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Speaker on Astrolochi - A 3rd Millennium Approach to Healing.

  • IASK International Congress 71 корпус 3В Izmaylovskoye Shosse Moskva, 105613 Russian Federation (map)

Moscow, Russia


I am very excited to share that I will be presenting my astrological healing system at the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists in Moscow this year! It should be very promising as I plan to open the doors to new thought!

Here is what I will be talking about:

A 3rd millennium approach to healing.

I have coined the term, Astrolochi®, a system of healing based upon Central Medicine, which is independent of ethnic influences or traditions such as TCM or Ayurveda or others. As we are all made of cosmic energetic structures, I have discovered that these structures are microcosms of the macrosom of our solar system. In this short lecture I will touch upon my findings, how I use Astrolochi® on my clients in practice, and my vision for the future of healing, where generations of healers can learn about the energetic structures of man without having to learn TCM, TEM, or any culturally influenced modality of healing - by simply looking to the stars.

The Congress is held by the Russian Association of Professional Kinesiologists and the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK)

You are offered a possibility to see and hear leading kinesiologists of the world, to learn about new achievements in kinesiology, to meet with colleagues from all over the world, to get involved with the development of kinesiology.

One of the principal objectives of IASK is to provide Kinesiology Associations from all over the world with an opportunity to meet and cooperate. The purpose of this Conference is to offer a chance to Kinesiologists from different countries to build effective dialogue, enhance cooperation, make our contribution to the development and promotion of Kinesiology.

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