“Thank you so much, Arik and Aurelia, for this life-changing experience! Here is my heartfelt testimonial, with all my gratitude:

Wow this has been completely amazing, and I am so grateful for this life-changing experience. When I started taking these classes, I had NO IDEA that they would literally transform my life. I had no idea that I was going to learn about the very nature of reality, and how everything we do, say, think, feel, perceive, no matter how subtle or gross, creates and shapes everything in our world, individually and collectively. Thanks to these classes, I feel more empowered, more alive, more capable of creating the life I want than I ever have before. 

I also had no idea that the four elements are such an important part of an astrological chart. I am so deeply grateful that I can now look at the elements in my chart and in my husband’s chart and see things that explain so much about our challenges and strengths. This is tremendously empowering and so interesting. 

I took the classes via the recorded livestreams, and yet I felt Arik’s presence so strongly. He is a brilliant, engaging, compassionate, down-to-earth, and wholly accessible teacher. The recorded webinars also gave me access to Aurelia’s illuminating answers to students’ questions. These teachings, along with the students sharing their experiences with the class, really enriched the experience as well as enabled me to feel connected to everyone. 

I truly love these classes. I loved studying my notes, doing the assignments, participating in classroom sharing, and being able to communicate privately with Arik about the assignments, all of which deepened my learning. I also love that I could re-watch the webinars at any time. 

Thanks to these classes, I am a changed person, and I am so deeply grateful to have these tools for happiness. These classes are truly a gift that keeps giving. I am excited and humbled to have had the privilege of walking through this door, of even knowing that it exists. Most of all, I thank Arik and Aurelia with all my heart.” L.R., novelist and screenwriter

“Yesterday I had my first solar return reading and I'm just thrilled. Reading has given me some insight into what this year is all about: my tasks, my challenges and the energies with which I am cosmically supported. To experience that is incredibly powerful and my soul sensed the truth in everything Arik said. I am so grateful for this reading and I can only recommend it to anyone who wants clarity, safety and guidance in their lives, or wants to know what plan their soul has set itself and where it should go. Also, the way Arik transports his knowledge is unique, uplifting and uplifting. The Reading has given me so much strength and confidence that I have already tackled the first challenges I have felt since my birthday a month ago, but did not have the courage to do so. THANK YOU for this tremendous support!” M.A.

“I don’t want to miss the full moon meditations in my life. It is really unbelievable what they do and can only recommend them to everyone!!! Looking back, I can say that the topics I worked on in each of the full moon meditations really changed as I wanted. Simply magical! Thank you!” M.A.

“Since becoming a subscriber to Essential Mail for Business, therapists for my center and clients for my work are showing up without effort. They suddenly find my website via Google. My website is online since 2 years and I didn’t have as many requests the whole time as now after 3 months as a subscriber. I'm excited!! Thank you for Essential Mail for Business.” M.A.

“I absolutely love these full moon events. They are life-changing, and I feel the effects instantly. The teachings are amazing, transformational, and the guided meditations are super powerful and really work. I love being able to melt away all of my obstacles and am so grateful!” L.R.

“I have TOTALLY enjoyed and have benefited from the Full Moon Meditations and my sessions with Arik and Aurelia!
They have been life changing - and take me deeper than i have ever been before! Thank You!” J.T.

“These monthly workshops and meditations have become an essential part of my practice: Arik's guided meditation and profound instructions produce powerful insights and inspiration that reverberate long after the full moon has passed. The exercises carry with them a complexity and impact that are virtually physical in their experience. The lessons learned are more than precious -- they raise my level of remaining aware during daily life and increase my ability for discipline and a deeper practice. I am grateful for every event and always look forward to the next one.” T.R.

“The full moon meditations are extremely helpful and effective. They allow you to experience grace and immerse yourself in a state of peace, love and unity, in what we really are. They enable us to eliminate unwholesome forms we have created and to create healing. You i. Arik & Aurelia's meditations and teachings, or deciphering of the cosmic wisdom of the respective full moon, show us that the universe always wants to support us in stopping our fall out of paradise to regain unity and peace.

I can only recommend the full moon meditations to anyone. And access could not be easier, I can do it from home, from anywhere in the world thanks to the technical possibilities and openness of Arik and Aurelia.

