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The Power of Surrender Retreat

  • Porto di Forio Forio, Campania, 80075 Italy (map)


a dash™ retreat hosted on the island of Ischia in Italy

Learn how to transcend any difficult situation, whether personal or professional, and recognize the blessings in your life.  Join me in a week long preparation for the Autumn Equinox - a powerful day when we are given a boost of energy to refresh and receive another wave of spiritual energy on our archetypal journey.

Every Equinox introduces a new archetypal energy into the world, on a personal and global level.  The dash™ system uses many tools such as archetypes, astrology, essential oil blends, and healing touch to teach and enlighten.  In this retreat, we will work with the 2nd ruling archetype of the year 2017, which is entirely new and revolutionary in terms of numerology and the tarot.

2017 is summed up to a 1 and this begins a brand new 9 year cycle!

A Message

from Arik Xander

The opportunity that stands before you is truly remarkable.  Even without knowing anything about the archetypes from the tarot, I can just tell you that this new year of 2017 is groundbreaking and revolutionary.

It has taken me 10 years to research and test this archetypal arrangement that has been revealed to me, which has been hidden from mankind for thousands of years.  Rather than learning about the archetypes, we will work with them and practice dash™ yoga with them.  This allows powerful energy to assist us in our life and get off the wheel of suffering and limitation.

It is my wish and work to help you have a better life, and one way I offer this is with a week long retreat of spirituality and aligning with true wisdom which has been hidden from mankind for thousands of years.

2017 is a particularly special year, and I advise anyone who is on the fence about this journey, to just jump in because this opportunity will not come around again.  I have specially chosen Ischia as the location to reveal these teachings as it has a lot of Neptune energy, which is the archetype of the autumn equinox.

To get a better idea of what I will be talking about, please check out some videos from past retreats.

This retreat will help you to hold a purified view of reality to see things are good, beautiful, infinite, healthy, and abundant.  There will be opportunity to receive a dash™ Chiron Point Healing.  I will also be offering dash™ astrology chart readings to see what challenges you are facing in your life at the time of the retreat and beyond.

What's Included

  • All Workshops about the tarot archetypes and astrology.

  • All guided meditations

  • All Classes/Lectures

  • The space to relax in the healing energy we are holding for you.

  • dashERCISE - dash Vessel Building (our own brand of yoga and exercise)

  • A dharmaceuticals welcome pack.

  • Room with Ocean view, private bath and personal terrace.

  • Three healthy vegetarian/pescatarian meals per day.

  • Fruit served throughout the day.

  • Airport and Ferry transfers from Naples airport (NAP).

  • 1 Healing Thermal Water Pool On-site!

  • 1 Salt Water Pool overlooking the Mediterranean.

  • Outstanding Panoramic Views

  • Beds are made of wood for better chi conduction while you sleep.

  • Limited Wifi in Community Building.

  • Exclusive access to the workshop recordings for free.

  • Access to join our monthly teleconference calls AFTER the retreat for support and to "check-in" with your growth.

What's NOT Included

  • Airfare to Naples

  • Healings.

  • Astrology Readings.

  • Gratuities.

  • Spa treatments.

  • Extra therapies and excursions.

  • Beverages.

  • Travel insurance (recommended).


  • Fly into the Naples International airport, sometimes also called – airport code NAP.

  • You will be picked up in Naples and taken to the port to catch the Ferry to Ischia (this is included)

  • It can take about 3 hours to get to the villa from Naples. So be sure to book your departing flight in the late afternoon.

  • The villa where we will be staying is maintained with a lot of love and care.

  • Amazing Italian food.

  • I will want to organize dinner in town, and some other group trips if there is enough interest from the attendees.

A Sample Day

vessel building: 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM
Breakfast / Free time: 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Workshop / Seminar / Lecture: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Sessions / Reflection / Free Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Lunch: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Workshop / Seminar / Lecture: 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
dash Yoga and end of day meditation: 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Sessions / Reflection / Free Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Dinner: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

What you will learn:

  • We will prepare for the autumn equinox by previewing the shadow yearly archetype.

  • How to access the state of surrender.

  • How to transcend obstacles.

  • Learn how to overcome your personal karmic astrology.

  • Be exposed to healing essential oil blends by dharmaceuticals.

  • Hold archetypal yoga poses which activate these powerful energies within us.

  • Learn how to erase negative karma.

  • Purify negativity and blockages to receive blessings and miracles.

  • The practice of dashERCISE which uses a system of mudras, archetypal poses, astrological relevance and overcoming the karma of our stars.

  • How to attain spiritual purification.

  • The benefit of heart chakra meditations.

  • About reincarnation (how it's connected to cycles and determines the birth chart).

  • How to use your birth chart.

  • So much more!


The following are therapies which I will offer during the retreat, outside of the workshops and classes based upon availability. You can pre-book them now to reserve an appointment with me or book a session with me while there, If there is no availability for a session at the retreat don't worry! You can book a session with me any time as I am able to conduct the healing from anywhere via Skype.

  • dash™ Chiron Point Healing ( 100 USD)
    All I need to see what's going on with you on the physical and spiritual level is your birth chart and basic kinesiology.  Working with these tools, I can help you identify what goals you want or need to set for yourself.  Once we have established this, I can begins to help you accept the good.  The first step I make in doing this is healing your Chiron point.  Until this point is healed, other therapies or activities will not last.

  • dash™ Astrological Consultation ( 50 USD)
    This reading goes into the basic structure of your chart.  Depending where the transiting sun is, I will explain the archetypes at play and how the energy is manifesting in your life according to your birth date, place and time.  Anyone who wants to know which archetypes are effecting which areas of their life can benefit from this reading.

  • Chakra Balancing ( 100 USD)

  • Meridian Balancing ( 100 USD)

  • dash™ Massage with Healing Oil Blends from dharmaceuticals (TBD)
    If you have a favorite blend, you can have a massage in it!  Let us know beforehand which blend you want and we can bring it for you.  I suggest getting a massage in your zodiac sign blend or in the blend of the month, which will be Pisces.

Not Included Extra Activities (if you are interested, let us know during registration so we can organize - not guaranteed)

  • Cooking Class

  • Snorkeling

  • Beach Trip

  • Boat Ride

  • Visit to Poseidon Gardens

  • Hike on Mount Epomeo (The highest mountain in Ischia)‎

Beginners encouraged and welcome!  dash™ exercises are very gentle and work on the energetic level, you don't need to be athletic or a sports fanatic to participate.  I believe in the true term of yoga, which places emphasis on the spiritual and energetic poses which we need to hold in mind and carry out into the world or walking the talk if you will.  If you are interested.


Single Room per person
2,670 US

Double Room per person
2,490 US

Repeat Registrant
$100 Discount

Student Pricing
Contact for prices

Payment Plan Available

The payment plan is for credit cards only where only ONE (1) credit card can be used.  There is a $50 fee.  Your payments will be divided equally based on the number of months you have booked in advance.  The last payment will be processed on August 8th, 2017. (i.e., if you register on January 15th, you will be charged 1/8 on the date you register, 1/8 on February 15th, 1/8 on March 15th, 1/8 on April 15th, 1/8 on May 15th, 1/8 on June 15th, 1/8 on July 15th, and the remaining balance on August 8th, 2017.