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Weekend Workshop: The Chiron Point

  • Liberate Hollywood 6365 Selma Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90028 United States (map)

Hollywood, California


My system of healing, Central Medicine, rests upon the foundation of a critical point on our body: the Chiron Point. This point carries all of our wounds and is responsible for the fact that we cannot hold on to the results of even our most amazing healing sessions with the most amazing healing practitioners, because unbeknownst to us it leaks energy as if it were a garden hose with a hole in it.  I have coined this point as the Chiron Point, because Chiron is the archetype of the wounded healer, i.e. the healer that cannot heal. So until this point is found and sealed on our bodies, permanent healing is impossible. In this workshop you will learn with the help of muscle monitoring how to find and seal this point to prevent energy leakage. After receiving this “sealing”, other therapies and tools can work more effectively with long lasting results, we are put onto a trajectory of health, and are guided to find everything we need for our healing, and finally are able to go from crisis mode to elevating our being.

This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to seal the Chiron Point, and awaken the light worker within.  Until the Chiron Point is sealed, permanent healing is not possible.  Anyone who wants to take their own practice to the next level for their clients, patients, or friends and family can come to this beginner class for the layman.  We will go over what Chiron is, why sealing the point is important, and how to locate and seal the Chiron point.

No previous knowledge is needed.  This class was made to allow anyone to attend so that they can learn how to easily seal the Chiron Point and learn some energy balancing techniques.

Everyone can use this class, as we all know someone who needs their Chiron Point sealed.

What you will learn:

  • What is dash Astrolochi™

  • The common and unifying history of all spirituality and religions.

  • The common and unifying history of medicine and healing.

  • The origins and future of eastern and western medicine.

  • How astrology actually works (i.e., how it creates our reality and manifests in the body).

  • What is, and how to use, kinesiology in conjunction with astrology.

  • What is Chiron.

  • How to find the Chiron Point.

  • How to seal the Chiron Point.

  • Bonus Material: How to use aromatherapy, and healing essential oil blends to seal The Chiron Point.

Important Information:

  • This course will be in english with echo translation provided for German speaking natives.



  • Bring an open heart and an open mind.

  • If you are unsure if dash® if for you, you may attend the first half of day from 10AM - 1PM for 50 USD. If you wish to continue the course you can pay the rest.

  • I also offer sponsorships. Anyone who wants to sponsor a student of dash can email me directly. If you need sponsorship, please get in touch. This is different than PRO BONO as the giver and receiver create a bond of merit.

  • Students under 26 get 50% off all my services, including workshops (pending availability).

Day 1:
May, 18 2019
11AM - 7PM

Day 2:
May, 19 2019
11AM - 7PM

200 USD per day
Students under 26 get 50% off.

Lunch not included

Liberate Hollywood - This center is located in the heart of Hollywood, literally the center most point, in a world famous sound studio where many of the legends recorded, including Prince, The Doors, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many more. The building is infused with creativity energy and they aim to keep that energy alive merging both the spiritual, socially conscious and creative communities for the ultimate oasis.