacles blocking our ability to receive in these areas where we are in poverty.  This is a powerful week to remove any “negative energy” in disguise as “necessity” with the magical power of sharing without agenda.  We need to free ourselves of hidden agendas.  We can do this by remembering that selfish activity will bring suffering. 

Throughout the week, open the heart to generosity.

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The Week of Enlightenment

April 17, 2018: Day 1 of Week 1 - Today is a day of bright light, illuminating the path which is before us. Are you brave enough to walk it?

April 18, 2018: Day 2 of Week 1 - Enlightenment requires patience and the wisdom to know what is light and what is illusion.

April 19, 2018: Day 3 of Week 1 - Enlightenment is enlightenment - no matter which way you get there.

April 20, 2018: Day 4 of Week 1 - Enlightenment gives us signs for guidance. Which impulses do we respond to?

April 21, 2018: Day 5 of Week 1 - Service is the highest expression of enlightenment. However, it is not necessary to be enlightened before we can be of service to others.

April 22, 2018: Day 6 of Week 1 - There are no obstacles on the path to enlightenment - there is only contribution.

April 23, 2018: Day 7 of Week 1 - Everything we manifest is light, which is endless. The fear of “not having enough” is an illusion.

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