THANK YOU for this incredible service and support.” M.B

“Six months ago I was struggling to find the ability to stay afloat within depression! I saw it as my curse for this life! I knew that we only receive that which we are capable to handle in this life but whatI did not know is that the depression was simply my inability to tap in to the potential of the abundance received constantly from the universe! the potential to transcend from that depressed state to a state of awareness and thus healing! I am presently enrolled in the Astrolochi university and I can honestly say I am aligned with the energy I have been seeking through the struggles of perceived suffering! I am healing myself, I am healing Karma and I am aligning with the purpose of my soul, I am aligning with expansion and alignment and at 44 years of age I can say honestly that I have never felt more focussed or confident in my self! I have not had one depressed moment in the past 3+ months that I could not pull myself out of be cause I now posses the knowledge and tools I require to stay the course of right thought, right action. I am at peace with the work that happens in the shadow I no longer feel fearful of the depression for it is no longer an issue for me. I am deeply grateful to Arik and the guides and guardians and the intuition that that brought me to this healing!” K.E.

"Hello, dear Arik. I deliberately let some time pass. The effect after the retreat on Ischia continues. You have moved something big in me, and for that I thank you with all my heart. On the retreat I learned a lot about myself. Which I find terrific, that I can now positively change my attitude and behavior with your tools and can thus shape my life happily and contentedly. The great thing about that is my fellow human beings with whom I am close and not. I would be very happy about another retreat next year. Warm regards and in gratitude." T.L.

"As a certified teacher for Lu Jong, I have found tremendous improvement in my Lu Jong exercises through the exercises on 'vessel building' generally, but especially with the exercise on the element 'space', the effect of which is targeted specifically on the opening of the channels and thus on strengthening the vessel. I find that very impressive and it shows how extremely effective the exercises on 'vessel building' are. I am also almost speechless that one week after the retreat, my crown chakra has physically 'opened'. I discovered an open spot there without having injured myself somewhere or having been hit. Wow! Thank you!!" M. A.

"Dear Aurelia & dear Arik,

I don't even know where to start—I'll start with not wanting to miss a second, not even the mosquito bites on my ears, because when it itched and I rubbed at the spots, I remembered the dash yoga ear exercise.

Even Arik's assurance that the retreat already begins when we're leaving the house was no exaggeration. When we took a taxi to the airport, it felt a bit unreal for a moment and reminded me of the book "The Journeys of John and Julia" when Julia was traveling with Viktor Wagner. When traveling home, it was on the way to the ferry.

The ambiance was unbelievably beautiful, including this beautiful sea view. The lovingly designed facility, focused on making you feel comfortable; wonderfully cared for by the two souls of the house, Monica and Nicola, who made sure that there was nothing we lacked and that we could experience abundance and concentrate on ourselves and our healing. Everything was arranged wonderfully. THANK these two for their brilliant service and also for their kindness.

To be in this incredibly high energy, which you built for us and kept for us, was already a huge gift, and that alone was already healing, especially because it lifted me into a state of gratitude. In this state, as I have felt, encounters gain more depth, or rather openness, and life becomes a manifesto.

Thank you for the trust and the grace of teaching and transference...
Thank you for the union of wisdom and method:

  • for the preparation of the workbook, customized for each individual

  • for the preparation and the "carrying" of us through the exercises

  • for the space to question

  • ...

  • for your love

I thought for a long time how I can put it into words, and I realized that somehow I can't. In this context, concentrating on the essence emerged, and thus appeared the sentence from the video (I think) to the lion where it said, "Love is the foundation of healing"
THANK YOU for YOUR LOVE and the support to expand our capacity for love.

So all-encompassing were the preparation and the service (we didn't need to worry about anything, the taxis were always ordered, perfectly coordinated with the ferry, the tickets purchased....) so all-inclusive was the retreat, holistic, body, mind, soul, all areas were nourished, purified, blockages released, transformed.

Dash yoga is amazing. I find it extremely effective. THANK YOU!!!

Equally effective were the exercises to become conscious of the ego patterns and to heal the soul.

And the opportunity to resolve blockages, with the help of Maria's wonderful massages, rounded off the whole thing. After these massages, you saw in everyone, yes, the retreat really is also a fountain of youth.

