Full Moon in Taurus

FULL MOON @ 01° TAURUS Oct. 24, 2018, 04:47 PM UTC

FULL MOON @ 01° TAURUS Oct. 24, 2018, 04:47 PM UTC

FULL MOON @ 01° TAURUS Oct. 24, 2018, 04:47 PM UTC
Resistance is futile!

Hi Stargazers!

The positivity of full moon is soon upon us. This moon is also called The Harvest Moon because it’s a time when we have reaped what we have sown.

Since the New Moon in Libra, we have been working with our ability to heal heartbreak and pain. We may now have a greater sense of how much impact our actions have on our lives.

But now it’s time to discard our old ways.

This full moon in Taurus (ruled by venus) follows-up the new moon in Libra (also ruled by venus), and is opposing the sun in Scorpio. It’s showing-up just-in-time to help us melt down remnant forces of resistance!

While the chart of this full moon is intense, it’s also very beautiful.

There is a beautiful square that is almost 3D like, bringing the power of the cube into our consciousness. It’s reinforcing elements of foundation and structure so that we can bring order to our chaotic lives. Whatever was hidden, will become revealed. So let’s reveal what we want!

We can be imbued with a sense of meaning as we discard the old ways and see things in a new form that only organization and structure can provide.

Whenever a powerful cube is present, it is paramount that we are ready for the wisdom that will be revealed. Astrological cubes are made up of squares, which are best handled without ANY resistance. Things that we might not been aware of will come to surface and we need to roll with it. Suppression will just make more of the same work down the line.

This cube is made up of the sun and the moon squaring the nodes, which represent our karmic itinerary (where we have been and where we are going). All of these points are in fixed signs, and they are in the first degree of each sign highlighting the following keywords: releasing regret, rumors, renouncement and recreation.

Our relations with the external world can either be blocked by this square, or built-up by it. The choice is ours. We all have the urge to connect with others, and this could be a good time to eliminate loneliness or overwhelm from the external world.

To top it all off, the moon is conjunct Uranus in Taurus which will help us melt down unexpected situations which may have created turbulence. New air is blowing-in and we can use it to build our personal reality. Don’t forget to include boundaries and rules!

Taurus is about material reality, money and sensual experiences. Taurus wants to bring beauty into our lives by teaching us about the spiritual energy within the material. This allows us to assign value to everything, including ourselves.

The moon in Taurus is, as William Lilly said, where the moon is happiest. This is probably because the moon in Taurus is able to ground its emotional world into something usable.

The area of Taurus where this full moon is occurring asks us to reconnecting to the source within. We need to walk away from regrets and reconnect to our intuition by becoming better listeners. It’s time to stop feeling like we are excluded or abandoned because intuition always includes us, only we can exclude it. Remember, we have all that we need, and this full moon will melt away any resistance to thinking otherwise.

Of course, if we choose the path of resistance, this full moon could force change into our life and it won’t be the prettiest thing. The cosmic cube isn’t something to take lightly, we will all feel it’s presence (think Tesseract). I would suggest inhaling the Taurus synergy to help remove stubbornness and activate the senses during this full moon in Taurus and receive the energy of the cosmic cube.

For 24 hours before and after the full moon, we are taking whatever is negative back to its “quantum soup” level so that we can make something new and beautiful. It is potentially happening for us all, but with the ritual I am hosting online, we are really tapping into and accessing this state made available to us all.