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Here is an accumulated wall of frequently asked questions.

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Which service should i book?

That depends on what you want to accomplish. Balancings are done via FaceTime which means we need to have a two-way dialogue. Readings are video recorded and privately uploaded to YouTube. If you want to accomplish something, book a balancing. If you need insight or a bigger picture about yourself and your life (could be about what came up in the balancing for example) book a reading.

how long to the balancing effects last?

There is no telling how long a balancing will last when considering your environment and lifestyle choices. But this is why the first appointment is always to seal the Chiron Point. When sealing this point, healing becomes possible and retainable.

what makes you different than other astrologers and healers?

I created dash™, and my name is Arik Xander.

do i need to believe in astrology?

No. Belief is not required. As you become more educated the more you will realize it permeates all of reality from the atom to the cell.

i am not happy with the service. can i get a refund?

The short answer is no. It is impossible to book a session without agreeing to the terms and conditions which states that there are no refunds.

Do we need to meet in person?

No. Living in the 21st century allows me to reach out and conduct balancings and readings via Videotelephony. In a balancing, my wife acts as your surrogate by connecting with you from anywhere in the world. So when I am using muscle monitoring, or a healing technique in surrogate mode, it's as if you are on my table. Sometimes you can even hear the transfers of energy when on Skype, FaceTime, etc.

Why does it cost more to talk in "real time" for a reading?

If you need 2-way dialogue, it's very easy to get off subject as anything can come up. I am keen at answering all your questions and this requires more effort on my part to bend to your whims.

What do you mean by homework?

You need to do the homework suggested in order for the effects to work. It is lazy thinking to just think you can hire me and expect everything to magically be fixed. Yes, you need an open mind, but you also need to take the steps yourself in order to see change in your life.

how do i ask follow-up questions?

Should you have any questions after the appointment has concluded, you can send an email, or book another appointment.

why was my appointment so short?

Session times are an approximation. Also, it's a subject of quality versus quantity. I spend half of the time preparing, studying and healing your chart and the other half explaining it to you. This allows me to get the point across very quickly, which is effective and easier to retain. This is referred to as the pith teaching, which I look for when I am preparing your chart. I could dilute the session by talking about the technicality, but it isn't very helpful. Normally, by looking at your chart, I can see how much explanation you need. If you want to learn about dash™, you should attend an event.

why do you need my date of birth off my birth certificate?

This allows me to cast a birth chart in your name. I need the birth time because it determines the positions of the planets. I prefer using the time off the birth certificate because the likelihood that parents memories are unreliable during such an intense moment. If you don't have your time of birth, we can work around it, there are methods to determine the time of birth.

what are essential oil synergies?

Well, first off, essential oils are the soul of the plant, the essence if you will. Every plant is ruled by a planet or constellation and we use the power of the plants to overcome the effects of the planets. A synergy is the blending of this healing essences which come together to create something greater than its own. Kind of like us.

what is healer/patient COMPATIBILITY?

Did you know that you may not be compatible with your doctor, astrologically speaking. In the same way we look to the stars for our soul mate, there are relationship parameters for anyone who is transmitting health to another. Even if it is the best doctor or healer in the world, it might not be suitable for you, and could actually create more harm. It is important to know who you are working with. In ancient days, doctor's had to be educated in all things astrology for this very reason. I always check if we are compatible and will let you know if we are not. I can seal anyone's Chiron Point, but working deeper will require more work and agreement from you, or to find a compatible practitioner.

how do i access my recorded readings?

You will need a Google account, and access to YouTube. I will send your video to your email address which means that only that email address can access the video. If you change your email, I cannot commit to resending your recordings to a new email address. If you have trouble logging into YouTube, you need to contact Google.