THANK YOU, Aurelia & Arik, for your "visible" and for your "invisible" work, for the tarot cards/oil and shower, for the selection of the wonderful place and accommodation, for engaging Maria, and last but not least, deepest thanks for the service of translating into German!!!
Thank you also, Arik, for your email. Because the ignorance and arrogance of the ego has crept in again, as you described it, "... it thinks 'it' is the sole architect of its reality..."

Thank God!!!

I have now noticed during the days at home, everything feels different, as if I were on another energy level and that the ego tries again and again to bring the energy down, but thank God, sometimes—sometimes faster, sometimes not so fast—I at least become aware of which ego identity is just now trying to get me to revert to old ways, or if I notice that it has already done it, I can then get out again and, at best, recognize the mirror in the other. And I'm trying to keep it in mind as much as possible, this space of change (I understood it such that we perceive and lightning fast this is linked to and arranged with memories, knowledge, and we repeat... I imagine figuratively again and again, that there is an interruption and this interruption creates the space so that light can come in).

And I memorized and practice the first dash yoga exercises (up to the first aura integration) in order to be able to build up the energy as much as possible in the morning.

In this respect, the promise has proved true that the retreat is life-changing.



"Dear Aurelia, dear Arik,

We arrived blissfully back home. It was beautiful with you in this wonderful place. Villa Lina could stand a general cleaning, but that didn't bother us. Nicola cooked wonderfully, simply and touchingly, according to our taste. He is a good businessman.

We soaked up your words; for us, it was like a reset. Everything self-explanatory and easy to understand. Now we will implement it.

Thank you, Aurelia, for the wonderful translation and for your presence.
Thank you, Arik, for the wonderful preparation and guidance.
You are with us forever.

In deep connectedness."

A & O

"An incredibly beautiful week!! I can hardly put into words how profound and connecting Arik and Aurelia's work is.

What I was able to learn here has, on the one hand, undermined and, on the other hand, brought together everything I have learned in other seminars or retreats over the past 25 years.

The people who come together here are unique, and I will continue to carry this experience of love and unity deeply and contentedly within me.

Arik and Aurelia's down-to-earth attitude and lack of aloofness impressed me a lot, and I can only recommend to anyone who has the courage to surrender himself, or would like to have the courage, to go to work with dash...the sessions are also deeply transformative!!!
Let´s go for healing ourselves and mother earth :-))) I totally love it." L.F.

"Dear Aurelia, dear Arik,
A ❤️ thank you that I was able to participate as a therapist in Ischia. As a passive participant, I have been able to take so many valuable gifts with me. My expectations have been more than surpassed. U are great! Warm regards." M.B.

"Dear Arik,

Sincerest thanks for the opportunity to be able to take part in this dash retreat that was instructive, valuable and changed my perspective on many things.

I know and sense that this week on Ischia did and does me a lot of good and will influence  my daily life permanently and positively to be a blessing for me and all those who deal with me.

Thank you also for having gotten to know and to appreciate all the nice, lovely people this week. It was a very harmonious group.

Thank you very much also for the two individual sessions with you which brought me much blessing and food for thought.

Thanks, too, for the extras: baking pizza and Poseidon Thermal Gardens. I wouldn't want to miss both.

The organization (transfer, accommodation) was perfect.

With great gratitude."


"The "Surrender" retreat was the most powerful retreat in self-awareness I've ever experienced. To learn that the true order of the archtypal energies is deliberately kept "secret" and was accordingly "changed" was a huge shock for me and the knowledge of the actual order is simply and touchingly REVOLUTIONARY and EVERYONE SHOULD LEARN ABOUT IT!!! I have benefited in many respects from this revelation—just one example: exactly the chakras affected by it were—until now—my weakest (when seen in this way, it's also no wonder). The body exercises for dash vessel building to strengthen the body and the meridians are incredibly effective and the effect is IMMEDIATELY felt in the body and in the flow of energy! Just terrific and awesome and without great contortions!! But that's not yet enough! What has completely changed my life and my understanding of the problems and issues in my life, and changes them noticeably and permanently, is the "dash system" created by Arik to detect identities and where and how they "run riot" in my life. Simply indescribable!! That was really eye opening and remains a treasure that I never want to miss again!!! I now understand the cause of the problems in my life on a completely different and deep level and now know what it's REALLY about and what I should address to solve it—no more shadow-boxing and no more doubts. Words cannot express my gratitude and I wish for every human being to come into contact with it. In Arik I have found a teacher who conveys the truth in a clear, simple and pure way. His deep wisdom, his pure and thus loving vision, his great compassion and his joyful, luminous nature make one's own change truly possible! THANK YOU!!!" M. A.

