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Learn Tarot through the science of astrology!

DASH® University Online Course


Embark on a journey of self transformation and liberation from suffering!

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Does astrology and tarot seem too esoteric or complicated for you to learn?

Are you easily overwhelmed and intimidated by the complexities of astrology?


 You are in the right place if these statements describe you:

→ You want to learn astrology as a journey of self transformation.

→ You want to learn at your own pace.

→ You want optional homework

→ You want an authentic and practical way to learn about the archetypes for daily life use.


 But it doesn’t have to be this way! Join us for…

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DASH® University Online

DASH® Astrology, as it is commonly known, is a spiritual system which explains the secrets of the universe and how to manifest your intentions without getting blocked in the process.

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“Thanks to these classes, I am a changed person, and I am so deeply grateful to have these tools for happiness.”


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“Arik is a brilliant, engaging, compassionate, down-to-earth, and wholly accessible teacher.”

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Here’s what you’ll learn:


Learn about the qualities of each element and how they come together from the archetypes and your personal world. Each element will be taught about in depth so that you may easily recognize its manifestations in life.


Work with the archetypal energies of the Four Angles. Each of the four angles is ruled by an angel, which the Four Tarot Kings represent. Why do we work with the archetypal kings? Because each of us has our own kingdom, and that kingdom is what we call reality. With this course you will be given the keys to your kingdom so that you may become the strong and benevolent ruler of your world.


Going in deeper meanings of the 12 houses of an astrological chart. These houses represent the various realities where the archetypal energies can manifest. Each house needs to be explained in depth so that you can easily interpret and provide practical examples of astrological manifestation.


The 12 static archetypes of DASH® Astrology are known as the zodiac. This level will teach you about each of the archetypes on all the levels they manifest in our world. We will work with an archetype every week so that you can really get to know them from the inside out. These twelve archetypes represent a journey, which we travel every year.


How It Works


Pre-recorded, live webinar. Watch at your own base and access the videos without any expiration.

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Every class is a doorway into one archetype that you will live with for a week, or a day depending on how fast you want to go. This is an intimate and effective way to see where you stand with each archetype.

Working with your unique birth chart, you will be able to see where the archetypes are manifesting in your personal mandala and how to really optimize each one.

Each class is about an hour long, but you can learn at your own pace. Homework is optional and you have the ability to ask the teacher questions on your journey.


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“The connection to archetypes and Buddhist teachings is missing in other astrological schools and makes Astrolochi in the truest sense of the word unique and mind-blowing. But also the scientific approach about the forces in physics as well as the emotional and spiritual energy / meaning of the elements is taught.”

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“I find it eye-opening, what unbelievable influence the elements exert on the horoscope. It is incomprehensible to me that the elements in other astrology schools play a rather subordinate role, when they are the driving force in everything.”

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Sign up for all 4 classes, or pay as you go!

Register for just the pay as you go DASH® University OR upgrade to DASH® Unlimited to get every single class for levels 1 - 4, plus access to our awesome private community to ask questions! Watch the free intro class here.

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Pay As You Go

+ All Video Classes.

+ Certification upon completing and passing the final exam (if you want it).

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DASH® Unlimited

+ All Video Classes.

+ Access to a private Google Classroom to engage with others, share, and ask me questions (prepayment only).

+ Astrological exercises and homework (optional).

+ Tests and quizzes throughout the courses (optional).

+ Certification upon completing and passing the final exam (if you want it).

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Frequently Asked Questions


 1. Can I cancel at any time?


 2. Is it hard?

Not really. It’s more of a spiritual journey. You can go at your own pace.

 3. I don’t want to become an astrologer, can I still take the class?

Absolutely! This class teaches you about the foundations of the cosmos as well as various ethics to retain to adopt the best reality!

 4. Can I pay for each level as I reach it?

Yes you can, but you won’t be able to ask us questions.

 5. Can I ask questions?

Only if you purchase levels 1 - 4 at once.

 6. Are the classes in english only?

Yes. Watch the first class for free here.