You may think of chakras as energy-vortices along your body that connect you inwardly with yourself and outwardly with everything else. True communication happens on an energy level, through the chakras. Chakras may be too open or blocked; ideally they are awakened and active, balanced and controllable through will, providing vibrant stamina, perfect health, radiant beauty and fulfilling relationships.

Using these chakra blends will help awaken, balance and activate each chakra - activating the gifts each has to offer by safely assisting the unblocking process.


How to use essential oils in an oil lamp, aroma diffuser or humidifier

  • Depending on the size of the room, add 1-20 drops to an amount of water in the water bowl of the fragrance lamp sufficiently large enough to prevent the water from reaching the boiling point. Our high-quality essential oils, obtained by gentle steam distillation, are destroyed by excessive heat and thus lose their therapeutic effectiveness. Use electric fragrance lamps, humidifiers or aroma diffusers according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to use essential oils on your skin

  • Always test your skin sensitivity first on a small area; the hollow of the knees or wrists are good because the skin in these places is rather thin. So if you tolerate the essential oil blend there, there should be no problems with further use.

  • When applied to the whole body, we recommend 15-30 drops of essential oil in 50 ml of cold-pressed, high-quality vegetable oil, such as St. John’s wort oil or olive oil.

  • For partial body applications, 30-50 drops per 50 ml of vegetable oil may be used. Naturally, your favorite – unperfumed! – body lotion or skin cream also works well as a base for the essence oil.

  • Many of our exquisite blends contain single notes such as sandalwood, rose, jasmine, vetiver etc., which you can also find as traces of scent in expensive luxury perfumes. Dab 1 drop undiluted on the pulse points (inside wrist, behind the ear, the hollow of the neck, the groin, the hollow of the knees) or rub 1-2 drops in your hair. Not only will you smell good, you will also be transformed into a mobile aroma diffuser that spreads the fantastic effect of the essences everywhere!

Creative ways to use essential oils

  • Put 1-3 drops on a tissue and lay it crumpled on the dashboard of your car. Make sure they are blends used for focusing attention and NEVER use blends that you use to fall asleep.

  • Put 1-3 drops on a tissue and place it crumpled inside your empty suitcase.

  • Put 1-3 drops on a tissue, crumple it and hide it away where you store your shoes.

  • Put 1-3 drops on a tissue and place it crumpled in your clothes closet.



Minimalist Packaging
Bottled in an UV-Resistant violet glass bottle and capped in an elegant HDPE dropper and cap for ultimate purity.  As part of our company integrity, we use minimalistic packaging in order to not harm the environment with wasteful resourcing, and to not overcharge clients for “absurd boxes.”

Use only by the drop.
Keep out of reach of children.
For external use only.

A 100% Pure Certified Essential Oil Synergy. Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients.

Every product is made of organic plant ingredients, carefully selected from our network of farmers.

  • No Additives.

  • No Synthetic Fragrances.

  • No Fillers.

  • SLS Free.

  • Paraben Free.

  • Pheromone free.

  • Handmade.

  • Highest Vibration.

  • Ego-free!

dharmaceuticals® offers Essential Oil Synergies for the 3rd Millennium. Learn more about dharmaceuticals® here.

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