Learn about the essences of plants to overcome the effects of the planets.

Connect with the primordial archetypes which create and oversee our world.

Incorporate the synthesis of astrology, aromatherapy and kinesiology.

Rebalance the body, speech and mind on all levels.

What is dash™?

dash™ uses the macrocosm of astrology to see what is going on within the microcosm of the body.  The insights obtained through the dash™ system provide for the information needed to properly balance energy within the body.

With dash™, it is easy to see how astrological archetypes are creating and manifesting individual and collective realities through the meridians and chakras.  dash™ synthesizes the astrological archetypes with energetic and physical biologies to access the bigger picture.

dash™ also assists in overcoming ego blockages from lifetimes of negative karmic accumulation.  All information follows us from one life into another, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Until we resolve our karma, we will be hindered by it.  This information is stored within our karmic body, which is interfaced by our chakras and meridians, and then into our organs and muscles.

In dash™, the chakras are represented by the planets and the meridians are represented by the zodiac.  As energy flows through us, we radiate that which we are through the aura and into the creation of our reality.  When we address and heal the inner constitutes of the energetic bodies through the actual body, we are able to not only change our inner world, but the outer world too.

Before we can accomplish this, we need to be aligned with health, as health is the foundation of everything.  Without health, our vessel to receive is handicapped, which means that nothing can come to us without health.

Improve self-wellness or take your practice to the next level and learn the dash™ System:

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