The Manifesto of Astrolochi

Healing Through the Chart.


The point of astrology is to transcend its influence, but the unanswered question remains, how do we do IT?

We can do it with religion, or a spiritual practice, but in the end, it all comes down to self transformation by means of self-responsibility. The degree to which we are willing to make necessary changes determines the impact the zodiac and planets have over our lives. So does this leave us with picking and choosing what we want to transform by the draw of the straw? Or, do we work on what “my astrology” says? Or even what my astrologer says? How do we know what to change and when?



Let me ask you this, is it random when we are proactively working on what can be seen? Is that any more random than being held at gunpoint on a nice summer’s eve? What is “random” anyway? What isn't?

Well, there are two types of “randomness”: passive and proactive.

  • With passive randomness, we are victim to circumstance, or our astrology. Meaning, we are subject and object to “this and that.”

  • Whereas with proactive randomness, we gain the insights we need through the foresights obtained with the help of the astrological chart and transcend all unexpected occurrence and karma projecting from our unconscious brain.

Essentially, we eliminate “randomness,” aka chaos, altogether and become conscious co-creators of our reality.

But transformation always needs the vehicle of healing, which is why I have created a system called dash Astrolochi.

dash Astrolochi incorporates an ongoing review of our software (astrology) with the maintenance of our hardware (the body and chi) to initiate, oversee, and complete firmware upgrades and the like.

But how can we be so sure? Who has ever seen a Pluto Trine Ascendant outside of the graphics of a chart? Or a 2nd House aside from the one we owned at the lake when we were kids?

We all have, and are seeing them all the time!

We just have to be educated about it.

Astrology impacts everything on earth; therefore, earth is our common ground.

Everything in this world can be broken down into an archetype. Everything.

There is no exception. In fact, this is exactly how astrology works. When we understand what is at the essence of whatever we are dealing with, we come into contact with its archetypal blueprint. Therefore, we can conclude that everyone uses astrology, they just don’t know it.

Many people will say that they believe in their horoscope, transits, progressions or returns because it brings insight. Sometimes, if the astrologer is good, it also provides foresight. Yet, there is still no complete explanation as to how astrology works in our world. It operates on the collective belief in combination with personal testimonies throughout history, interwoven throughout all cultures.

Belief is not required.

Meanwhile, the gears of astrology operate beyond the belief in or against it.

In reality, we need about as much belief in astrology as we do in gravity.

We need, however, to remember that:

  • The degree of our ignorance pertaining to the effects of astrology will determine how much we are ruled by it.

  • Just like gravity pulls down on our muscles and over time we age, astrological influences on our body and mind pull us here and there and “solidify” our persona - may it be a happy or a sad one.

Realizing this is vital when we want to overcome the influence of the heavens, and use the stars to our advantage, to accomplish anti-aging, immortality, or unfiltered energy to achieve our highest aspirations.

In ancient days, mankind worshiped the stars, which was a big mistake. At that time, astrology was meant to determine our life as much as the Sun was willed to revolve around earth.

When we look to astrology, we need to first understand how it is working, otherwise the topic leaves us subjected to the vulnerability of doubt, disbelief, or disregard.

When we understand that all of reality is made up of energy, or chi, we can only conclude that our answers to how astrology is working lies within the energetic realm.

Astrological weather affects us on all levels from the subatomic to the physical. Again, stemming from the metaphysical realm of the archetypes. The effects of astrology can only be explained when we understand how it is energetically manifesting in our physical world. This is why the dash system of astrology can answer many of the questions, which have been unanswered so far.

Astrological Healing.

dash astrology, which stands for dharmaceuticals, archetypal, synergistic, healing, is a system of astrological healing. It is based upon what we call, Astrolochi, the combination of chi and astrology since without one, the other has no context.

Recontextualization of Previously Held Paradigms.

For over 15 years, endless amounts of research and intuitive guidance have revealed this system of healing which must incorporate the influences of the heavens. It all starts with The Book of Formation, written by Abraham the Patriarch who lived about 3,800 years ago. This short pamphlet contains all the secrets of how the universe is created, including the wisdom and applicable knowledge of the astrological archetypes. One could say it is the oldest text on astrology, and I will explain why it is relevant today.

Abraham the Patriarch was the first astrologer. As the first astrologer, he was able to transcend the influences of the zodiac and the planets. In fact, Abraham wrote down the qualities and rulerships of the archetypes in a way that was encrypted. Not unlike encrypting messages today, Abraham purposefully mis-associated the rulerships in his book so that the uninitiated of the time would not be able to misuse this all-powerful wisdom, say, for black magic.

