The Week of Response

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Breaking Down to Humility.

In order to fully receive what is due to us, we need to have an open hand.

This means, we need to ascend to the high state of humility.  With humility we are humble about our victories and do not spoil our success with ego arrogance or feeling better than others.  Rather, we accept our accomplishments with great humility that we were only the tool of the higher plan.  We also need to realize that we are mere organizers of higher thought and inspiration and our job is to shuffle our garbage out of the way so that we can utilize the divine wisdom so it can act through us.

If we are unable to do this, we need to purify ourselves so that we can receive more of the divine in our life and less of the pernicious.

This week, realize that the networks of helpers are interdependently orchestrated to flow down to us, person by person.  When we become entirely humble, we can receive blessings directly.

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May 8, 2018: Day 22 of Week 4 - Sympathetic joy and/or compassion are the only two responses which create merit.  These responses are endless in expression and non-robotic.

May 9, 2018: Day 23 of Week 4 - Any action which is not sympathetic joy and/or compassion is the relativeself and creates karma.  The relativeself is limited in expression and is robotic.

May 10, 2018: Day 24 of Week 4 - We can replace the reactive mind with the responsive mind by beautifying our karma - meaning, we face and clean up whatever monsters we’ve made.

May 11, 2018: Day 25 of Week 4 - Response asks us to be in touch with the promptings of the EssentialSelf.

May 12, 2018: Day 26 of Week 4 - When we are of service to others, we have access to the Supreme vision and the clairvoyance to know the outcome before we make the first move.

May 13, 2018: Day 27 of Week 4 - Today we can accomplish anything with the highest amount of possible perfection!

May 14, 2018: Day 28 of Week 4 - Application of contemplations and messages from the EssentialSelf allows us to overcome previously insurmountable obstacles and grants us the ability to manifest ideas.

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