"Overnight I caught a cold and had a fever of 39°C (102.2°F). It was brutal. Despite the fact I took something to lower the fever, when I woke up it was 38.4°C (101.12°F). I was able to see Arik the that day for a balancing and he took my temperature right away and it was 38.6°C (101.48°F). After 15 minutes of balancing my temperature dropped to 38.1°C (100.58°F)! I started to feel better too. He suggested some fresh lemon juice and some sleep. The fever never came back, and my temperature stabilized to normal where I could work a bit the next day. Although I had more to cough up, I didn't have the fever more than 12 hours! Thank you!" M.M.

"The solar return explained a lot and I really have to say that you have such an amazing power of teaching!! What you give is working so very intense afterwards…I guess all we have to do is open our palms and receive what is initialized by you and your work!! With this chart in my heart now and the understanding of the solar return yesterday I felt THE FIRST TIME REEEEAAALLLYYY good with doing things like that. Without any expectation for getting sth back..just having a deep trust in a natural balance that we all have anyway. All that was theoretical knowledge in my brain and I always had this somewhere buried pain that I was not able to REALLY bring it in my heart. But today I got a first idea how it feels when it´s coming to the heart and it feels wonderfully soft and warm. What a nice experience for the 1st of Advent tomorrow and my solar return next week." L.F., yoga teacher

"It was late autumn and I felt that I was coming down with a cold or the flu which made me nervous because I had a full work week ahead. I got in for a session and I immediately felt the symptoms lift one by one. My feet had been cold - they became warm; my head was heavy, it balanced; I felt tired and spacey, - I had energy to sit up and read. I went to sleep and woke up feeling 100% and the cold/flu had been warded off. Wow! Thank you, this saves me a lot of time and money as I don't need to take a sick day and fall behind." M.P.

"Thank you Arik and Aurelia for the detailed consultations. It allowed us to see clearer what the next steps were then. It also really helped me overcome my fears.

Trusting our instincts is part of our daily practice now! My son is stable as we speak and I hope it will continue.

Thank you for the journey of self discovery." F.C.

"I'm working with Arik on a monthly basis with balancing sessions and astrological readings. Since he helped me to seal my chiron point things are moving forward in my life in a wonderful way. We were also working on my relationship issues. I've been a single for many years. A main key to open up for a relationship was his retreat Rythmns & Cycles in Mexico this year (March 2017) where we learned a powerful practice to remove obstacles from the things we want to manifest in our lives. Three months later the man I was waiting my whole life for manifested! He's my perfect match and for the first time I'm experiencing true love to a man. I also have been able to bring him to the retreat in Ischia "The Power of Surrender" which was amazing and perfect for our new relationship! 

This would have never happened without Arik's help because I know the person I used to be and how much I've changed since I work with him! It's a miracle.

I want to encourage everyone who wants to improve their lives to work with Arik on a regular basis, stick with it and follow his instructions. It's definitely work and an investment - which will come back to you a thousand times! But not only that: It will shorten your time of suffering and help you to live the life your heart is longing for." K. J.

“As i reflect on the origin of the word journey; "to travel from one place to another" my dash™ Journey was such on a multitude of dimensions.

The challenge of the travel was simply a preparation for what was to come - a deep, intimate and multi-layered journey of self-discovery, self-reflection and if genuinely embraced and applied, in the end of self-healing.  

The dash™ methodology presented within a safe and intimate environment, is simply bulletproof!  If One is honest, with a pinch of courage and a willingness to transform, in the end MIRACLES reveal themselves.