However, the downside for us is that the true associations have been passed down verbally only, as a transmission teaching.

In Buddhism, there is the adage which states that man can read a book, but only once the teacher has “unlocked” it for him or her, will they be able to access the wisdom between the lines.

Paul Foster Case, the great American occultist and founder of The Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.) confirms what I have discovered, that the accurate associations have been purposely mixed. We conclude that only Abraham and those he trained could unlock the full power of the archetypes. As such, The Book of Formation has been misleadingly passed down with the false associations for the masses.

However, as any electrician knows, there is no shortcut to successful circuitry.

After my wife and I moved into our brand new luxury home, we had the pleasure of living out all the kinks and oversights by the contractors, a task strictly reserved for first time residents. Fast forward a year and several added devices later, I wanted to charge my iPad in the bedroom, where I chose an outlet which neither of us had used before. So I plugged it in and as soon as it made the charging tone, BAM, the entire circuit board blew out and half of our home was without electricity. We turned the board back on, tried it again and BAM, it went out again. So we called the company who wired the house, and sure enough they found an ungrounded wire. This is extremely dangerous, and there are several things to realize from this story:

  • First, it went unnoticed for about a year, but the miswire still existed.

  • Second, we had been protected that nothing happened, yet, as soon as necessity kicks in, if we have a miswire, it will show up.

  • In other words, we may not even be aware of a miswire, metaphorically, astrologically, or energetically speaking, until we need to utilize the vehicle in which it is - or should be - wired.

  • And finally, as with astrological influences, ignorance cannot protect you from being hit with energy. And despite the fact that we were able to enjoy our home for more than a year without the circuit blowing, everything was not ok.

In the same way, although much wisdom was obtained from the misassociated Book of Formation, the true power comes from the correct wiring, which has been discovered and unveiled by dash in several respects.

The 22 Archetypes.

The first thing we noticed about the The Book of Formation was that it spoke about the twenty-two archetypes, which my wife has taught worldwide workshops about many years before we even met. In fact, she even wrote a young adult fantasy book about the power of these twenty-two archetypes. My wife is also my soulmate, and as with all things soulmates, things only make sense once they come together.

Side note: I was able to successfully woo my wife by showing her how our nodes are conjunct. This of course, opened the door to the wisdom of everything I always knew but never really understood until we started working together.

As she taught me the wisdom of the twenty-two archetypes from the Golden Dawn Tarot, I couldn’t help but notice the correlation to the 12 signs and the 10 planets.

Both of us are natural healers in our own right, and my wife also released a guided meditation of the chakras and created personal essential oil blends based on birth charts. I, on the other hand, would create chakra portraits of astrological charts with crayons, knowing the associations of the planets and the chakras.

Again, all before we knew each other.

So we had a lot of wisdom between the two of us, that we used in our everyday life.

Fast forward a bit to us being together.

Decoding the Astrological Archetypes.

We used to have a tarot board of The Fool’s Journey on the ceiling so that we could lie down and contemplate the archetypes. One day we saw an astrological pattern as it pertains to the chakras.

It began with The Magician.

It dawned upon us that the The Magician, who is the archetype of intention, represents the seventh chakra, which is the chakra and archetype that receives energy from the divine, the crown. The Magician archetype is Mercury, which makes sense as he is the ”messenger,” the one who brings the energy down. He is the primordial channel.

Next, in The Fool’s Journey, is the High Priestess, who is ruled by the Moon, being the one who is the perfect mirror or projection and reflection. It is no wonder that Sailor Moon has a crescent moon on her third eye, as this is an exact depiction of the energy.

Moving down to the throat chakra, it is even more obvious that The Empress is the ruler of the planet Venus, as she carries its glyph on her shield of love. The throat chakra is where we express ourselves, much like Venus in the chart. Without going into the detail of each and every chakra, we made it all the way to the Wheel of Fortune as the heart chakra. 

Then, when we came to the next “planet archetype” of the tarot, we came to find that The Hanged Man is ruling the solar plexus chakra. I was not happy about it, and my wife, Aurelia, then shared with me that in all her tarot workshops and classes, she was never satisfied with the fact that The Sun Archetype showed up so late in the game when the picture of a Sun was already present from Death on, and over time her doubts had become so strong that she stopped teaching about the archetypes altogether as she could no longer stand behind what she taught...

