The Week of Service

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Sacrificing Ignorance & Rediscovering Union.

What often gets in the way of reunion?  The ego.

This week we have the opportunity to purify aspects of ourselves we have separated from.  We can also apply our humility into reuniting with others by releasing grudges and opening ourselves to the wisdom of forgiveness.  This does not mean necessarily we need to contact someone who has wronged us or that we have wronged, but we can forgive them, and/or ourselves in our mind and heart.

Forgiveness is about accepting the conditions and karmic blinders we all have.  When we “forgive” we give ourselves, and the “other” the space to work out karma which has been accumulated or unprocessed, or over processed.  When we do this, we open the gates to heaven since union is the key to the opening the gates.

Let’s try applying humility to dissolve the barriers of ignorance.

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May 15, 2018: Day 29 of Week 5 - The first step to being of service is wishing all beings to be free from suffering.

May 16, 2018: Day 30 of Week 5 - Service prefers solitude to superficiality.

May 17, 2018: Day 31 of Week 5 - Service is the absolute union of compassion and wisdom.

May 18, 2018: Day 32 of Week 5 - Service is also being the example, walking the talk, not just talking the talk.

May 19, 2018: Day 33 of Week 5 - Humility is the path to honor.

May 20, 2018: Day 34 of Week 5 - No man is too good to give service to others.  No man is too poor to receive service from others.

May 21, 2018: Day 35 of Week 5 - Service is the only direction we need to follow.

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