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Journey The Twelve Astrological Houses In This Guided Meditation

  • Liberate Hollywood 6365 Selma Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90028 United States (map)

Hollywood, California

Journey the Twelve Astrological Houses on the 12th of May!

Each of us have 12 houses which serve as the areas where all of our energy manifests. These 12 Astrological Houses are set at the moment we take our first breath.

The houses of astrology are very important and while each house is unique, all 12 form the mandala of our life. At times it is important to get in touch with and take inventory of each of these houses to clean up and organize our life on the etheric level (which will have material effects). I will guide you into each of the following areas of your life:

In this guided meditation, you will travel to each of these 12 houses and touch base which each and every area of your life. It’s like Feng Shui for your spirit!

I will guide you into each of the following areas of your life:

  1. 1st House (Introduction, Self, Identity, I AM)

  2. 2nd House (Money, Material Property, Resources, I HAVE)

  3. 3rd House (Thoughts, Habits, Siblings, Communication, I THINK)

  4. 4th House (Emotions, Home, Family, Roots, I FEEL)

  5. 5th House (Creativity, Affairs, Recreation, Children, I CREATE)

  6. 6th House (Service, Duty, Wellness, Jobs, I SERVE)

  7. 7th House (Partnerships, Law, Enemies, Significant Other, I BALANCE)

  8. 8th House (Sexuality, Transformation, Magic, Taxes, I TRANSFORM)

  9. 9th House (Travel, Higher Learning, Perception, Philosophy, I PERCEIVE)

  10. 10th House (Career, Profession, Fame, Authority, I CONTROL)

  11. 11th House (Friends, Groups, Networking, I CONNECT)

  12. 12th House (Integration, Karma, Spirituality, I BELIEVE)

May 12, 2019 / 6-7PM

Liberate Hollywood - This center is located in the heart of Hollywood, literally the center most point, in a world famous sound studio where many of the legends recorded, including Prince, The Doors, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many more. The building is infused with creativity energy and they aim to keep that energy alive merging both the spiritual, socially conscious and creative communities for the ultimate oasis.

$22 / 1 Hour

For more information on the houses, please check out my 13 week video course on the 12 Houses.