As I was listening to her, I saw, underneath The Hanged Man, in the downline, was The Sun, which of course rules the Sun in astrology. It dawned upon me that this is the correct archetype for the SOLAR Plexus chakra and that the two cards had been switched to protect the wisdom and the flow of the archetypes, and were never corrected. 

Now, it all made sense, since The Hanged Man is the ruler of Neptune, and in this new position, he is with the other outer planets at the end of the journey, where he belongs.

We discovered this 15 years before releasing and teaching it to the public, as it had to be tested and proven.

It is not unheard of that there have been changes in the sequence of the Tarot. Except, with the dash system, the change honors the flow of energy as it pertains to the chakras, which are, after all, the interface in which energy is manifested.

Healing the Astrological Chart. 

Now when people ask me if I am an astrologer, I tell them that I am an Astrologician.

The difference is that I am healing the chart, the reality, and the karmic patterns in a session. I use astrology as a tool to see what is going on with the chakras, reality, and the 12 meridians, as they correspond to the 12 signs in the dash system too.

dash is a very unique system, because it uses the twenty-two archetypes of The Tarot as the alphabet of astrology, as well as a unique system of alternative medicine, not entirely, but somewhat different from Traditional Chinese Medicine definitions of these same archetypes, which have been revealed by Abraham the Patriarch.

We need to understand that Abraham, being the father of all Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as well as influencing the religions in the east, was the first to understand and write down the secrets of astrology. As astrologers, we do not believe in a random universe that creates based on coincidences but know that whenever something moves in the heavens above, it manifests everywhere on earth, and all we have to do is take note. 

Also taking into account the fact that the Mahabharata takes place about 1000 years after the story of Abraham, we have no choice but to agree that it has to be of consequence that "Brahma" is a spin on "Abraham" in Hinduism, which then with the birth of Siddhartha Gautama became the seed for Buddhism.

For Abraham everything comes back to astrology, so we can see that astrology is at the core of all the religions.

Further proof of this is gained by looking at our holidays. Many religions have holidays based on the lunar calendar.  Even atheism allows for observance of the new moon. And though an archetype itself is universal, everyone has their own interpretation thereof, and so should they!

Except, when we are working to connect with the direct line of energy and to download the energy we need to make a change, the more precise the wiring, the stronger the energy will flow. Obviously, the more accurate the system, the more powerful the effects.

When people ask me how astrology works, I tell them it's through the chakras. 

This is because a chakra is no different than a star, as it is a vortex of spiraling energy. We have the 7 chakras, which are ruled by the 7 planets of ancient astrology, and then the higher chakras, which are in the aura and are represented by the 3 outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Transits of these planets broadcast directly to our chakras according to our birth chart, transit chart, progressed chart, and so on.

dash astrology works because each and every part of our body has a spiritual counterpart, a ruling archetype, which can be traced to the planets and the zodiac. 

This is why we can see the state of the body in the chart[1]. Although these teachings have been passed down, there has never been a detailed explanation until dash astrology.

  • As stated, when working with the chakra system in the body, it becomes obvious that each chakra is nothing more than a vortex, a spiral of of energy not much different from a star. 

  • When we work with a chart, we can see the state of a chakra.

  •  When we understand the state of the chakra, we can understand how reality is manifesting, because the chakras radiate to create the aura, and the aura filters how we see, view, and cherish the world. 

  • The ascendant can be said to be the aura of the person, which is why most astrologers intuitively always look to the ruling planet of the ascent to get the ruler of the chart, which is the ruler of the creation of that particular reality.

  • As you can see, many techniques have been passed down, but until now we didn’t understand where they come from.

Let’s take rising Libra, for example.

The ruler of Libra, Venus, would then be the ruler of the chart, the “chart” being the reality of the person. This is because Venus is the creator of the reality as she is pumping out her energy from the throat chakra. A person with such a placement may find that people open up in their presence, because the open throat chakra opens others around them, or that they bring an element of creativity to the space.

If the rising sign is Taurus, then we still look to Venus, the throat chakra. Wherever Venus is will manifest into the aura/ascendant through a down-to-earth fashion. As opposed to the airy, cardinal qualities of a Libra aura, we have an earthy and fixed aura from whatever the state of Venus is in the chart.

When we understand that our world is created through our chakras, then we understand how astrology WORKS.

Astrology and the 12 Meridians.

One needs to understand the energetic anatomy of man in order to truly explain how astrology is working, creating or influencing our world. Therefore, the purpose of the 12 main meridians running through the body and carrying chi to organs, muscles, cells, chakras, and various systems, needs to be mentioned.

