Astrology + Healing = A New Reality.

“I never imagined that I would actually be able to find and seal a Chiron Point IRL in just a two-day workshop! But I did. And learned so much more about what healing is. My entire reality has been cracked open, and all the light that was trapped within is now radiating out and illuminating my world in so many ways. I’m so excited and grateful!”--I.C., workshop participant

The Chiron Point Workshop is a mind-blowing exploration and hands-on practice of Arik Xander’s DASH* System of astrological healing.

In this intensive two-day class, you will experience a new perspective of your personal reality as an energetic interplay of the 9 planets, the 7 chakras, the 12 meridians, and the 22 archetypes that make up our world.

Without any prior knowledge required on your part, you will learn how the planetary and archetypal energies of your astrological chart manifest in your body, mind, and spirit. Then, you will engage in hands-on instruction to locate and seal the most vulnerable point on your body — the Chiron Point — a point that is determined by your chart. Astrology + Healing = A New Reality!

Locating + Sealing the Chiron Point = A Trajectory of Good Health.

Have you ever wondered why the same physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues seem to recur in your life? This is because this most vulnerable point on your body — the Chiron Point — is not sealed.

Imagine trying to drink water from a glass that has a hole in its side. You’ll manage to get some of that water into your body, but you’ll also be leaking water through the hole in the glass. Thus you won’t be able to stay hydrated.

An unsealed Chiron Point is like that hole in the water glass. Every treatment, every therapy, every breakthrough you achieve in your emotional, physical, and spiritual being is compromised, and has no chance of sustaining long-lasting effects. But once the Chiron Point is sealed — true healing and personal transformation can really take hold. You are put onto a trajectory of good health on every level. You are guided to find everything you need for your healing. And finally, you are able to go from crisis mode to elevating your entire being.

More About the Chiron Point Workshop.

Once the Chiron Point is sealed, there are two more points on the body that may need to be sealed. In the workshop, you will learn about these two additional points, and you’ll be given the tools to locate and seal these points as well.

The class consists of teachings and printed material to help you retain what you have learned, PLUS in-class, hands-on practice of the healing methodologies. You will have the opportunity to locate and seal the point(s) on fellow participants — and to have your point(s) sealed by them.

Arik’s classroom is a welcoming space in which you are completely safe. He encourages you to ask any and all questions that you may have, and also to share your class experiences — if you wish to do so — throughout the two days.

To sign up for an upcoming Chiron Point Workshop, visit our Events page. If you would like to invite Arik to hold a Chiron Workshop in your area, please contact us.

*Dharmaceuticals Archetypal Synergistic Healing