Blank Moon Workbook

You can use this workbook for long-term or short-term goals. Using the sequence of the lunar cycles builds up the energy for long-term goals which require a lot of energy and concentration. The amazing thing about these moon meditations is that they can also be used for short-term goals. It doesn't matter if your goals are of a spiritual or material nature; using the power of these moon meditations will help you realize the reality you aspire to.

Want to upgrade this book and have me personalize it for you?

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Personalized Moon Workbook

This workbook will come with a copy of your chart, according to the DASH® Astrology System, as well as all the new moon and full moon house placements filled out so that you don’t have to figure it out every time. Please allow a few days for preparation of your personalized workbook, as I will go through and also make notes if I see some big transits on either the new or full moons.

Includes all the information form the blank moon meditation workbook plus:

  • Comes with a copy of your chart from the DASH® System

  • Includes blank houses sheet to document your New Moon seeds

  • Prefilled with all the moon houses placements for a year

  • Can take up to one month to prepare, so order early!

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