When the Student is ready...
The Teacher appears.

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by astrology and archetypes.  Like any boy, I was obsessed with superheroes and mutants with special abilities like controlling the weather and healing.  1 month short of adulthood, I had a medical emergency, which was undiagnosable to the medical authorities.  After 2 MRIs, a CT scan and 3 specialist doctors traveling from all over California to diagnose me in the E.R., the only option left was to open me up and see what was going on.

When I woke up, it was confirmed that my appendix had burst about 18 hours earlier. The worst part was that I had told the authorities, “I think my appendix exploded,” but they thought I was on drugs. Either way, my body feeling and intuition were correct, and I am thankful that the surgeon and his team were able to save my life.

Since then, I have embarked on a path of healing.

This has lead me to studying many different alternative techniques and spiritual practices from around the world, mostly Asia and Europe. This path of healing was not without winds and "detours" though. I had a lot of pain to deal with and had become very confused along the way. Sometimes I started to become and behave in ways that were not in alignment with who I really am. I was often resorting to night clubs, drugs and other distractions to numb the pain of my abusive childhood and surgical climax. But I listened to the signs and made and continue to make the difficult decisions and went down the road less traveled, as they say.

Now I have dedicated my life to the benefit of all sentient beings and spreading the dharma. Ever since my Saturn return, I have begun to develop a healing system, which is based on the archetypal energies that govern our world and which can identify the root spiritual causes for suffering. This system also includes methods for healing these karmic roots.

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