Grateful for the invitation to take part on this dash™ Retreat!” D.E., filmmaker

“My mind is blown & i am cracked open. Hope you are having a brilliant time after all that teaching. THANK YOU AND AURELIA TOO. Thank you for cracking my egos open. What tools you have given us. Hope you are happy and thriving and well-rested. THANK YOU! Wow. I feel so different.” R.R., film

“Something has deeply shifted - I do not understand all of it and I guess in some way just to acknowledge it or even be conscious to it is what is important.  How can 7 short days change the course of a lifetime is pretty extraordinary...I pray that I honor it!” D.E.

"The dash retreat in Ischia was an intense journey into the depths of the ego machinations. The DASH tool we received to determine and dismantle each of our ego identities in the 12 houses is totally groundbreaking. It's a magical system!!! I'm using it since I'm back in my daily life and it's almost unbelievable how precisely it dismantles my ego identities and it's doings! Your system is a total treasure and I feel very blessed that I could participate, receive all your teachings and get this tool! The location was beautiful, the food totally yummy and the group was great.  Thank you, Arik, for your amazing work and courage to boldly go, where no man has gone before!" K. J. L.

Until I participated in the Power of Surrender retreat, I never realized I was carrying around so much pain and how that pain affected me on every level. The effects of surrendering to the retreat’s safe and precious opportunity to let go of that pain were instantaneous: I suddenly gained greater physical flexibility than I ever had in my life, and I feel and look years younger. Moreover, I am confident, empowered, and so much lighter on every level. I am completely transformed by this life-changing experience, and its effects continue to unfold. For now that I am back in my daily life I carry the precious teachings of the retreat as a roadmap to living a happier, more successful, and fulfilling life. I feel like I’ve won the lottery—the retreat was phenomenal, and Arik is the real deal--an authentic, empowered teacher and healer. I am truly grateful. LVR, novelist and screenwriter

"Dear Arik - can't thank you enough! amazing things happening: within the week of the POF - my new business venture gained momentum and people began to help me without me saying a word (although my attitude was definitely different and was working on my own side of things). Since then:

  • I was notified my rental application is up for processing again (for several months, it was put back on wait list).

  • Plus, I received notice from 2 other rental waitlists that they are ready to process my applications. Just the difference in rent for any of these will greatly improve my financial picture!

  • Many families are taking my business cards!

Thank you thank you for the healing/sealing. much love and blessings to you and Aurelia." C., entrepreneur

"Shortly after my point of fortune healing, our business and financial situation has turned around for the better after many, many years of struggle to make ends meet. This one session has helped us in ways that I cannot entirely grasp, I mean, right after the session, money started to flow in that had been stuck for years. I only had 1 session and our portfolio has healed itself." M., teacher

"I don't know how to express how deep the transformation work of Arik Xander is going. You will hardly find another person on this earth, that work for your benefit as pure and as powerful as he does. 100% trustworthy." J.S., acupuncturist

"Life-changing, illuminating, challenging, mind-blowing — a 24/7 teaching-within-a-retreat experience you can only dream of. dash Retreats picks you up, gently opens your heart and mind, and re-assembles you in ways that cannot be anticipated but only experienced there and in insights rippling through long afterwards. Profound gratitude ensues.
An Absolute Essential." T.R., Pasadena, CA, filmmaker

"Words are inadequate to express the depth of my gratitude and happiness in having had the privilege to attend the Rhythms and Cycles Retreat. It has been nothing less than life-changing. Everything I learned empowers me to create victory over fear, doubt, anger, and other unwholesome influences, both within and without. I came home flying--and not just on the plane :) More than a month later, I continue to feel the effects in my life every day. I am sleeping better, have much more energy, and am far more productive and confident in my work. I am much more aware of what is really going on when I get hit by a low mood or negative thoughts, and I have the tools and the strength to lift myself out of it. It’s so empowering to feel like a warrior rather than a victim. 

