Weekly Horoscope: Trade Ego for Inspiration.

Weekly Horoscope, Week 26
June 24, 2018 - June 30, 2018

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We are now in the first degrees of the solar month of Cancer.  I want remind you that the light is decreasing as we eventually make our way to the Autumn Equinox.  We need to be very careful to not get burned by the sun at this time, especially as it’s the moon’s ruling month since the moon rules Cancer.

Feelings and emotions are high, as are family or familiar issues.  Sometimes childhood things can come up during solar Cancer.  No need to be dramatic this week, because there are so many exciting things going on!

This Thursday we have a full moon in Capricorn which will help us connect to our higher light.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even fly.

Mars, the plant of action, represents the breaking down of ego identities.  With mars, we get the divine inspiration to make the moves we need to eliminate ego’s dominion in our life.  When retrograde, we are rather building ego, so we need to be careful of ego drives.  Now is probably not the best time to pursue anything as it could be ego inflation (unless you’re have devised a game plan, to overcome your stars, with your favorite astrologician 😉).

This retrograde will last until August 27th, 2018, so the important thing to takeaway is that we should use the instant inspiration that mars usually provides to observe our true prayers answered.  Yes, prayers are answered with instant inspiration and ideas.  We will get in touch with this process as long as we are detoxing from our selfish and egocentric desires.

There are some challenging and tension building energies this week.  But, if we stick to the program, we will cultivate some strong kundalini energy which will make us stronger

Don’t trip this week.  Remember, Cancer asks us to work smart, not hard.  It’s the month of healing and restoration.

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Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using dash Astrolochi.

Weekly Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: Regenerate today. Keep a pen nearby and write down those great ideas. They might seem important enough to remember, but chances are that the inspiration is so high, you won’t remember it come tomorrow. Sun sextile Uranus

  2. Monday: We all might think we have the best idea to help out. Just be careful you’re not being stubborn about it. Sometimes we want to help so much that we end up only helping our own ego. Other people have good ideas too. Venus square Jupiter

  3. Tuesday: Mars is going retrograde in aquarius today. To have all our prayers answered, we need to let go of being aloof and “special”. Stay connected by connecting with others.

  4. Wednesday: We might need to look at our responsibilities, even if we feel like putting our head in the sand. Just because we are happy doesn't mean that the whole world is. We get the most energy by staying aware of what’s going on with others. Sun Opposite Saturn

  5. Thursday: We can remove any obstacles and material illusions that keep us from access our inner light and our true north. If the compass is broken, who knows where we will end up. It’s a great day to attract some money! Full Moon in Capricorn

  6. Friday: We might be thinking more about love as mercury enters Leo today. On the other hand, we might become obsessed with our ego. Either way, we are thinking big, but need to remain flexible with change, even if it fluffs our feathers a bit. Mercury enters Leo

  7. Saturday: Today we can get all the energy we need to protect us from evil eye and judgement. Why? Because Cancer is the sign of protection and this degree is critical to receiving the protection we need from others who want what we have. Saturn opposite Sun.

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