Meridians are seen and felt by those who are sensitive, or anyone who has trained enough to work with them. The origin of the meridians traces back to ancient China, where wise men have seen them with their spiritual vision.

Now, think of the TCM industry, and all the people who go to acupuncturists and are essentially entrusting their wellness and health in trained professionals who studied a system based on what old Chinese sages saw with their spiritual vision. 

My questions is, how is astrology any different? How is healing any different? Why do governments and insurance companies cover acupuncture but scoff at the idea of astrology?

Whenever we look to the source of a system, we find it it traces back to astrology as well as the archetypes. What’s beautiful about this is that each part of our earth offers a piece of truth, and when we put the pieces together we find that we are not looking for the similarities, but rather the collective truth. 

As stated, each of these 12 meridians is ruled by one of the 12 zodiac signs. The zodiac is a static component in astrology, meaning that it doesn't move like the planets do. In the same way, our meridians within the body do not move, like the chakras can. The meridians, and the signs are the static channels which describe, how the energy is moving or manifesting.

The Art of the Chart.

What’s more is that in the dash system, we also use minor arcana from the tarot transposed over the 36 decans of the zodiac for greater insight into the blueprint of the archetypes.

The tarot is a system of transformation, yet even here, dash has its proprietary system in terms of sequence. When a planet is transiting a sign, we look to the decan to seek the deeper meaning. Of course, each of these decans has body rulerships, and just like meridians, there are many intersections of systems within the energetic and physical components of man.

For example, meridians have acupoints which are intersections of other meridians, just like each sign has 30 degrees which can be connected to various archetypal energies.

On a practical level, if there is a blockage, say a square in the chart, between Cancer and Aries, then the corresponding meridians and chakras, depending on the planets involved, need to be checked. But the question remains, how? This is first accomplished in review and consultation.

Say the Moon (the 3rd eye chakra) in 11 degrees Cancer is square (a building or blocking aspect) Jupiter (the heart chakra) in 12 degrees Aries in the natal chart. Without oversimplifying, we carefully analyze what the synthesis of these archetypes translates into without using astrological jargon and thereby overwhelming the client. We simply take what we know about the moon chakra, as I call it, which is vision, clarity and intuition, roll it around in the sign Cancer, which generally symbolizes the vehicle for the divine expressing itself through our body and our home, i.e. the physical manifestation of the essential self in a unique and perfect way.

In our example, this shows at 11 degrees, which translates into the second decan which is ruled by the 3 of cups, an archetype of celebration, joy and happiness. We already get an idea of the inner nature of this person, that they generally receive things with optimism and have a generally positive and enthusiastic outlook.

Then, we look at the other player, the Jupiter chakra, which is warm in 12 degrees Aries, the decan of influence and success. So a square between these two archetypes will create a powerful building block for having the vision and getting into motion. The degraded side could be a total blockage between what the heart and the mind wants, thereby creating low self-esteem. In such a case, some sort of breathing meditation or exercise could be helpful to the person, to get fresh chi moving through the meridians and chakras, which would, in their own intelligence, upgrade the square into building rather than blocking.

But, the question always arises, where do we start in the chart? One of the problems in reading a chart is finding the priority topic. When working with the astrolochi of the person, we rely on the art of kinesiology.

Specifically, energetic kinesiology, and as you might have guessed, dash kinesiology. 

Astrology and Kinesiology.

Now, kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to communicate with the subconscious of the individual. While we like to think that we are aware of everything that is going on in any given moment, unless we suffer from hyperthymesia, we can also readily admit that we have no idea what the woman standing to our left this morning was wearing, while we all were waiting for the next train to arrive. Do I actually have to mention the hundreds if not thousands other people we met in passing on our way to work? And just like we are unaware of the transitory situations in our physical environment, we are unaware of a given transit, which may leave us traumatized by way of confrontation or missed opportunity. 

However, our subconscious brain is recording everything that is and has been going on in our lives. Now think of it: If our conscious brain had access to everything the subconscious brain stores, we wouldn’t be able to function. In fact, just standing or sitting requires so much energy, that we need to shut off a part of our brain to avoid overwhelm.

So while our conscious brain is protected from overload by looking at a redacted file of things deemed “unproductive” or “unnecessary” in the moment, e.g. not needed for a fight or flight response,  the subconscious brain can recall any “hidden” memory and reveal it, if considered worthwhile for any one of reasons too many to mention here. Certain transits may force a memory to the forefront (literally) of the conscious brain; compliance under hypnosis may be another example.   

