All offers subject to availability.

Offer #1 - Ongoing One-on-One Coaching $44,000 Retainer/Year*

  • 2x 60 min. private phone consultations a month (includes forecasts, solar returns, lunar returns, and hot topics).

  • 2x 5 hour V.I.P. Days together helping you elevate your consciousness and get to your next level.

  • In Person or Surrogate healings from Arik and Aurelia (Min. 1 per month; more for health issues).

  • Free admission to classes and events.

  • Priority booking.

  • Text messaging boot camp, guidance, and support.

  • Everything in offer #2 is included


DASH® Atonements is a revolutionary spiritual exercise that helps you dissolve your karma and access your light!


  • First we make sure your Chiron Point, Point of Fortune, Black Moon Point, and Vertex Points are sealed.

  • Second, we give you proactive atonement exercises to complete under our guidance which are based on your astrological charts. These are karmic patterns that you are born with and get activated at certain times of your life. When we do these exercises, we can advert chaos and nurture harmony.

  • Finally, we make sure you’ve sealed the process to ensure transformation.

  • An extremely powerful exercise that can only be conducted with the help of a life coach.

Travel expenses not included.

DASH University not included.

Offer #2 - Power Groups $24,000 Membership/Year*

  • Group events planned on powerful days and in powerful locations to restore and rejuvenate.

  • A community of like minded and spiritually committed people.

  • The group meets 3x per year in person for 2­-4 days at a time. That's anywhere from 6­-12 days a year. Travel expenses not included.

  • Virtual group calls every 2 weeks.

Offer #3 - Targeted Goals

(achieved within 12 months)**

  • Health & Healing $42k

  • Karmic Dissolution $15k

  • Baller Money $35k

  • Ghostbuster Space Clearing $20-50k depending on size and age of building

  • Love, Relationship, Soulmates, Twin Flames $25k

  • Curse Removal $20k-60k depending on the strength of curse.

  • Beautification, Age Reversal $35k

  • Creative Pathways $33k

  • Spiritual Protection, Elevation, Evil Eye, Jealousy Attacks $56k (great for people in the public eye, celebrities and VIP’s, CEO’s)

  • Business Support $22k-$42k - Contracts, timing, acquisition, partner compatibility, in-depth consultation and insight, foresight, product trends, investments - Aurelia has the power of the 10 to place people where they need to be. Every person she has personally trained now runs a successful business.

    • Small Business $22k

    • Entities (LLC, INC, GMBH, ETC) $42k

  • Spiritual Guidance, $22k

  • Astrological Apprenticeship $12k

Offer #4 - Personal Astrologer $15,000 Retainer/Year

Have your own spiritual astrologer on call. Get personalized advice and priority support throughout the year. These consultations build upon each other and can cover any subject. Plus your get a yearly solar return, monthly readings, a spiritual natal chart reading (not used in normal bookings) and a personal calendar. This retainer allows me to be proactive with your chart and look ahead at things we can not do in an hour session. I'll stay on top of your transits and discuss possibilities with you. We can even help remove obstacles.

  • Available for on call consultations and priority queuing throughout the year

  • Receive ongoing consultations which build upon each other.

  • 1 Solar Return with guided meditation

  • Monthly Lunar Return Readings

  • 1 Natal Chart Reading

  • Personal Planner

Offer #5 - DASH Atonement Intensive for New Clients Only $5,000/Month

DASH® Atonement boot camp intensive! Get ready to work hard in this month long jump start to get your karma under control! We will be in touch daily to help you do the exercises and reaching your goals. No money back guarantee with this offer. Life has so much more to offer than our astrological destiny, with DASH® Atonement we can transcend our karma and limitations of the world.

Offer #6 - Free Stuff

  • Spiritual Articles

  • eBook


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