Unsolicited Testimonials

Real testimonials, from real people, who achieved unimagined success.


"Shortly after my point of fortune healing, our business and financial situation has turned around for the better after many, many years of struggle to make ends meet. This one session has helped us in ways that I cannot entirely grasp, I mean, right after the session, money started to flow in that had been stuck for years. I only had 1 session and our portfolio has healed itself."

— M., teacher

"I don't know how to express how deep the transformation work of Arik Xander is going. You will hardly find another person on this earth, that work for your benefit as pure and as powerful as he does. 100% trustworthy."

—  J.S., acupuncturist

“After my first dash chiron point healing session, I was able to finally understand a trauma I had from a past life which was the source of many problems.  I am so grateful because I could finally let go of my feelings of guilt.  It also gave me the strength to fulfill a lifelong desire of mine in that I had courage to realize it.  It’s unbelievable how this healing treatment works!  A heartfelt thank you! I can suggest to anyone who wants to discover their potential and fulfill their dreams!  I could have not done it without this treatment!”

— M.M., entrepreneur

"So skillful. And so precise about what it s about. What to focus on, what to look at. To grow develop and take care in life."

—  J.S., healer


"I had been working with Arik and dash sessions to resolve a relationship issue; I had already worked for almost a year on my own before that but was stuck and feeling hopeless. The dash sessions were helpful and gave me some movement but I still felt something was missing/ unresolved/ unidentified. The chiron healing process finally moved me through the issues. It feels incredible to move on and let go of this burden. I am truly thankful, Arik, for your guidance, clarity and compassion."

— C.R., entrepreneur

“I have been schlepping a birth trauma around and every year it acts out from October to December.  Especially at night, I would wake up in wet sweat and feel miserable and helpless.  Even though I knew the subject pretty well, I was not able to really penetrate it and resolve it as I can with other topics.  But after my first dash chiron point healing session, I was able to sleep immediately without night sweats for the first time!  I am also feeling more of my power in the daytime.”

—  L.M., architect

"In the last months I had increasing headaches. Sometimes I had them two or three days in a row and they became so bad that they felt almost like migraines. Sometimes I felt even sick to my stomach. Thanks to one dash healing session with Arik they are gone! This is such a relief and I’m so grateful. What he does is magic!"

— A.K.

"Almost all the time I had painful muscle tensions in my neck and shoulders. Sometimes it was so bad that it felt as if something with claws was sitting in my neck. Often I felt very stressed and even on days off when I had time to relax my body felt tight and strained. I couldn’t sleep that well too. After 2 dash healing sessions and the suggested baths with stress e.o. twice a week at certain hours of the day I feel much more relaxed. I sleep better and for a month now I didn’t have these horrible tensions in my neck and shoulders anymore. Thank you so much, Arik!"

— L.K.