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Astrolochi® Balancing
$222 / 60 min.

Using kinesiology in conjunction with your astrological data, this session can help with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual goals. Anything from back pain or auto-immune problems to heartache and financial problems can be addressed.

I may suggest various professional-grade supplements, treatments, essential oils or affirmations for you to use to sustain the balancing.

Upon request, I can use a surrogate in my work so that the session can be conducted as a long-distance healing which is recorded and sent via a private YouTube link.

Natal Chart Reading Arik Xander

Astrology Birth Chart Reading
$222 / 60 min.

A birth chart is a snapshot of the archetypal weather when you took your first breath! This is the karma and merit that you have brought into this life and needs to be corrected.

This is an enlightening interpretation of your astrological birth chart, which explains how to overcome your karmic handicaps and how to activate your talents to earn and manifest the reality you want.

We all have the free will to overcome karma, and this reading bestows the game plan to do so. I will also take a short look at your current transits for six months.

Progressed Chart Reading Arik Xander.jpg

Progressed Chart & Transits Reading
$222 / 50 min.

Did you know that your planets move every day? In the same way, you will have your body all your life, and you will change your clothes, environment, and friends. A progressed chart shows what potential you need to live up to right now and what archetypal influences are supporting or distracting you from living up to your potential.

I will also look at the transiting planets, which are affecting your birth chart. Using both charts can illuminate what the universe is trying to tell you.

Read every six months.


Relationship Chart Comparison
$236 / 50 min.

This reading involves at least two charts for comparison. Depending on the relationship context (love, business, family, etc.) I can look at the potential strengths, weaknesses, and karma of the relationship connection to provide insight and understanding as well as homework to make the relationship work better.

In the second part of the reading, I will look at what’s called a Composite Chart. Every relationship creates a third entity, and that entity can be read through this chart reading. It is calculated by combining the astrological data from the two charts, composited into one.

Solar Return Reading Arik Xander.jpg

Solar Return Reading
$365 / 60 min.

Read every year on your birthday, a solar return occurs every year when the sun returns to the exact position it was in when you were born.

This reading gives you a yearly game plan that can illuminate a strategy for spiritual growth, as it provides a lot of information about your potential for your next trip around the sun. We will cover major themes for the upcoming year and areas of key focus.

You will receive a strong sense of clarity and tools to create your ideal year.

Lunar Return Reading Astrolochi.jpg

Lunar Return Reading
$72 / 20 min.

Read every 29 days, a lunar return occurs every month when the moon returns to the exact position it was in when you were born.

This reading gives you a monthly game plan to optimize your life. With a lunar return reading, I can really look at the inner planets and how the moon is affecting your state of mind throughout the month.

This is a good reading to get in between longer readings so that you can plan your upcoming month and plan accordingly.

Locational Astrology Reading Astrolochi.jpg

Astrogeography Reading
$222 / 50 min.

Want to know what's in store for you at any location on earth? There are planetary lines, indicated by our birth charts, which tell us where the archetypal patterns are manifesting for you.

If you’re curious about a move, traveling or what your own neighborhood has in store for you, this reading will give you insight to the energies manifesting where you live or work, as well as to where you travel for vacation, love, success, etc.

Some places inspire us better than others.


Consultation with Arik and Aurelia
$500 / 60 min.

The Power of ONE on your side with Arik and world-renowned consultant, Aurelia.

Move from the world of questions into the world of answers in this hour-long consultation on anything you want to talk about.

Working with Arik & Aurelia together provides the ultimate insight into any subject.

This is by far the most popular booking, as they work together to help you discover your solutions and execute them during, and even after, the session.

Discovery Call with Arik Xander

Discovery Call
$22 / 10 min.

Still have questions? Want to see if we are a match? Let’s set up a discovery call before you really invest!

Sometimes, before I can help you reach your goals it might be necessary to check compatibility.

This is helpful in getting to know each other if we haven’t met before. It’s not required, but sometimes it’s good to check compatibility and have a nice conversation about modalities and such.

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel to see many demos.


Gift Certificate

Buy a digital gift certificate and give the gift of a balancing or a reading with Arik. It will be for $222 which covers many appointment types and can also be applied to any other type of appointment. Have questions? Hit the chat button in the bottom right corner of this site.


Need help with class or a topic about astrology or the tarot? Book a tutoring session with me and move from the world of questions into the world of understanding. We can go over general or personal questions; feel free to let me know what you want to work on during the appointment.



  • All consultations are 100% confidential (NDA can be signed upon request).

  • Virtual Consultations can held via unless otherwise organized.

  • Long-distance balances use a surrogate. Appointment time can be changed to accommodate scheduling.

  • Appointment length is approximate.

  • All appointments are pre-paid.

  • Students under 26 with proof of ID receive a 50% discount. Enter "STUDENT" when booking your appointment.

  • I save 1 slot per week for Urgent Appointments with 24h. response time.

  • How to access a private YouTube Video Instructions.

    Disclaimer: All appointments are conducted and bound by the understanding and agreement that the client has free will, and is self-responsible for his or her actions committed before and after any appointment. As with any consultation, you must use your own judgement to make decisions and choices in this free-will Universe. By using Arik Xander’s products or services, you agree that any choices and actions you make as a result of using Arik Xander’s products or services are solely your responsibility, of your own volition, and Arik Xander cannot be held liable for any such choices and actions or their consequences. Nothing in Arik Xander’s statements to you at any time should be construed as instructions, promises or guarantees.