We also had our first follow-up conference call a month after the retreat ended, and it was a tremendous boost, as are the videos of teachings that Arik has been kind enough to upload for participants so that we can have a refresher whenever we choose. The videos are priceless, as I find there are things I did not hear the first time around when I was too busy trying to take everything down in my notebook to listen ;-) 

And I haven’t even said anything about the physical setting yet—gorgeous, spacious, pristine, quiet, peaceful. Luxurious rooms for all with ocean views. Scrumptious food. Beautiful facilities, from the saltwater pool and hot tub to the spacious and inviting practice rooms. There’s even a meditation room, complete with meditation pillows. Then there are the whale watching and snorkeling/kayaking excursions. Though it was past whale season, we were blessed with a spectacular show by a baby whale and its mom in the Sea of Cortez. Truly magical from beginning to end. Oh yes—and the massage!! Anna Maria is an angel, and Arik gave her the essential oil blend he thought I needed for the massage. I came out of her massage room feeling like the stress of a thousand years had melted away and that everything was/is new and fresh and full of possibility. 
Looking forward to the next retreat. A thousand thanks!!!" L.V.R., best-selling author

"The retreat in Mexico was an amazing journey!! I am very glad and grateful that I could participate. I enjoyed every single moment of these 7 days! Spending one week 24 hours a day in Arik's energy was such a treat and so uplifting. The location at the ocean was beautiful and the food fantastic! The powerful teachings and tools Arik gave us are a precious gift which are totally practicable in my daily life. I recommend Arik's retreats and his healing work to anyone who wants to transform their life into a better one and truly heal their mind and body. And to anyone who seeks authentic spiritual guidance. Arik is a powerful authentic teacher and healer with a huge heart, full of unconditional love, humor and compassion." K., entrepreneur

"A few weeks ago I had an inflammation and severe pain in my large intestine - again. I needed to take antibiotics and it seemed to heal. But after a while the inflammation and the pain came back again and I was very much afraid that it would become a chronic decease. After one healing session with Arik and the usage of aurelia peace essential oil blend at a certain hour on certain parts of my body and a special Mantra he gave me the pain and inflammation are completely gone! But not only that, also my digestion is better than ever. Often I used to be really bloated. This is totally gone too! I'm so happy and so grateful for Arik's Magic. Thank you!!" K. J., entrepreneur

"A few years back I contracted lower back pain while traveling to some hinterland on business where I had to sleep in a bed that was not only really really soft but also had honest-to-god metal springs. A disaster! There was not a lot I could do about it and so I clenched my teeth and suffered through it night after night for three weeks. After that, I could never get rid entirely of the pain no matter what I tried. To make things worse I had to go back to the place a year later and though the hotel prided itself on new mattresses, they were only marginally harder and my pain got worse. I ended up trying anything and everything to heal that chronic back-pain and nothing worked. A friend of mine suggested I tried a chiron point sealing so that all the therapies I used could actually work for more than a week. I booked a session and am pain free ever since! I cannot thank you enough for offering this! A M A Z I N G!" P.B., entrepreneur

"I had been working with Arik and dash sessions to resolve a relationship issue; I had already worked for almost a year on my own before that but was stuck and feeling hopeless. The dash sessions were helpful and gave me some movement but I still felt something was missing/ unresolved/ unidentified. The chiron healing process finally moved me through the issues. It feels incredible to move on and let go of this burden. I am truly thankful, Arik, for your guidance, clarity and compassion." C.R., entrepreneur

“I have been schlepping a birth trauma around and every year it acts out from October to December.  Especially at night, I would wake up in wet sweat and feel miserable and helpless.  Even though I knew the subject pretty well, I was not able to really penetrate it and resolve it as I can with other topics.  But after my first dash chiron point healing session, I was able to sleep immediately without night sweats for the first time!  I am also feeling more of my power in the daytime.” L.M., architect

“After my first dash chiron point healing session, I was able to finally understand a trauma I had from a past life which was the source of many problems.  I am so grateful because I could finally let go of my feelings of guilt.  It also gave me the strength to fulfill a lifelong desire of mine in that I had courage to realize it.  It’s unbelievable how this healing treatment works!  A heartfelt thank you! I can suggest to anyone who wants to discover their potential and fulfill their dreams!  I could have not done it without this treatment!” M.M., entrepreneur

"In the last months I had increasing headaches. Sometimes I had them two or three days in a row and they became so bad that they felt almost like migraines. Sometimes I felt even sick to my stomach. Thanks to one dash healing session with Arik they are gone! This is such a relief and I’m so grateful. What he does is magic!" A.K.

