Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 2018

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces
June, 2018 - November, 2018

cHANGe to unHANG

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Hello Stargazers! 🌃🔭

This week, Neptune (The Hanged Man in the Tarot), will be going retrograde.  In a horoscope, a "retrograde" is when the planet, from our perspective, appears to be going in reverse.  Generally speaking, it’s a time for REview and everything else that has a prefix of “RE”.

With Neptune, and The Hanged Man, it’s a bit comical because The Hanged Man is already “upside down” from our perspective.  Or, maybe he isn’t.  Obviously, Neptune rules the retrograde phenomena because it has the power to reverse things and give us a new perspective on things and reveal the hidden.

Either way, the normal energies from this archetype are REversed during a REtrograde.  As stated, Neptune’s normal state is that of reversal, so when it goes retrograde it’s almost like we are being asked to REflect upon anything we changed.  It’s a time to REview REsentments related to anything we have surrendered in the past.  We can fortify any choices we made that involved sacrifices, by cleaning up any residual ego around it.

Neptune will be retrograde in Pisces (the sign it rules BTW) until November.

We need to be careful of having a “holier than thou” attitude with Neptune retrograde in Pisces.  If we are on the spiritual path, we need to be VERY careful of false teachers, solutions and prophets right now.  Stick to what you’re working on if you trust your source.  Avoid looking for spiritual entertainment, and where the masses are migrating too.  We shouldn't ever use spirituality to make ourselves look “good” or “better”.

Delusions are breaking down and we are also looking at any unfulfilled dreams and visions.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s good to see what has only been dreamed.  Dreaming only stays in the dream world.  We can make changes in our perspective and try again.  If we find that we are hung up on something, or someone, during this time, try to open your heart and move on and really let go.

Only then will we be able to shift our mindset and obtain a new focus.  When we have new focus, we have a new path.  Without a new focus, we are stuck in a rut.  Again, we need to cHANGe in order to unHANG ourselves from any situation where we are stuck in our comfort zone.

You want to get unHANGed, then make the necessary cHANGes in consciousness.

As a practical example of this transit, I have decided to lay out some of the feelings of “having-to-do" something during stronger astrological transits such as Neptune retrograde.  These impulses most likely are not our own, and it is highly beneficial to check and double check where the impulse is coming from, if it is personal or if it is a “collective pull”.

These compulsive “having-to-dos” are counterbalanced by specific voluntary “choosing-to-dos” of the same energy.  The “having-to” is a perception of the ego, and could be seen as the karmic wind that blows from the space weather of the planet into the aura and atmosphere of the earth, its inhabitants, and their individual realities.  The “choosing-to” is the choice we take to make the best of these karmic winds so that they can turn into opportunities for growth, love, and development of psyche.


  1. Study more with the consciousness that you are a spiritual novice.

  2. Share with others and remember that true fulfillment comes from caring for another.

  3. Realize that there is a plethora of spiritual “entities” out there what have no interest in your liberation. Also, read the spiritual path.

  4. Be honest and try to remember what really happened. Then surrender any “juice” the ego is getting by beating you up for “unrealized dreams”.

  5. Use a few drops of the Pisces essential oil blend, inhale the goodness and balance that Neptune in Pisces energy!


  1. Feel “Holier than Thou”.

  2. Be Selfish and Hoard onto your resources.

  3. Look for “spiritual entertainment” and “mainstream spirituality”.

  4. Beat yourself up for unrealized dreams.

  5. Totally overwhelmed with energies.


If you need more information, help with your chart or personalized interpretation, please make an appointment with me. I can help you obtain foresight or give you a balancing for the energies that will hit you during this transit. I can help you get prepared, or balance you out during this transit as it hits each of us in our own way.

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Have a wonderful transit and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using dash Astrolochi.

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