I am passionate about archetypal patterns and getting to the causal level of things.


Arik Xander

My services are based upon addressing consciousness using the ancient wisdom of astrology as they pertain to the jungian archetypes and the anatomy of the body - making each treatment tailored to the client.  The theory is that your birth chart is a snapshot of heaven at the moment we took our first breath, and therefore your body, spirit, karma are indicated by the positions of the planets and constellations.  In every chart is the point of chiron which represents the wounded healer and our ability to heal ourselves.  Until this point is identified and strengthened, healing from other treatments will not be possible and will be reduced to positive effects at the most.

I am a synthesizer, which means I can find how things come together and creator something greater than their individual parts. The following is a brief list of the subjects I have studied and used in my development of dash® Astrology and Astrolochi®.

  • Self Taught, Astrological Studies and Development, Childhood

  • Archetypal Training & Education, 2003

  • Apprenticeship, Aurelia Essential Oils®, 2003

  • Apprenticeship, Lurianic Kabbalah, 2005

  • Apprenticeship, Tibetan Medicine, 2008

  • Master Blender, dharmaceuticals®, 2009

  • New Product Development: dharmaceuticals®, 2009

  • Author/Director, Essential Mail, 2009

  • Founder of dharmaceuticals archetypal synergistic healing (dash), 2013

  • Developer of Astrolochi® 2015

  • Touch for Health Proficiency, International Kinesiology College, 2017

  • Naturopath Diploma (with Distinction), International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, and The Complementary Medical Association, 2018

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What is an Astrologician?

Well, ever since I was a child, I worked with spiritual guides.  As I grew up, I learned about healing, first myself and then others.  So, while there are many “astrologers” out there, it really doesn't capture what it is that I offer as Astrology, as used in Europe long ago, had a medicinal component to it.  The way I work with Astrology is very practical, because I believe it should be healing and magical.  It should change your life for the better.

I am sort of like a detective when it comes to figuring out your case, whatever it may be.  Everything can be broken down to an archetypal level, and I look at these archetypes through the astrological medium to show me what is at play on all levels.

Bridging together the world of healing and astrology, I have created a system, which incorporates the two into something greater than their individual parts.  One could say that I have a knack for synthesizing things.  Thus, I refer to myself as an Astrologician.

I have studied across the world, at home in the States, as well as abroad in Asia and Europe, gathering all the different methodologies from various cultures and systems.  My soulmate, Aurelia, is somewhat of an expert in the field of archetypes (jungian & tarot) as well as a sought-after natural healer who is unable to teach her healing-methods as they come from within.

Now, with my dharmaceuticals archetypal healing system, she is able to verify and confirm what she has done all along so that we can now teach it to others who want to learn how to heal themselves and others.

Aside from that, we both travel six months out of the year, conduct classes and private consultations worldwide.  We also own an essential oil manufacturing company, dharmaceuticals, for which we create and blend the products in our laboratory.

I am currently working on technological products to advance the dash system.