"Almost all the time I had painful muscle tensions in my neck and shoulders. Sometimes it was so bad that it felt as if something with claws was sitting in my neck. Often I felt very stressed and even on days off when I had time to relax my body felt tight and strained. I couldn’t sleep that well too. After 2 dash healing sessions and the suggested baths with stress e.o. twice a week at certain hours of the day I feel much more relaxed. I sleep better and for a month now I didn’t have these horrible tensions in my neck and shoulders anymore. Thank you so much, Arik!" L.K.

"All my life I was in desperate need of attention. Getting no attention was horrible for me and I developed all different kinds of methods to get the attention. I manipulated and even got sick to get the attention I wanted. Of course this didn’t bring me happiness but a lot of suffering instead. With the chiron point healing program, Arik developed, he helped me to seal this weak spot. And my life is changed. Being by myself without anybody around me used to be horror for me. Now I enjoy being with myself. I have fun with myself and I don’t NEED to have company. And most important: I don’t feel alone anymore because I feel connected. I’m so grateful for this help and suggest it to anyone who wants to improve the quality for their life and gain more happiness. Writing this testimonial makes me aware, how much I suffered from this pattern and now I’m freed from this chain. THANK YOU!!!" Kandria L.

"I had horrible constipation for several days. It was very scary because I had to be hospitalized for a week. Thank God I had a dash Chiron Healing Session! During the half-hour treatment my Chiron point was identified and it revealed deep-seated karmic patterns in my consciousness which had been responsible for the blockage. I could let go of, thanks to the treatment, what had caused the blockage and my bowels started moving again. The next day my constipation was fixed! I am working with those essential oil blends recommended by Arik and will regularly have more sessions to dissolve these karmic patterns before they manifest. I am very enthusiastic about this brilliant, profound and effective healing method and this unique opportunity. Chiron Healing is a cure for all. I can really only recommend. THANK YOU!" A.K.

"a few hours after my session I noticed that a pretty severe second-degree burn on my hand had taken a huge leap in healing--it did what looked like a week's worth of healing in the space of a few hours--and this had been a talk session in which we were delving deeply into issues; we hadn't even discussed the burn. just being in Arik's presence was healing magic. It was as if I had witnessed time-lapse photography. Intense. the skin went from red to light pink, and the huge scab in the most severely burned part of the burn became a tiny little thing! Amazing. I'm thrilled." I.C.

"the effects of these sessions are profound. the entire process is gentle and safe, and I don't easily feel safe, so for me this is huge. most important, it has been tremendously effective. the instructions I was given to continue the healing process after the session was over were easy to follow and understand, and they provide a continuous cascading effect of healing in my daily life. I am particularly grateful that during the session a supplement I had been using daily was tested, and I was told that it was sapping my energy. it's not that there was necessarily anything inherently bad about the supplement; however, for my body it had simply run its course and was now having a negative effect. I immediately stopped using it, and I feel way more energetic, and my headaches have stopped!" T.A.

"Recently, in my daily spiritual practice, something has felt “off”. I noted it as a kind of spiritual glitch or impairment, like a “psychic thorn” or old wound. When I read about the chiron point healing in a recent Essential Mail, this resonated with how I would describe my condition. I am grateful to have received this beautiful healing. During the session, I felt completely safe to open my heart to it - surrounded by compassion and wisdom. The benefits have been immediate, profound, sometimes subtle - bringing a wonderful new balance to my practice and homework, many insights and breakthroughs, physical healing, and an amazing inner peacefulness and silence. Thank you so much, Arik, for providing this healing!" S.T.B.

"So skillful. And so precise about what it s about. What to focus on, what to look at. To grow develop and take care in life." J.S., healer

"I had my second session, and I cannot begin to express how helpful these sessions have been. I went into it knowing basically nothing about astrology and didn't need to know. Arik explained everything in such an accessible way. Everything he said really made so much sense, and I kept getting this "aha! so that’s why I’m always struggling with so and so…" Suddenly my lifelong challenges and issues, strengths and weaknesses, have been put into perspective. But more important than is that I left each session knowing what I can do about all of it, what strengths I can activate to steer my life into the direction I want it to go. I can confidently say that these sessions are life-changing. I did them on Skype, audio recorded and took notes, and listening to the recording again and again helps solidify all the information. I highly recommend this to anyone, and it's so affordable that I've decided to do a session every month" I.C.