As a client, when working with archetypal patterns, there can be many veiled layers until we reach the layer of truth within the subconscious where we click with something that makes sense. When things make sense, we access the meaning and then are able to make choices more deliberately, which is the point of any therapy. This is why it is imperative to first check the healing compatibility between the healer or doctor, and the client or patient, because an incompatible relationship, i.e. a relationship that isn’t sanctioned by the stars, could bring about illness, even if it is the best doctor in his or her field. Unless of course the healer is skilled in transcending the influences of astrology.

Astrological Acupoints. 

Now, the chart holds everything in the subconscious and “only” has to be properly interpreted. I put “only” in quotes, because even if you’d meet the requirement of being an extremely skilled astrologer, to go through each and every single day of someone’s life would be extremely time consuming, therefore extremely impractical, and is therefore somewhat unheard of! Luckily we have Astrolochi where, without being psychic, all we need to do is muscle monitor the chart to find the most pressing issue in a person's life.

I realize that muscle monitoring needs to be explained within what is an astrological context here, but as it is one of the main tools in dash astrology, that can’t be helped. So please bear with me as I make it as short and comprehensive as possible.

Essentially, we can monitor the effects of the astrological archetypes within the interface of the energetic systems within man, i.e., the systems of the chakras and meridians as described. What’s great is that we can accomplish this all without an atom of expending psychic energy.

We can find both issue and solution in a chart as well as what is the priority at the moment for the individual. 

  • This makes the session entirely catered to what the subconscious is willing to release without resistance. 

  • And ultimately this is how we heal the individual by using the astrological chart.

  • One method we are using to achieve this is the sealing of the Chiron Point, and we are teaching the technique in a 2 day workshop. 

Although there are various versions of the myth, Chiron, born of rape, rejected and abandoned by his parents, and physically wounded by a poisoned arrow in friendly fire, had been a protegé of the Greek God Apollo, who had mentored him in all things beauty, art, and healing. Hence, he became known as the wounded healer. 

We say that the Chiron Point carries all wounds from all levels an individual has experienced throughout many lifetimes, and I personally even go so far as to say that it is the single most powerful cause for all the problems in our lives.

Chiron was said to be the father of medicine, and we see still it in how the word is used today:

  • chiropractor,

  • chirurgery (the ancient word for surgery), and

  • chirography (which means writing, which we all need to create a prescription). 

Now in Astrolochi we are using both astrology and kinesiology to find exactly where this point is manifesting on the person’s body, so we may seal it and stop the energy drain that all those unhealed wounds create. 

There are various techniques to sealing it, but we usually do it with the essential oil blend associated with the degree of the chart in which Chiron can be found. We always need the below (kinesiology) to make sense of the above (astrology), and without the above, the below is without context. 

Until the Chiron Point is sealed, healing is impossible to remain permanent. However, once The Chiron Point is sealed, other therapies or “healthy habits” will take on an accumulative effect, meaning that they will begin to work and build upon each other. 

  • What’s more is that we have found after sealing The Chiron Point, people become aligned with realities that are supportive of health. They find new therapies, healers or doctors with solutions to which they have been previously unaware of. 

  • Aside from the birth chart reading, sealing The Chiron Point is the first session I conduct with any of my clients, whether they are doctors, healers or the layman, as we need health to live in this world.

  • What’s more is that Chiron can be connected to Sagittarius, as they are both represented by the same mythical species. On top of it, we have to consider that 27 degrees Sagittarius is the host of the Galactic Center, which tells us that healing our old wounds that keep us from reaching our potential, and teaching others how to do the same, is right now, at the center of everything.

  • What also needs to be mentioned is that most kinesiology systems use the eastern models like Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Yet, the dash system uses kinesiology within the archetypal astrological alphabet, again sourced from the The Book of Formation, decoded. This provides for an alternative to anyone who studies with the widely accepted system of the traditional model. To give context, the differences are as grand as between Chinese and Western Astrology.

  • Using both the archetypes of the tarot, within the science of astrology and the healing medium of kinesiology, dash bridges these worlds, which should not have split off in the first place in an innovation that restores the original and breaks through to a new world of wellness.

It is my hope and vision to inspire the new generation of seekers to the dash system to be in alignment with the true power of the archetypes and re-establish astrology once again as the most powerful tool we have available to understand ourselves on physical and metaphysical levels alike. Or like the ancients put it: As Above So Below.

For more information on Astrolochi Services, Events and Schooling, please visit The Astrolochi University Online.

[1] Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology, Book by Howard Leslie Cornell, M.D.